Fixed: WhatsApp Keeps Crashing On Android (15 Ways)


WhatsApp keeps crashing on Android due to various reasons like an outdated version of WhatsApp app, corrupt WhatsApp app cache, viruses and malware attacks, etc. However, the issue can easily be solved by restarting the Android device or WhatsApp app, clearing the WhatsApp app cache, force stopping or updating the WhatsApp app, and factory resetting your device.

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Fixed: Android Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target (6 Ways)

Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target Android

Android downloading do not turn off target error can be triggered due to software or firmware glitch. However, the issue can be easily fixed by exiting the Download Mode, restarting the phone, or performing a factory reset. There are some other fixes as well that can help you to deal with this error. In this … Read more

Fixed: “Unfortunately, Facebook Has Stopped” on Android (2023)

unfortunately Facebook has stopped

Summary: This article contains complete info regarding how to fix unfortunately, Facebook has stopped on Android problem by relaunching the Facebook, checking the internet connection, restarting the Android, force starting the Facebook app, reinstalling the Facebook app, etc.

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[Fixed] Instagram Keeps Crashing/Stopping On Android [2022]

Instagram Keeps Crashing

Instagram is the most popular and daily-use application to share photos and videos over the world. But sometimes, it may happen that when you try to open the Instagram app on your Android or iOS device then you can encounter “unfortunately, Instagram keeps crashing” or “Instagram keeps stopping” issue.

So, if you’re an Instagram user and recently going through Instagram is crashing on Android, then you don’t have to worry anymore.

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How To Fix Purple Screen On Samsung Phone (7 Hacks)

How To Fix Purple Screen On Samsung

If you want to know how to fix purple screen on Samsung phone, then continue reading our article.

Samsung is one of the popular smartphone brands which contain lots of innovative features. Besides, it supports a widescreen display which provides an incredible viewing experience to the users.

Undoubtedly, it has numerous advantages but still, Samsung users are facing different errors and issues. One such issue is the “purple screen of death Samsung mobile”.

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11 Ways to Fix Snapchat Call Failed To Connect On Android

Fix Snapchat Call Failed To Connect On Android

If your Snapchat audio/video call not working on Android, stay calm. As this article describes complete info regarding how to fix Snapchat call failed to connect issue with the 11 best solutions.

Snapchat is a leading social networking platform which is used by several folks, specifically youths. Though its users are increasing day by day & so it is giving tough competition to other social sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

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17 Ways To Fix Google Maps Not Working On Android [2022]

Google Maps Not Working On Android

Undoubtedly, Google Maps is known as the number one navigating app in the world. But it doesn’t mean that this app has always guaranteed to work flawlessly without any problem. You may encounter some issues while using this app just like “Google Maps not working on Android”.

So, if you are having the same issue, then keep on reading this article.

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9 Ways To Fix Signal App Keeps Crashing/Freezing/Lagging On Android

Fix Signal App Keeps Crashing/Freezing/Lagging On Android

Summary– This article contains the 9 best ways to fix the Signal app keeps crashing/freezing on Android phones successfully.

A Signal is a privacy-focused & free messaging app which is available for various OS like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, etc. It can be used to send one-to-one & group messages that include media files like pictures, videos, and voice notes.

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