[100% Work] Fix Android/Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working 2022

Sometimes your Samsung/Android screen rotation not working even after enabling the auto-rotate feature. It must be frustrating when you are trying to watch some video or movie on your phone and the screen remains in portrait mode. Well, we have some quick fixes to solve this issue. Keep on reading this post to know how to fix Samsung screen rotation not working issue.

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Before proceeding further, let’s know why is my screen mirroring not working issue.

Why Is My Samsung Screen Not Rotating?

Let’s have a look at some of the possible causes due to which your auto-rotate feature refuses to work:

  1. An auto-rotate feature might be disabled or not responding.
  2. You have touched the screen while rotating.
  3. Auto-rotate is not set up to your phone’s screen
  4. Faulty accelerometer or G-sensor
  5. Your Android device needs an update
  6. Recent applications are interfering with the auto-rotate.

As you have learned the possible reasons behind the Samsung S20 screen rotation not working, now you must be worried about how do I get my Samsung tablet screen to rotate.

Let’s get your answer in the next section.

How To Fix Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working Without Data Loss? [Highly Recommended]

Do you want to fix Android screen rotation not working without any data loss? If yes then Android Repair Tool is not a bad choice.

This program will fully help you to solve auto rotate is on but not working issue. Apart from that, to run this tool, you don’t even require to have any technical skills.

Moreover, this amazing software has the ability to troubleshoot different types of errors and bugs like Android setting has stopped, screen flickering on Android, Mobile network not available, SD card unexpectedly removed, Android stuck in a boot loopSamsung black screen of death, etc.

So, you can download and install this Android Repair Tool as quickly as you can and resolve the Samsung A70 auto rotate missing.

After installing this tool follow its step-by-step guide to solve the Android auto rotation not working problem.

How To Fix Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working? (Manually)

In this section, you’ll get some of the best alternatives to solve the Android screen rotation not working issue. All the methods are listed in sequence, so you just start following them one by one and deal with such issues.

Trick 1: Restart Your Smartphone

Before moving towards any other solution firstly you should try to fix the issue by rebooting your device.

Several users have shared their experience that restarting helps them to get rid of different kinds of errors or bugs. Samsung S10 screen rotation not working issue is a minor bug and could be fixed by a simple reboot.

Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working Issue

Trick 2: Enable & Disable The Auto-Rotate Feature

In this method, you need to make sure that whether you have enabled the auto-rotate option or not. It might happen that you have forgotten to turn on the auto-rotate feature and thinking that the auto-rotate function is not working.

So, once check if the auto-rotate option is disabled. Slide down the notification panel and look for the auto-rotate feature. Simply make a tap on it.

Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working Issue

Trick 3: Uninstall Recently Installed Apps To Solve Note 10 Plus Screen Rotation Not Working Samsung

If you’ve recently installed any apps on your device and after which auto-rotate starts causing the problem then the app must be responsible for causing it.

In order to make this feature work, immediately uninstall the new app and check whether the auto-rotate function is now working or not.

Well, if this method doesn’t help you to fix the Samsung S10 screen rotation not working, try the next one.

Trick 4: Check the Accelerometer & G-sensor

The auto-rotate feature is dependent on the accelerometer and G-sensor. So just calibrate your smartphone to solve the auto rotate not working Samsung issue. At first, turn off your auto-rotate option and simply place your Android phone on the flat surface.

Now, open your settings app and choose to calibrate in order to calibrate your phone. After your device is calibrated, you will able to check whether an auto-rotation function is working or not by simply switching back your phone again.

Trick 5: Clear Out The Cache And Data

It might happen that for such a long time you haven’t cleared out the cache files of your phone due to which the auto-rotate feature refuses to work.

So, I will suggest you clear out the unwanted or cache data from your device to solve Android screen rotation not working. This trick might make the auto-rotate feature works.

Trick 6: Update Your Android Phone

As you know latest software updates are coming with bug fixes for the minor issues on Android phones.

In case, your auto-rotate feature is affected by some bugs it could be easily fixed by updating your phone to the latest version.

Trick 7: Perform Factory Reset To Fix Samsung S8 Screen Rotation Not Working

Note: Before trying this method do not forget to take a backup of your important data (photos, videos, notes, music, etc.) that present on your Samsung phone.

Last but not the least, if none of the above-provided techniques helped you out to fix Samsung A11 auto rotate not working, then you can try this option. Yes, perform a factory reset on your Samsung mobile and resolve this problem. To do so, follow these steps to fix Android screen rotation not working:

  • Open the settings menu on your Samsung phone.
  • Go to the option “Backup and Reset“.

backup and reset

  • Now, you will see an option “factory data reset“.
  • Tap on that option >> click the “reset device

Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working Issue

  • Here you can see a pop-up “erase everything“. Just click on this and let your Samsung phone start the reset process.
  • It may take some time to complete the resetting process, once completed reboot your phone and check if the Samsung S8 screen rotation not working issue is solved.

Trick 8: Visit To A Repair Shop

After updating the device if the auto-rotate function still Samsung S20 screen rotation not working then there is a possibility that your device has faulty hardware.

In such a case, you should take your phone to any repair shop and discuss the matter. This kind of issue can only be fixed by the specialists.

FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

How Do I Get My Screen To Rotate Again?

In order to change the auto-rotate setting you will have to follow the below-given instructions:

  • Go to your phone’s Settings app
  • Make a tap on Accessibility > Auto-rotate screen.

Where Did My Auto Rotate Button Go?

You will get the auto-rotate feature in a Quick Settings menu. If you will see the Portrait icon, it simply means that the auto-rotate option is turned off. In order to enable the feature you need to tap on auto-rotate mode.

Time To Wrap Up

At the end of this blog, I want to that, do not perform any experiment on your phone until and unless you don’t have complete knowledge about that thing.

Instead of taking you out from Android 11 auto-rotate not working problem, this may put you in trouble.

I just hope that after knowing the fixes on how to fix Samsung screen rotation not working; now you must be able to solve the issue.

All the manuals are very much effective, besides the Android Repair Tool can also help you to troubleshoot Android screen rotation not working.

Good Luck!!

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