How To Fix “Tinder Not Working” On Android Phone [12 Methods]

Tinder Not Working On Android

Tinder is a popular dating app that allows smartphone users to find love, friendship, business associate, chat, etc. However, many Android users claim that they’re experiencing Tinder not working on Android phones.

So, if you are also detecting Tinder app not working on Android, then this article can help you to solve this problem.

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[11 Ways] Ready To Connect When Network Quality Improves Error On Android 2022

Ready To Connect When Network Quality Improves

Concerned about how to fix the “ready to connect when network quality improves” error on your Android? If it is so, then keep on reading this article and get rid of this issue without any trouble.

In today’s era, the internet is an essential need of Android users. And, WiFi is the best & easiest way to connect through the internet. However, sometimes unavailability of the WiFi network leads to unexpected issues and causes disturbance in tasks.

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11 Ways To Fix Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped (2022)

IMS service has stopped

Is your Samsung phone throwing an error message “unfortunately, IMS service has stopped”? Unable to fix the issue after several attempts? If yes, then keep on reading this post and get 11 working fixes to troubleshoot IMS service has stopped J3 effortlessly.

But before fixing IMS service keeps stopping Samsung, let’s take a look at one of the user’s experiences.

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[100% Work] Fix Android/Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working 2022

Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working

Sometimes your Samsung/Android screen rotation not working even after enabling the auto-rotate feature. It must be frustrating when you are trying to watch some video or movie on your phone and the screen remains in portrait mode. Well, we have some quick fixes to solve this issue. Keep on reading this post to know how to fix Samsung screen rotation not working issue.

So, keep reading this post…..

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12 Quick Ways To Fix “No SIM Card Detected” Error On Android (2022)


Are you struggling with the “SIM Card Not Detected” or “No SIM Card” error inspite of plugging in the SIM card? If your answer is YES, then you have reached the correct web page. Well, I can understand the way you’re feeling now, thus I have decided to provide you a complete guide on how to fix no SIM card detected error on Android.

Besides that, if you are willing to know – Why your phone says “no SIM card detected” error then you can get your answer just in the next section of this article.

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10 Ways To Fix ‘GroupMe Failed To Add Member’ Error [2022]

Fix ‘GroupMe Failed To Add Member To Group’

GroupMe has become one of the famous group chatting apps today. It attracts a large number of people towards itself in very less time. But along with these features, it has a few limitations too. Recently, some users have complained that they are unable to add members to GroupMe. So, today I have decided to post this article for those users who are dealing with GroupMe failed to add member to group issue.

If you are one of them who is also facing the same issue, you must read this post. Here, you’ll learn 10 different ways to fix failed to add member GroupMe or can’t add members to GroupMe issue.

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[15 Fixes] Solve “Moisture Detected Error” On Samsung Galaxy Phone

Fix Moisture Detected Error On Samsung

Nowadays, Samsung devices are coming with the water resistance feature yet you may receive moisture detected error on Samsung phones.

Therefore, if you are encountering the same error on your Samsung device, you don’t need to worry about it. In this article, you are going to learn how to fix Samsung moisture detected issue.

So, just stay with us till the end and get 15 different ways to troubleshoot Samsung Note 10 moisture detected won’t go away. Without spending much time, let’s begin…..!

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[Solved] Fix Android USB Device Not Recognized But Charging In 13 Ways

Android USB Device Not Recognized But Charging

Want to know how to fix Android USB device not recognized but charging? Struggling hard to solve this issue? If your answer is yes, then keep on reading this article and deal with USB not recognized Android phone problem effortlessly.

Most of the time, it happens that users need to transfer their Android phone data to PC by using a USB cable. They used to do so, in order to keep their crucial stuff safe or we can say that to free up the storage space of their phone.

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10 Ways To Fix “No Command Recovery Mode” Error On Android [2022]

No Command In Recovery Mode

Getting no command recovery mode on Android? Seeking how to fix this issue with quick fixes? If yes, then continue reading this post.

This article will show you how to fix no command in recovery mode Android with 9 tricks.

Besides, here you can also learn about the “no command” error orwhy does recovery mode say no command” in detail.

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11 Methods To Fix Unfortunately Bluetooth Has Stopped On Android

Fix Unfortunately Bluetooth Has Stopped On Android

In this era, Bluetooth has become an important part of smartphones as it is useful for various things, like pairing accessories & transferring data between devices. Nevertheless, there’re times when users encounter “unfortunately Bluetooth has stopped on Android” issue.

Thus, if you currently experiencing ‘unfortunately, Bluetooth has stopped on Android phone’ then keep on reading this post.

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