Hotspot Not Working On Android [Detailed Guide 2022]

Hotspot Not Working On Android

Does your tethering Hotspot not working on Android phone? If this is so then keep on reading this troubleshooting guide.

Hotspot allows users to share mobile data over Wi-Fi with others. It is handy but sometimes, users can face some unusual circumstances where their Hotspot not working. Thus, if you are in such a situation, then you are at the correct webpage. In this post, you will learn how to fix tethering Hotspot not working Android with the 12 best tips.

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9 Solutions Fix “Pandora Keeps Crashing” On Android Phone

Fix “Pandora Keeps Crashing” On Android

Pandora is well-known music streaming application that is used by Android and iOS users all over the world. Though, it has tremendous features & provides services to its users since many years. Apart from all these exciting features, it has certain issues also that users may experience while accessing this application. One such issue is “Pandora keeps crashing” on Android.

So, if you are recently dealing with the Pandora app not working Android phones, then continue reading this post.

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HTC Desire Data Recovery: 5 Easy Ways To Restore HTC Desire Files

HTC Desire Data Recovery

HTC Desire works great like other smartphone brands. It is popular due to its fast working speed and high specification features. But sometimes, it happens that you may lose photos, videos, music, chats, SMSs, contacts, call history, etc. from your HTC Desire phone. However, if you have recently lost your precious data from your HTC desire phone then read this post and learn the 5 best HTC Desire data recovery solutions.


But before knowing the solutions to retrieve HTC Desire files, let’s take a look at one of the real user’s experiences.

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[Solved] Fix “WhatsApp Keeps Crashing” On Android In 2022


Nowadays, WhatsApp has become the most famous messaging app all over the world. Though several messaging apps are available in the play store yet Whatsapp has not left its place. It still maintains its supremacy in the user’s mind because of its solid designation, outstanding features, and easy accessibility. But just like other messaging apps, sometimes you may encounter some issues in Whatsapp also. However, Whatsapp keeps crashing on Android error is one of such issues.

So, today this article will teach you how to fix WhatsApp keeps crashing Android by providing you the most effective fixes.

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[15 Best Fixes] How To Repair Micro SD Card Not Detected on Android

How To Repair Micro SD Card Not Detected on Android

Is your Android phone gets stuck with a micro SD card not detected error? Struggling hard to outcome from this unexpected issue? If yes then this tutorial guide is helpful to you.

Because this article contains the 7 best tricks on how to repair micro SD card not detected on Android. To fix this issue, you can either remove & reinsert your memory card or restart your phone.

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5 Methods To Recover Instagram Direct Messages On Android (2022)

Recover Instagram Direct Messages On Android

Instagram is one of the best and prominent social networking applications that allow folks to share images, videos, etc. privately or publicly. But, what if you lose your important Instagram DM chats accidentally? Well, at the time you need not have to worry about it, as you can recover Instagram direct messages by trying a few available solutions.

Therefore, in this article, you’ll get 5 different workarounds that will surely help you to recover deleted Instagram direct messages on Android.

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[7 Best Hacks] How To Fix “Android 11 Bluetooth Issues” Easily?

Fix “Android 11 Bluetooth Issues” Easily

Is your smartphone creating trouble while connecting to a Bluetooth device? Are you trying to figure out some workable ways on how to fix Android 11 Bluetooth issues? If yes, then this article will help you.

Within this post, you will get several possible workarounds to troubleshoot Android 11 Bluetooth problems.

So, let’s go through the whole article.

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5 Best Methods To Recover Deleted Call History In Android Phone

Recover Deleted Call History

Is your call history gets deleted from your Android device? Are you looking for an easy and effective way to recover deleted call history in Android phone?

If your answer is yes, you have landed in the correct place. Today, in this article you are going to learn some of the useful techniques on how to retrieve call history on Android phone.

I assured you, this article won’t let you down. After going through this complete tutorial; you will get the answer of your question- “can I recover deleted call history“.

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Google Pixel Data Recovery: Restore Lost/Deleted Files From Pixel Phone

Google Pixel Data Recovery

Lost your crucial data like photos, videos, chats, SMSs, music, etc. from your Google Pixel phone? If this is the situation then don’t worry, you can recover data from Google pixel phone either through Google Drive or Google Photos. Moreover, you can use the best Google Pixel Data Recovery Software to get back your deleted files from the Google Pixel device.


If you want to know the complete step-by-step guide of these methods then check out this post and recover deleted files on Google Pixel successfully.

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[11+ Fixes] Unfortunately File Manager Has Stopped Android!

Unfortunately File Manager Has Stopped Android

In this specific article, you will learn all about how to fix unfortunately file manager has stopped Android phones easily. You can fix this issue automatically by using the best Android Repair Tool. Download it from the below-given buttons.

As we all know that, the file manager plays an important role in Android ecosystem. It is generally used to store pictures, videos, audio, apps, zip files, and other documents.

No doubt it has numerous outstanding features but recently many Android users have reported about “unfortunately file manager has stopped” error. They conveyed that the error occurred when they’ve tried to launch the File Manager or even the crucial file stored within it.

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