10 Ways- This Purchase Was Not Completed ROBLOX [Fixed]

This Purchase Was Not Completed ROBLOX

This purchase was not completed Roblox error mainly triggers due to incorrect Google Play Store payment settings or corrupt cache and data of the Roblox app. Regardless of the reason behind the error, it can easily be fixed by restarting the Roblox app & device, updating the Roblox app, correcting the Google Play Store payment settings, etc. To know more solutions, read further…

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15 Ways to Fix Android WiFi Stuck on Obtaining IP Address Error

WIFI Stuck On Obtaining IP Address

Android WIFI stuck on obtaining IP address is one of the annoying issues encountered by users. When this error occurs users can’t able to connect their devices to the WiFi. Therefore, if you are also facing this error, then try to fix it by rebooting the device and router, enabling and disabling the Wi-Fi, reconnecting the network, or using the best Android Repair Tool.

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4 Ways to Recover Contacts From Broken Android Phone (2023)

Recover Contacts From Broken Android

It is common to encounter the situations like cracked screens, black/blue screens, water-damaged, etc when we use our smartphones. Whenever one of these circumstances happens, the worst thing isn’t the Android mobile is broken, but we’re unable to access the data saved within the device like contacts and many more. Luckily, with the help of the Android Data Recovery Tool, it is possible to recover contacts from broken Android phones.

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(7 Ways) Sorry This Media File Doesn’t Exist on Your SD Card Or Internal Storage


Sorry this media file doesn’t exist on your SD card or internal storage error occurs due to glitches in the WhatsApp app, corruption in the file, or when the file was not downloaded properly. However, restarting the phone, scanning the SD card using CMD, and reinstalling the WhatsApp app are some of the effective fixes that can help you to resolve this error.

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6 Ways to Fix “Couldn’t Download Update” on Samsung

Fix Couldn't Download Update On Samsung Phone

Samsung couldn’t download update issue occurs when trying to check for the newest software update. It mainly triggers due to insufficient storage space on the device or software glitches. Fortunately, you can fix this error message by restarting your Samsung device, checking the phone’s storage space, or using an advanced Android Reapir Tool.

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13 Ways to Fix Visual Voicemail Not Working on Android

Visual Voicemail Not Working On Android

Generally, Visual Voicemail not working on Android due to app conflict, poor internet connection, and using an outdated version of Visual Voicemail app or device. Fortunately, the issue can easily be fixed by clearing the cache of the Visual Voicemail app, checking your network connection, updating or reinstalling the Visual Voicemail app, and using the best Android Repair Tool.

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Micromax Data Recovery: Restore Photos, Videos, Contacts, & More from Micromax Phone

Recover Deleted Files From Micromax Mobile

How to recover deleted files from Micromax mobile phones? Losing crucial photos, videos, contacts, etc. from a smartphone is really annoying situation. Thus, if you have lost any of your important stuff from your Micromax phone then use the best Micromax Data Recovery Tool. Besides, you can recover deleted data from Micromax phones using Google Photos, Google Drive, local backup, Google contacts, etc.

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How To Fix Screen Flickering Android – 11 Ways

fix screen flickering on Android

Android screen flickering mainly happens due to water damage, or software glitches on the device. However, rebooting your phone, checking the phone’s screen for damage, updating the Android OS, and managing the Developers Options are a few solutions for how to fix screen flickering Android phone.

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5 Ways to Recover Deleted Photos from OPPO F19 Pro 5G

Recover Deleted Photos from OPPO F19 Pro 5G

If you have lost your crucial pictures from the OPPO F19 Pro phone, you can use the best Android Data Recovery Tool to bring them back without backup. Besides, you can even recover deleted photos from OPPO F19 Pro via Recently Deleted folder, OPPO Cloud, Google Photos, and Google Drive.

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Fixed: WhatsApp Keeps Crashing On Android (15 Ways)


WhatsApp keeps crashing on Android due to various reasons like an outdated version of WhatsApp app, corrupt WhatsApp app cache, viruses and malware attacks, etc. However, the issue can easily be solved by restarting the Android device or WhatsApp app, clearing the WhatsApp app cache, force stopping or updating the WhatsApp app, and factory resetting your device.

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