Fixed: Android Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target (6 Ways)

Android downloading do not turn off target error can be triggered due to software or firmware glitch. However, the issue can be easily fixed by exiting the Download Mode, restarting the phone, or performing a factory reset.

There are some other fixes as well that can help you to deal with this error. In this optimized post, I have collected all the possible ways to solve the ‘downloading do not turn off target’ error on Android.

Before we dig into the solutions, let’s take a look at one of the real user examples.

Practical Scenario:

Hello so a little backstory i’ve been a idiot i wanted to wipe my phone but i wiped my os so i couldnt start it then i tried flashing firmware with odin and then i couldnt get into twrp then i got the smart switch emergency error but saw that i could just go in download mode and flash with odin i tried that and now its stuck on downloading do not turn off target and i can’t get into recovery mode Vol UP + bixby + power help would be greatly appreciated bcs i dont know what to do now
Phone model: Samsung Galaxy S8 SN/G950F

Source: XDA-Developers

What Does Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target Mean On An Android?

Downloading do not turn off target is also known as Odin mode. It’s a particular mode which is used via Samsung to flashy its smartphones.

However, many times this error occurs while entering a Recovery Mode. Once using an incorrect button combination, a device enters the Download Mode, in place of the Recovery Mode.

Common Causes Android Says Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target

Below we have shortlisted the major factors that can lead to Android says downloading do not turn off target issue:

  1. Incorrect key combinations in order to access the Recovery mode
  2. Due to a software glitch
  3. Corrupted or damaged internal partition
  4. Firmware conflict.

As you have learned the common reasons, now it’s time to know how to resolve this error.

Advanced Software To Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target Samsung/Android

If you want an instant method to fix the do not turn off target downloading issue on Android then you can try Android Repair Tool.

This professional software can help you to fix several Android errors and issues such as moisture detected, USB device not reorganized, Android 11 Bluetooth issues, and other issues.

The best thing about this utility is that- to operate this program you don’t even require to have any technical skills. So, just download and install it on your device and follow the step-by-step guide to run this software and fix the above-shown error.

How To Fix Android Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target Error?

Check out these solutions and resolve Android stuck on downloading do not turn off target error by yourself.

Way 1: Exit The Download Mode

The first method that you can try is to exit a download mode. If you will press the correct combination keys then it can help you to automatically exit from a download mode & boot into an Android OS interface. Here is how you can do so:

Step 1: On “Downloading…Do not turn off target” screen, you need to press a Volume up + Power + Home key together.

Android Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target

Step 2: Your mobile screen will turn black & phone should reboot.

Step 3: If your smartphone doesn’t automatically restart, press & then hold a Power key to switch it.

Way 2: Force Restart Your Android

Rebooting the phone is one of the simplest and effective methods that help Android users to solve minor as well as major glitches. So, here we would also like to suggest you to reboot your mobile by following the below steps:

  • Just press a Power key to turn off your device.

Android Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target

  • If you have the SIM card & SD card, simply remove them.
  • Then, press & then hold a Power key for 20 seconds once you remove the battery.
  • After some time, put back the SD card & battery then turn on the device to check whether it boots up accurately or not.

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Way 3: Boot Into The Safe Mode To Fix Android Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target 

Android Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target

If your Nexus or Samsung phone is stuck on “downloading do not turn off target S7” because of malfunctioning apps, a safe mode will surely work.

A Safe Mode will disable all the third-party apps & allows the core or in-built applications to operate. Follow the below steps to boot into a safe mode.

  • At first, turn off the by pressing the power off.
  • Next, press a Power button till the Samsung logo
  • Then, press & hold a Volume down button. 
  • Now, your smartphone will boot into the Safe Mode.
  • After this, go to Settings then tap on Accounts & backup
  • Tap on Backup & Reset.
  • Disable toggle On of the option Backup & Restore.

backup and restore

  • At this time, tap on Uninstall applications which you feel can have negatively harmed your device.
  • Afterward, again press & hold a Power button for rebooting your Android phone into the Normal Mode.

If this solution won’t help you to troubleshoot the error, try out the next one.

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Way 4: Wipe Out Phone’s Cache Partition From A Recovery Mode

There is a high possibility that due to firmware glitches you are getting this issue. Therefore, wipe out the phone’s cache partition from a recovery mode and tackle the situation.

  • Firstly, turn off your smartphone.
  • In the second step, you have to press & then hold a Volume Up + Home key, hold a Power key.
  • Once your device logo displays on your screen, release out a Power key
  • After Android logo shows, release all the keys (‘Installing the system update’ will display about 30 to 60 seconds previously showing an OS recovery menu).
  • After this, press a Volume down button numerous times to focus ‘wipe the cache partition.’

Wipe cache partition

  • Next, press a Power button to select.
  • At this time, press a Volume down >> ‘yes’ then press a Power key in order to select.
  • Click on ‘Reboot the system now’ option.

Android Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target

  • Now, restart your smartphone.

Way 5: Perform the Master Reset

If none of the above solutions helped you to fix downloading do not turn off target how long does it take, you can perform the master reset.

Note: Before trying this method, do not forget to create a backup of your important files.

Steps To Perform The Master Reset:

  • Turn off your mobile >> press & hold a PowerHomeVolume Up keys at the same time.
  • Once screen shows up, just release a Power button but keep pressing a HomeVolume Up
  • Then, release both the tabs after a recovery menu displays.
  • Now, use a Volume Down key & highlight a wipe data or factory reset.

Wipe Data/Factory Reset

  • Choose that option, press the Power tab >> then use a Volume Down key and tap “Yes – delete all the user data.”
  • Next, press Power button for starting a factory reset process. Wait until the process is finished.
  • At last, restart your smartphone using a Power.

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Related FAQs:

What Do I Do When My Phone Says Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target?

When your phone says downloading do not turn off target Samsung/Android, you need to try the below troubleshooting tricks to fix it:

  • Exit the download mode
  • Force reboot your smartphone
  • Boot into the Safe Mode
  • Wipe out the cache partition of your phone
  • Perform the Master Reset.

How Do I Turn Off Download Mode On My Samsung?

In order to turn off download mode on Samsung phone, you have to press & hold a Volume Down + Power buttons together, for 7 seconds. Once your phone’s screen turns black, restart it.

Why Is My Samsung Phone Saying Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target?

The Samsung phone saying downloading do not turn off target problem is mainly caused due to software or firmware conflict.

Time To Wrap

So, this is all about how to fix downloading do not turn off target Samsung phones. All the solutions mentioned here are very effective and can be used without any technical skills.

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