(12 Solutions) How To Fix Screen Flickering Android Phone Issue

If your Android phone screen is flickering and you are eager to stop blinking then you must read this post. This article will show you how to fix screen flickering Android phones using the 12 best methods.

Whether it’s me or you, nobody likes to use a flickering phone screen…..Right?

A shaky or flickering screen may cause eyestrain because it won’t let you see the display of your device properly. So, it’s very important to fix the Android mobile display problem as soon.

Before troubleshooting the screen flickering issue, let’s find out the possible reasons for this screen glitching.

Why Is My Android Phone Screen Flickering?

Android Phone flickering may be triggered due to several reasons. Have a look at some of the common ones:

  • A device has been dropped or hit somewhere.
  • A weak power source while charging.
  • Water damage.
  • Internal connections are loose
  • Hardware wear & tear caused due to overuse.
  • Software or operating system issue.

So, these are the most common reasons that can lead to screen flickering on Android.

Now you must be worried about how do I fix my Android screen from flickering, right? If this is so, then find out the answer in the next section.

Use Best Android Repair Tool To Fix Screen Flickering Android

Whenever you across any kind of errors or bugs I will suggest you use the most advanced Android Repair Tool. This software will not only help you to fix screen flickering issues but you can solve different types of such issues by using this tool.

This repair tool has the ability to fix SD card unexpectedly removed, No SIM card error, Mobile network not available, microSD card not detected, moisture detected, and many more.

If you really want to know how to stop screen flickering in Android then you can download and install Android Repair software as quick as possible.

After installing this tool follow its step-by-step guide and know how to fix screen flickering on Android phones.

How To Fix Screen Flickering Android Mobile?

These are the series of quick fixes which will help you to fix the screen flickering issues.

Let’s try out one by one and see which one helps you to resolve how to solve screen flickering problem in Android.

Solution #1: Check Your Android Phone’ Screen

Have you tested your phone’s screen? Is it damaged or broken from somewhere? If yes, this can be the major reason for screen glitching. In such a situation, you should visit to a repair and ask them to change your phone’s screen.

Solution #2: Check Out Affected Part of Your Phone’s Screen

In few cases, you can blame your screen technology. Sometimes, it happens that the display circuits’ get destroy. Because of which it may not sustain the current flow at the low power settings.

Solution #3: Restart Your Android Device

how to fix screen flickering Android

Let’s try to fix Screen Flickering on Android issue with the basic and common method – Restart Your Android device.

As I said before, whenever you face any kind of errors or glitches just try to fix the issue by restarting your device. Restating the device has the power to resolve different types of minor bugs, errors, or small glitches.

Solution #4: Check Your Internet speed & Solve How To Fix Screen Flickering Android

Android phone screen glitching may be resulted due to a slow or weak network connection. So, here you need to check your internet connection whether it is slow or not.

If you’re observing that whenever you are trying to make a video call, your phone’s screen flickers then surely the issue arises due to a slow network.

Solution #5: Clear the Cache Of The Phone

Why don’t you try to stop your phone’s flickering by clearing the cache of your Android phone? Removing the cache or unwanted files may help you to solve how to fix a flickering phone screen. even after removing those cache data, if you are still facing this issue, then try the next solution.

Solution #6: Disable Phone’s Auto-Brightness

Sometimes, your phone’s auto-brightness settings are also responsible for the constant blinking of your phone’s display. But hardware defects or software updates can lead to some unexpected issues including screen flickers.

So in such a case, you should disable the auto-brightness of your device to stop your phone from flickering. Open your Settings App and go to the Display. Here you’ll get the auto-brightness option, simply disable it.

how to fix screen flickering Android

Solution #7: Rebooting Your Device Into Safe Mode

Rebooting your device into safe mode is another method by which you can try to solve how to fix a glitching phone screen Android issue.

  • Use the below-given steps to boot your phone in safe mode:
  • At first, Press and hold the power button of your Android phone
  • As the menu appears on the screen, touch & hold power off option until a message appears Reboot to safe mode.
  • Simply hit OK to restart your device into safe mode

how to fix screen flickering Android

Solution #8: How to Fix Screen Flickering Android By Uninstalling The Faulty App

Have you recently installed any app and just after that you are noticing that the screen started shaking? If yes, then it’s possible that you have installed a faulty app due to which your phone’s display flickers.

If you find an app is responsible for the occurrence of this issue, here you need to simply uninstall the faulty app from your device immediately.

Step 1: Long press the app until an option comes above it.

Step 2: Now, tap on the uninstall and confirm option

Step 3: For most of the Android versions, you need to drag the particular app by holding it & put it into the dustbin icon in order to uninstall it.

After uninstalling the app, you need to check whether the screen flickering issues have been fixed or not.

Solution #9: Manage The Developer Options

Most of the time, restarting the device won’t be able to fix the issue in such case you should try to modify the developer options. You will get the developer’s options just at the below the settings menu.

  • Visit to your Settings app on your smartphone.
  • Move down and tap on “About Phone“.

how to fix screen flickering Android

  • Look for a build number of your device.
  • Continuously tap on it for seven times
  • You’re now a developer” shows up.
  • Again, go back to a settings page in order to find out the developer opts for your Android phone.
  • Now, simply enable the surface updates & disable HW overlays to solve this.

Solution #10: Check for The Android OS Update

Oftentimes, a phone update hitch can cause this screen flickering issue. If it is so then most probably you have wait for the updates. Here, you can also choose an older firmware to use which is compatible with few companies.

How to check for the Android OS updates:

Step 1: Open your phone’s Settings and select About Phone option.

how to fix screen flickering Android

Step 2: Make a tap on check for Updates & start updating your device OS.

how to fix screen flickering Android

Solution #11: Take Your Android Phone To A Service Centre

If your phone is flickering all the time then in such circumstances you need to visit to a service center. It might happen that the glitching problem arises due to some hardware and software issues.

Specialists can deal with such issues better than us. So, you should discuss your problem with the specialists they will find out the exact cause of it and fix Screen Flickering on Android as soon.

How Do I Stop My Phone Screen From Flickering?

If your phone’s screen is flickering, you can stop it by rebooting your device into safe mode. Or it might happen that you haven’t cleared the cache of your Android phone because of which your phone flickers.


I have listed all the possible ways to fix Screen Flickering on Android; I just hope you will be able to resolve screen keeps jumping up and down Android.

Therefore, if you are able to stop the screen flickering successfully or if this article helps you in any way to solve how to fix a glitchy phone screen, don’t forget to share this post with others.

Good Luck!!

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