16 Ways To Fix Mobile Network Not Available On Android (100% Work)

How to fix mobile network not available on Android phone?

The “mobile network is not available” is quite a common issue that is encountered by several users. But it can be easily fixed by trying some of the available solutions.

So, if you want to resolve this issue, read this whole article and know what to do in order to get rid of can’t connect to mobile network Android.

Let’s begin with; what does mobile network is not available mean?

What Does Mobile Network Not Available Mean?

When your phone says mobile network not available it simply means that your phone is not able to catch the network signal. This error message usually restricts you from using your mobile data or making calls.

After getting this error message you must be murmuring yourself that – Why am I getting mobile network not available……Right?

Scroll down and get your answer just in the next section of this tutorial.

Why Am I Getting Mobile Network Not Available?

You may receive a “Mobile Network Not Available” error message if the signal is weak or it is totally missing in your area.

Sometimes, this issue occurs due to the misplacement of the SIM card or using the dual SIM card in one device.  Or it might happen that you forgot to turn on the Airplane mode setting on your phone.

(Best Way) How To Fix Mobile Network Is Not Available Android

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How To Fix Mobile Network Not Available On Android?

Now, it’s time to walk through different troubleshooting tricks to fix mobile network not available Android.

Trick #1: Turn Off Phone’s Data And Again Turn It On

Let’s begin with the basic trick – turn off and again turn on your mobile data. Luckily, if this method helps you to know how to fix mobile network not available error in Android it’s good, if not then move towards the next solutions.

Trick #2: Restart Your Android Device

How To Fix Mobile Network Not Available

Restarting the device might seem a simple trick but it may help you to resolve mobile network not available Samsung Galaxy S8 error.

Doing so can help you to fix different types of small errors or glitches. If some apps are running in the background then close them and restart your Android phone once again.

Trick #3: Re-Insert SIM Card and Battery

fix mobile network not available Vodafone

Another useful method which you can try is to fix mobile network not available Vodafone error. Turn off your Android device and remove the battery as well as the SIM card from it for few seconds.

Now after some time again insert them in your phone and power on your device and see if the error has been fixed.

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Trick #4: Toggle The Flight Mode

In this solution, you need to verify your device’s airplane mode that whether it is turned ON/OFF. If you have turned it on mistakenly, most probably the signal will automatically disappear from your phone.

And as a result, you will get can’t connect to mobile network Android error. So, in such a case, you need to make sure that your phone’s airplane mode is turned off.


Trick #5: Turn Off Your Phone’s Wi-Fi

How To Fix Mobile Network Not Available

If you want to use your mobile data then you need to turn off your Wi-Fi connection. It might happen that you have to turn on the Wi-Fi instead of turning on your mobile data because of which your phone says can’t connect to mobile network Android.

Note: Turning on the Wi-Fi connection pause your mobile data connection.

Trick #6: Check Network Settings

It might happen that you have chosen the wrong network settings or mode. It means that you’ve either selected the WCDMA or GSM mode which is running from your device. So here you need to choose the Auto mode.

At first, go to your System Settings > Tethering & Networks > Mobile Networks< Network Mode. Then choose GSM / WCDMA (Auto Mode) opt.


Trick #7: Select Phone Network Automatically

If you are still unable to repair this issue then it’s time to play with the phone settings. Here, you are required to set up the mobile network connection to “Select automatically”.

Step 1: Open your Settings app and choose Wireless Networks

Step 2: Click on More & then on Mobile networks

Mobile Network Not Available Error On Android (Fixed)

Step 3: Here you have to choose the Network operators

How to access Mobile Network option in Jellybean 4.2 based Samsung Smartphones? | Samsung India

Step 4: Simply, tap on the select automatically.

After performing the above steps, whenever you will try to make the phone call, your Android phone will connect automatically to its preferred network operator.

Trick #8: Move To Network Coverage Area

In case you are out of your city or in an underground room then there is a chance that you may lose the network coverage.

Suppose, if you are traveling somewhere, you will not get the stable network until and unless you reach your destination. As you will detect this issue on your device, simply move to another place where you get a good network signal.

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Trick #9: Verify Network Provider Issues

It might happen that your network provider has some issues due to which you are getting mobile network is not available error.

In such circumstances, you need to ask any users using the same mobile network within your area. By doing this, you will ensure that you are not alone who is facing the network connection issues.

If you find that the problem is with the network provider then you have to wait for few hours until the error message is resolved itself.

Trick #10: Disable The Roaming Service

If you have just come from any trip then it is possible that the Roaming service is still enabled. In order to ensure that it’s not a case, you need to go to your Settings app then click on Connections.

Again, tap on Mobile networks >> Data roaming.

Trick #11: Fix Radio Signal Problems

Sometimes, radio signals may create several issues when it’s broadcasted improperly. So, here you need to check out the below-given steps for correcting the radio signal broadcasting:

  • At first, open your Android phone dialler & simply enter this code: *#*#4636#*#*
  • As you type the last digit, a testing menu will arrive on your screen.
  • Now, click on Phone information & choose RUN PING TEST
  • Again, tap on the GSM Auto (PRL) from a drop-down list
  • Choose a Turn off radio and simply restart your Android device

Radio Signal

Trick #12: Update Phone’s Firmware To Solve How To Fix Mobile Network Not Available

Sometimes the signal issues may occur due to the downgraded software. Use the Wi-Fi connection and check if the software update available for the device. You might know that when we run our device in outdated version, Android devices are supposed to work well.

If the software update is available for your Android phone then just download & install the latest version. This might help you to resolve how to fix mobile network not available Jio.

Let’s find out the steps to solve mobile network not available T mobile:

Step 1: At first, go to the Settings on your phone

Step 2: Then, scroll down and tap on About phone

Step 3: Again make a click on the System update to check for updates.

fix mobile network not available Jio

Trick #13: Reset The Network Settings to Fix Mobile Network Not Available Verizon

Resetting the phone’s network settings may help you to know how to fix mobile network not available on Android. Here’s how to do so:

  • Go to your phone’s Settings and tap on General Management
  • Make a tap on Reset then Reset Network Settings

fix mobile network not available Jio

  • Now, tap on Reset Settings (here you might have to enter the password, PIN or pattern)
  • One more time you have to click on Reset Settings in order to confirm.

Reset Settings

Trick #14: Factory Reset Your Android Device

I don’t like to recommend this solution but as there is no other option rather than doing a factory reset. But you must note one thing, this action will delete all the programs, apps, settings everything from your phone.

So, before performing its steps make sure that you have saved the backup of your important files to avoid data loss. Open your Settings app and choose Backup and Reset. Now, simply touch the Factory Data Reset option.

fix mobile network not available Jio

Trick #15: Visit To A Repair Shop

If the above-provided ways don’t help you to fix mobile network not available Samsung galaxy s8 error, it’s better to visit any repair shop.

Possibly your Android device has some hardware issues. In such a situation, you should take your phone to any repair shop and discuss your problem with the professionals.

They will do the needful and help you to get rid of this network issue.

Related FAQs:

How Can I Solve My Phone Network Problem?

Can't connect to mobile network Android error has been resolved by simply rebooting the device or you can turn off and on your mobile data.

Why Does My Phone Say Mobile Network Unavailable?

Your phone say mobile network unavailable because of misplacement of the SIM card or there is a hardware or software problem on your Android device.

How Do I Fix Mobile Network Not Available?

In order to fix mobile network not available issue, try the below tips:

  1. Disable and enable mobile data
  2. Restart your phone
  3. Reinsert the SIM card
  4. Toggle the flight mode
  5. Make sure to disable the Wi-Fi
  6. Check network settings
  7. Factory reset your Android
  8. Visit a repair center

Where Is My Mobile Network?

You can find your mobile network by navigating to Settings >> SIM cards or mobile data. Choose your usable SIM card then tap on it. Here you can see the mobile or preferred network type.

How Do I Connect To My Cellular Network?

You will able to connect to your cellular network by following the below-given steps:

  • Open Settings app on your device
  • Then, tap on Network & Connection.
  • Again, touch on Cellular network
  • Now you can select or create an APN from the Access Point Names.


As you have learned quick actions to fix mobile network not available Android, I think now it’s a time to say goodbye to this error.

All the solutions are useful on their own, hence I must say one of them will definitely help you to get rid of a mobile network is not available.

In case of failure of manuals, you can use the Android Repair Tool. It is one of the famous tools which can troubleshoot any kind of error and make your phone error-free. Hopefully, your problem gets solved as soon.

Good Luck!

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