How To Fix Google Play Store Error 910 On Android (Resolved)!

Are you receiving an error code 910 on Google Play Store while trying to download any app? If your answer is yes then continue reading this tutorial. In this article, we have discussed 18 quick & easy ways to fix Google Play Store error 910 on Android.

But, before moving ahead, let’s know something more about error code 910 Android play store.

What Is Error 910 In Google Play Store?

Google play store error 910 is an error that appears on almost all Android devices. The below-shown error message is usually seen while downloading or updating any apps through Play Store.

Google Play Store error 910

After knowing about this Play Store error code 910, now you must be willing to know – What are the reasons behind the occurrence of Google Play Store error 910 Android?

Let’s find the answer in the below section.

Why Does My Google Play store Says Error 910 On Android?

Play Store error code 910 is a very common issue that is generally encountered by several people around the globe. Usually, there are different factors which can lead to a Google Play Store error.

But while researching, I have found that these are the major causes of this issue:

  • Weak network connection or when the internet is interrupted
  • Due to the corrupted apps and cache files
  • When a memory card is corrupted
  • Google account Glitching
  • App Incompatibility
  • Inaccessible files on SD card
  • Your smartphone is in Power saving mode
  • Lack of adequate RAM
  • Security issues of the Google Store, etc.

Ultimate Solution to Fix Google Play Store Error 910 On Android

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How To Fix Error Code 910 On Google Play Store?

By trying the below aspects, you can easily deal with such errors:

Trick #1: Restart Your Google Play Store App

As it is the problem of Google Play store app, so firstly you should try to fix Android play store error 910 by restarting the app.

It might happen that the error code 910 has been occurred due to some temporary bugs. Therefore, restarting will refresh the app and solve the issue effectively without undergoing any tricky troubleshoots.

Trick #2: Restart Your Smartphone To Fix Google Play Store Error 910

If restarting the Google Play store doesn’t help you to fix the issue then the next thing you should do is to restart your Android device. Restating the device will refresh your system settings as well as the apps.

Google Play Store error 910

As you know, rebooting the device has a power to fix several kinds of small errors and bugs. So, it’s not a bad idea to restart the Android phone once.

Trick #3: Check Out The Internet Connection

Maybe the unstable network connection is responsible for error code 910 Android play store. It might happen that you have lost the internet connection or weak network showing while installing or downloading any app can cause such error messages.

So, if you are using your mobile data then just turn it off. If you’re connected to a Wi-Fi then try connecting to any other Wi-Fi connection or vice versa.

Trick #4: Clear Cache of the Google Play Store

Clearing the cache and data of the play store app may help you to get rid of Google Play Store error 910 on Android. You can execute this solution without any worry as this action will only delete the unwanted or cache files of the app.

Here’s how to clear the cache files of the Google Play Store App:

Step 1: Go to your phone’s Settings.

Step 2: Choose Apps & Notifications opt. from the given list.

error code 910 android play store

Step 3: Again, choose Google Play Store from the app list

error code 910 android play store

Step 4: Click on Storage < Clear Data or Clear Cache.

Google Play Store error 910

Step 5: After performing these steps, restart your smartphone now.

Trick #5: Ensure You’ve Set Correct date and time

Sometimes, setting up the wrong date & time can lead to Google Play Store error 910 on Android. So, in this solution, you need to make sure that you have set the correct date and time on your Android device.

If they are incorrectly set then you need to set correct date and time on your device by trying the below-given steps:

Step 1: Open your Settings app << General (management) << Date and time

Step 2: Here you can set up the date & time and also save the changes.

error code 910 android play store

Trick #6: Clear Cache For Google Services Framework

If clearing the cache files of the Google Play Store isn’t help you troubleshoot this error, try to wipe the cache for the Google Services Framework.

Step 1: Open your phone’s Settings then choose Application manager >> All Apps

Step 2: Now, locate “Google Services Framework” and tap on it.

Step 3: Here you’ll get “Clear Cache” option, tap on it to clear out cache files for the Google Services Framework.

error code 910 android play store

Step 4: Restart your phone and head over to the Play Store in order to download the app.

Trick #7: Log Out & Again Log In To Your Google

Oftentimes, signing out and again signing in back to your Google account can help you to address the Google Play Store error code 910. To know how to do that, start following these steps:

Step 1: Open your Settings app

Step 2: Click on Accounts and backup

Step 3: Next, tap on the Accounts and choose Google;

Step 4: Again, choose the Google account in which you have logged in and simply tap on the Remove Account;

Step 5: Now, restart your phone and again sign in to your personal Google account

Trick #8: Uninstall Recently Installed Apps

Have you recently installed any new apps on your Android phone? If yes then maybe those apps are responsible for this error message. It might happen that the apps are incompatible or even worse with your Android device.

In such a situation, uninstalling those suspicious apps may help you to fix the Google play error. After identifying those apps, uninstall them immediately.

Trick #9: Remove & Reinsert Your SD Card

If you have stored your apps on your phone’s memory card and thus the error 910 appears then it’s possible that your SD card is misplaced from its original place.

So, your phone is unable to read your micro SD card. In such a case, you need to remove your SD card from your Android device and clean it and again reinsert it back to your device.

Trick #10: Change Default Application Storage Location

Installing the applications in the internal storage may help to avoid the error code 910 on Google Play Store. Here, you may change your storage location from your phone’s app manager as you open an app.

Trick #11: Change the Device Administrator

Changing your device administrator may help you to troubleshoot Google Play Store error 910 on Android.

  • Open your phone’s Settings app then go to Security and choose Device Admin Apps/Device administrators.
  • Here you’ll get an option to disable “Google Play” Administrator. You need to also enable the “Find My Device”.
  • Now you have to go back to the Settings >> Device >> Users. Then, you need to choose “Guest” opt. & then revert it to the original.

Google Play Store error 910

  • At last, restart your device and open your Google Play Store to check whether the error is fixed or not.

Trick #12: Remove & Re-Add Your Google Account

If Google Play Store error code 910 still persists then try removing your Google account again add it. To know how to do so, follow the below instructions:

  • Open your Settings menu on your phone.
  • Now, open the Accounts opt. and choose your Google Account.


  • Then, remove your Google Account and restart your device.

Google Play Store error 910

  • Under the account settings, you’ll get an option to Re-Add your account.

Google Play Store error 910

  • Add your Google account.
  • Lastly, open your Google play store app and try to download the App.

Trick #13: Move An App From SD Card To Internal Storage

If you’re getting this error message while trying to update an app that is installed on your SD card, then I will suggest moving this app to the internal storage of your device.

  • At first, open your Settings app and simply go to the Apps & Notifications.

Google Play Store error 910

  • Now, tap on the Apps to see all the installed apps.
  • Then, from an installed applications list, locate an app that refuses to install and simply tap in it in order to expand the menu.
  • Click on Storage << Change storage location & move an app to your Internal Storage.
  • Once the application is moved to an internal storage then update the app again.

Trick #14: Install Third-Party APK

Execute the below-given procedures to download and install an app’s APK from the website of a third party:

  • Look for the app in the Google chrome which you want to download
  • Then, write the APK such as Google APK
  • Touch the download button to download the APK
  • Now, open the downloaded file and simply install it

Trick #15: Update DNS To Repair Google Play Store Error Code 910

Some of the users have successfully solved Error 910 on the Play Store by simply switching the DNS. So, here in this method, you can use the Google DNS to get rid of this Google Play store error.

  • At first, open your Settings app and click on ‘WiFi
  • Now, long press on connected WiFi & click on ‘Modify network
  • After that, make a tap on ‘Show advanced options
  • Again, tap on drop-down icon which is behind the IP Settings & choose a ‘Static
  • Under DNS 1 & DNS 2 field, you need to enter – and
  • Lastly, hit on the ‘Save’ option.

Error 910 on the Play Store

After performing the above steps, reconnect to your WiFi network and simply download an app.

Trick #16: Reinstall the Google Play Store updates

Maybe the latest update of the Google Play Store app you installed is responsible for can’t install app (Error code: 910) notification, probably because it was downloaded improperly, most likely due to connectivity issues.

In this case, it’s better to revert the Google Play Store app to its default version, following the steps below:

  • Open your phone’s Settings and choose  Apps or App Manager;
  • Make a tap on the Google Play Store
  • Next, click on menu (3 dots icon) at the top right corner and choose Uninstall updates;
  • Touch the OK button
  • Now, re-open your Google Play Store and see if the error has been fixed.

Trick #17: Factory Reset Your Device

Last but not the list, performing a factory reset is the last resort which can help you to fix Google Play Store error 910 on Android.

However, this solution is supposed to delete everything from your phone including settings, apps and others but it’s useful in its own way.

Open your Settings app and click on Reset (on some Android devices General Management > Reset) and simply hit on the factory reset opt.

Google Play Store error 910

Note – Kindly save the backup of all your essential data (photos, audios, videos, and other documents) before resetting your device to its factory setting.

Time to Sum Up

Since you have learned how to fix error code 910 on Google Play Store, now you can solve this issue by yourself.

I have listed several best techniques to resolve Google Play Store error code 910.  Try out all the solutions one after another until and unless the issue is fixed.

I have also suggested the ultimate solution that is, Android Repair Tool which will surely help you to troubleshoot this error message.

Good Luck!

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