How to Recover Deleted Messages From Facebook Messenger [5 Free Ways]
  • Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

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How to Recover Deleted Messages From Facebook Messenger [5 Free Ways]

ByJennifer Fiona

Jul 1, 2021

Have you lost your precious chats from Facebook messenger accidentally? Feeling Depressed? Well, if yes then just relax and take a deep breath. I’m saying this because today in this post you are going to learn the 5 best solutions on how to recover deleted messages from Facebook messenger on Android.

After losing important Facebook chats, you must think that can you retrieve deleted messages from Messenger or not. But, there are some feasible ways using which you can know how to recover permanently deleted messages on Facebook Messenger 2019.

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Let’s get started…

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Messages On Facebook Messenger?

Check out the straightforward ways to recover deleted Messenger messages on Android.

Trick 1: How to Recover Deleted Messages From Facebook Messenger Using Best Software

Several third-party apps are available in the market but you need to choose the best data recovery tool among them. Android Data Recovery Tool is the best program that you can choose.

I am advising you to make use of this software because it got the highest success rate of recovery and gives you 100% results.

Besides that, it can recover all types of data such as – text messages, Whatsapp messages, videos, photos, audio files, call logs, contacts, voice recordings, documents, notes, etc.

This software works automatically and saves a lot of time & also reduces manual efforts. Moreover, it will let you preview before recovering the lost data. This tool is compatible with almost all Android devices including the latest models.

Don’t waste your time, download & install the Android data recovery program as fast as you can and recover deleted messages from Facebook messenger on Android.

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Follow its step-by-step guide for performing FB messenger chat recovery ease.

Trick 2: Recover Deleted Messenger Messages By Connecting Android Phone to PC

In order to know how to recover deleted messages from Facebook messenger on Android, you’ve to connect your Android device to a computer with the help of a USB cable.

Once connected, start following the below-given instructions:

  • At first, go to “Internal Storage” or “SD Card
  • Choose Android then Data.
  • Now, search “Facebook.orca” folder and then select it.

Recover Deleted Messenger Messages

  • Next, go to Cache and then fb_temp.

Recover Deleted Messenger Messages

  • Here, you need to look for the messages which you like to recover
  • Lastly, tap on Recover option

Trick 3: Restore Deleted Messages On Android Through Facebook Messenger

Oftentimes, it happens that users archive their Facebook messages on messenger and thought that the chats have been deleted.

Therefore, if you’ve archived your messages on Messenger then you have a good chance to restore your deleted Facebook chats.

Follow the below-given process to know how to recover permanently deleted messages on Facebook messenger:

Step 1: Open your Facebook Messenger app and simply head to Recent Conversations.

Step 2: Then, click on a search bar to find the conversation which you’ve previously archived.

Recover Deleted Messenger Messages

Step 3: Once you get the conversation, just select it & press on Unarchive Message to unarchive the messages.

In case, you’re on the website version then go to the Messages then More option >> Archived to search Archived Messages opt. to retrieve lost Facebook messages on Messenger.

Recover Deleted Messenger Messages


Trick 4: Recover Facebook Messenger Messages On Android With ES File Explorer

You might know, Facebook messenger saves the copy of all the messages on a physical memory of an Android phone or tablet. So, here you may use the file explorer app to recover your Facebook chats from your Android phone memory.

Below I have explained how to recover deleted Facebook chats on Android via File explorer:

  • Download & install the File Explorer app on your device from the play store.

Recover Facebook Messenger Messages

  • After launching the app, simply go to the Device internal storage.

Recover Facebook Messenger Messages

  • Then, go to the Android and then Now, search that folder which holds all the data for the Facebook named “com.facebook.orca
  • Then, go to the Cache >> fb_temp.


It holds the backup of all files related to each application. So, there is a chance that your FB Messenger has saved the messages right in this folder.

Trick 5: Get Back Lost Facebook Chats Using Downloaded Facebook Data

The Facebook app also allows its users to back up their chat messages, personal information & other data by simply downloading a copy to a PC. If you’ve saved the copy of your Facebook data then you can find as well as view your Facebook chat history.

But it’s impossible to recover the Facebook chats back to an Android phone. However, this is still useful as whenever you want to check your important deleted Facebook messages after the backup, you will able to see them.

Here Are The Steps To Download The Facebooked Data:

  • At first, sign in to your Facebook account on PC.
  • On your Home page, make a click on inverted triangle & simply choose Settings option from a menu.

Recover Facebook Messenger Messages

  • Now, within the General section, click Download a copy just on the bottom.
  • Next, on a new page, just choose Start My Archive.

Recover Facebook Messenger Messages

  • After that, you’ll have to enter the password to confirm it & wait for an email.

reenter password to recover facebook messages

  • Here, enter a download page through the email that you have received, then start to download the Facebook data to a computer.

download archive to recover facebook messages

  • Save your downloaded Facebook data correctly, view it when you require.

Trick 6: Take Help From Your Contacts to Know How to Recover Deleted Messages From Facebook Messenger

If you are still unable to solve how to recover deleted messages from Facebook messenger on Android then you should take help from your contacts. It’s likely that your contacts must have a copy of those conversations.

Tell them that you have lost your Facebook chats on messenger accidentally and now you need to retrieve them back. Ask your friends or colleagues either to forward the chats back to you or take a screenshot of those conversations and send them to you.

FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

Can I Retrieve Permanently Deleted Messages From Facebook?

Yes, Facebook messages can be recovered on Android by following the below-given steps:

  • At first, sign in to your Facebook account and go to the Settings.
  • Now, from General Account Settings make a tap on the 'Your Facebook Information' section
  • Again, tap on the 'Download Your Information' option
  • After finishing the above steps, hit the Download button in order to recover deleted Messenger messages.

Does Messenger Keep Deleted Messages?

No, the Facebook messenger doesn’t keep the deleted conversation. If you delete any messages from a messenger, they get permanently removes from your side. But the messages will only delete from your chat list, not from the person with whom you are chatting.

How Long Does Facebook Keep Deleted Messages?

Facebook keeps your deleted messages for 3 months after the deletion. Within this time period if you’re able to recover deleted Messenger messages on Android that’s good otherwise they will permanently remove from there also.

How Can I Recover Permanently Deleted Messenger Messages?

If you want to recover deleted messages from Facebook messenger on Android then you need to check out the below instructions:

  1. Firstly, launch FB Messenger on your computer
  2. Then, go to the Messages Tab and tap on the 'gear' icon
  3. Now, hit on the 'Archived Threads' opt.
  4. Here, you’ll get the list of all archived messages.

Time To Sum Up

After reading the article, I just hope you might be able to know how to recover deleted messages from Facebook chat. All the methods are very effective and easy to use.

Besides that, if you want to recover permanently deleted chats on Facebook messenger then you can use the trustworthy Android Data Recovery tool. It works with advanced algorithms and recover deleted Messenger messages on Android safely.

Therefore, if you find this article helpful don’t forget to share it with your friends and relatives.

Good Luck!

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