How To Fix Purple Screen On Samsung Phone (7 Hacks)

If you want to know how to fix purple screen on Samsung phone, then continue reading our article.

Samsung is one of the popular smartphone brands which contain lots of innovative features. Besides, it supports a widescreen display which provides an incredible viewing experience to the users.

Undoubtedly, it has numerous advantages but still, Samsung users are facing different errors and issues. One such issue is the “purple screen of death Samsung mobile”.

So, in this post, we have specified 7 tried and tested methods on how to get rid of purple screen on phone effectively.

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But before we dig into the solutions, let’s see one of the user’s experiences.

Practical Scenario

Well, I made the mistake up moving from a Samsung S8 which ran Freeciv perfectly to a Samsung S9 which still allows the program to run, but with an amazing blue tint/overlay to the screen. I noticed a few other folks in the Play Store reviews having similar issues, but no reported solutions. Screen captures result in an untinted picture. Upon hitting the center button to return to the OS, the blue overlay disappears briefly before minimizing. Does anyone have any thoughts on how this could be resolved? Thank you in advance.

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Something About “Purple Screen Of Death Error” On Android/Samsung

A purple screen on Samsung/Android simply means your phone’s screen somehow gets damaged or fallen into the liquid.

But remember that if your smartphone is dropped numerous times & you press a screen then your phone’s screen might turn purple. Though, it is one of the annoying problems and must be solved ASAP.

Before fixing Samsung phone stuck on purple screen, it’s very important to know the exact reason behind the purple screen of death Android.

What Causes Purple Screen On Samsung/Android Phone?

There could be numerous causes that can result in a purple screen on Samsung M21/M31.

So, below we have shortlisted the major reasons behind the occurrence of this problem:-

  1. Hardware/software failure.
  2. Water has been entered into your device.
  3. Presence of the dangerous virus/malware attack in the mobile.
  4. Interruption while updating the OS.
  5. Intense fall of a phone from height.

Now you must be eager to know how to stop purple screen from spreading Samsung phones.

Just scroll down this page and follow the step-by-step guide to troubleshoot this issue.

Use Advanced Repair Tool To Fix Purple Screen On Samsung Phone

Android Repair tool is an all-in-one program that is specially designed to deal with several kinds of errors such as – Samsung screen rotating not working, Android 11 Bluetooth issues, Samsung moisture detected, screen flickering, apps crashing, etc.

Therefore, you can try this utility to fix the purple screen of death Samsung with a single click. Besides, it is very easy to operate and doesn’t require any technical skills.

Because of its amazing features, this repair tool is also preferred by the specialist

So, instead of wasting your precious time just download & install this software on your device and get rid of the purple screen on Samsung phone issue.

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Follow The Step-By-Step Guide To Use This Software.

How To Fix Purple Screen On Samsung Phone?

Try out the below aspects and resolve how to fix purple screen on phone in a hassle-free manner.

Solution 1: Restart Samsung Device

Many times, a purple screen on Samsung issue can fix with a simple reboot of the device. As you know, restarting the device refreshes your system & then solves the problem causing an error at a time.

So, firstly we would like to suggest you to restart your Samsung device. Let’s check out these easy steps:

  • Keep pressing & hold a Power key of your Samsung phone.
  • Now, touch the “Restart” option.

Purple Screen On Samsung phone

Solution 2: Remove Undesirable External Hardware

Purple Screen On Samsung phone

Sometimes, this kind of error occurs on your Samsung phone due to the external hardware devices such as – headphones, SD cards, or others. You may receive a purple screen on Samsung phone error when the external devices of your phone get damaged.

So, you should try to fix the error by removing the external hardware devices from your phone. Doing this may help you to solve this purple screen error.

Solution 3: Update Your Samsung Device

Using an outdated version of the smartphone can cause the purple screen on Samsung phone error. Few applications aren’t compatible with the older OS version and thus it may lead to such types of error messages.

In such a situation, you should immediately update your phone to its latest version. Follow out the given instruction in order to update the device:

Step 1: Navigate to your Settings app >> About Device

Step 2: Here, if any latest update is available just hit on “Download & Install” option to update the device software.

Purple Screen On Samsung phone

Solution 4: Remove The Overclock Settings

There are some users who overclocked their cell phones in order to get the better performance of hardware. But sometimes this action might put the users in trouble.

When you overclocked your smartphone, it generates an excess amount of heat & voltage because of which you may come across through a purple screen of death Samsung error.

Here you have to reset overclock settings in order to repair the issue. Whenever you will reset a clock, pressure on the hardware like GPU is controlled. Then your device will start running smoothly.

Solution 5: How To Stop Purple Screen From Spreading By Rebooting The Phone In Safe Mode

Booting up your device in safe mode is another effective way to fix the Samsung phone stuck on purple screen error.

Most of the time, it happens that due to any suspicious app you can face numerous issues including purple screen error. Therefore, booting the device in a safe mode will help you to disable all suspicious applications.

To know how to do so, you need to try out the beneath steps:

  • At First, you have to press & hold a Power key of your Samsung device
  • Afterward, make a tap on Power Off then OK
  • This time, you need to leave a Power button but keep pressing a Volume Down key
  • Continue holding it unless your device boots up
  • Now you’ll get the Safe Mode option in your device screen.

Purple Screen On Samsung phone

Solution 6: Do Factory Reset To Fix Purple Screen On Samsung Phone

Performing factory reset is the last resort which will surely help you to fix purple screen on Samsung note 5 issues.

But, as you know this method will delete all the applications, settings, passwords, and other data from your Samsung phone. So before executing this method, kindly save the backup of all your valuable data to avoid the data loss circumstances.

How To Perform A Factory Reset On Samsung Phone:

  • Turn off the Samsung device first.
  • Now, keep pressing a Power, Start & Volume Up keys together
  • After that, wait until the “Recovery” option appears.
  • From the given list, choose “Wipe Data or Factory Reset

Wipe Data/Factory Reset

  • Here, you need to tap on Yes in order to delete user data.
  • Lastly, hit on “Reboot a system now”.

Restart system now

Wrap Up

Having a purple screen on Samsung J7 Pro or other models surely ruins your experience of using the smartphone.

But from now onwards you don’t have to worry anymore. After getting the best solutions on how to fix purple screen on Samsung A50 you can solve these sorts of issues by yourself only.

You can try any of these approaches to solve how to fix purple screen on Samsung M31/M21 with ease. But Android Repair Tool is the best among them.

I hope you like our post.

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