How To Fix Horizontal Lines On Android Phone (8 Ways)

If you are reading this post, it means that you have come across the horizontal or vertical lines issue on your Android phone. If it is so, then you must be trying to figure out how to fix horizontal lines on Android phones.

Here, in this article, you will get 8 different methods to fix white and black horizontal lines on phone screen issues.

So, let’s move ahead…

Best Way To Fix Horizontal Lines On Android Phone

If you are encountering the horizontal lines on mobile screen on your device then you can try the best Android Repair Tool.

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Apart from that, this tool can be easily operated by anyone even without any technical skills.

So, instead of wasting your precious time just download & install this software and fix horizontal lines on phone screen after water.

Here are the easy steps to run this software and fix horizontal lines on Android phone screen.

How To Fix Horizontal Lines On Android Phone?

In this part of the blog, you’ll get some manual strategies to troubleshoot horizontal lines on phone screen after dropping.

So, apply the below-given tricks one by one and find which one helps you to resolve the issue.

Fix 1: Restart Your Android Phone

horizontal lines on phone screen Android

Restarting the device is one of the best tricks to tackle with several kinds of minor as well as major errors. Thus, it is always counted in the number of successful ways.

So, you can also reboot your phone as it will shut down and refresh the background services whether it’s a crashing issue, small glitches, unresponsive screen, or any other.

All you need to do is, keep pressing the Power key to display a power menu and then simply hit the Restart option.

Fix 2: Take Out Battery & SIM Card

Pull Out Your Phone’s Battery

Another effective method that you can try to solve horizontal lines on tablet screen is to take out the SIM card and battery (if removable) from your phone.

Keep your phone on any cold surface and then leave it for few minutes. Now, reinsert the battery and SIM card in the phone. If you are observing overheating issues then this method can help you to cool down your device.

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Fix 3: How To Fix Horizontal Lines On Android Phone By Fully Charging Your Phone Battery

horizontal lines on phone screen Android

In many cases, it has been found that when your smartphone’s battery has a low charge it can show various types of issues. Though, a horizontal line on Android screen error is one of such problems which is usually seen when your phone’s battery is low.

To fix this issue, you have to fully charge your device and then restart it to see whether the problem has been fixed or not.

Fix 4: Reboot Your Phone In Safe Mode

Restarting your smartphone in a safe mode is another effective way to deal with such problems. This trick especially works when any issue is caused due to the third party or recently installed apps.

This action will disable all the third-party apps and find the problem-causing app easily. Let’s check out the below-given process and fix horizontal lines on Android phone screen:

  • Turn OFF your device by pressing and holding the Power key.
  • Again, keep pressing a Power key until your device enters into the safe mode.
  • Finally, tap on the OK button & your device will restart into the safe mode.

horizontal lines on phone screen Android

Fix 5: Push Your Phone’s Screen Gently

horizontal lines on phone screen Android

Many times, your phone gets dropped from a height due to which the LCD display of the screen removes from its original place. As a result, you started observing the horizontal or vertical line issues on your device.

Therefore, you should try to re-establish a connection again by gently pushing the display of the screen.

This action can help to solve how to fix white horizontal lines on phone screen Android.

Note – Do not try to press the phone’s screen with more pressure otherwise your phone’s screen might break.

Fix 6: Perform Factory Reset On Your Device

You can also fix horizontal/vertical lines on Android phone’s screen by doing a factory reset of your phone in recovery mode.

This method will wipe all data from your phone but can help you to solve rainbow lines on phone screen.

  • Navigate to the phone’s Settings app
  • Then choose System & tap on Backup and Reset.
  • Again, click on the Factory reset option -> Reset Device
  • Here, you have to enter the password of your lock screen then tap next.
  • You’ll be asked to confirm that all the data will be deleted by clicking on the Erase Everything or Delete All option.

horizontal lines on phone screen Android

Please Note: If you have not saved the backup of your essential files, you may lose all the data from your device forever. So, before doing a factory reset, kindly save the backup of your important data.

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Fix 7: Visit To Nearby Repair Shop To Fix Horizontal Flickering Lines On Phone Screen

After trying the above fixes, if you are still unable to fix the horizontal lines issues on Android then it’s better to take your phone to the repair shop.

If the problem is caused due to faulty hardware components, it will be repaired by professionals or experts easily.

Similarly, if the problem is with the phone’s LCD, they will replace the display if needed and fix horizontal lines on Samsung phone screen issue in no time.

Related FAQs:

What Causes Horizontal Lines on Phone Screen?

There could be numerous reasons that can lead to the horizontal lines issue on your Android phone screen. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Unexpectedly fallen down of smartphone
  2. If water gets in a phone screen, then your device can display vertical or horizontal lines.
  3. Faulty hardware components
  4. When a device is not fully charged.

How Do I Get Rid Of Horizontal Lines On My Screen?

These quick actions will help you to get rid of this horizontal lines issue on the Android phone:

  • Reboot Your Android Device
  • Restart Your Phone in Safe mode
  • Charge Your Device Full
  • Change The Phone’s Display
  • Factory reset your device


That’s all! This is all about how to fix horizontal lines on Android phones.

After learning the above tips and tricks, now you must have succeeded to solve horizontal lines on mobile screen issues successfully.

Good luck…!

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