[7 Easy Ways] How To Fix SD Card Unexpectedly Removed Android Error
  • Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

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[7 Easy Ways] How To Fix SD Card Unexpectedly Removed Android Error

ByJennifer Fiona

Jul 4, 2021

Nowadays, almost all Android devices are coming with extra storage space. However, there are some people who are still preferred to use the SD cards (external storage) on their phones to extend the storage space. But sometimes, users come across the situation when their device shows an error message SD card unexpectedly removed Samsung error.

This is a very much annoying error because this may stop you from accessing your data stored within the card. So, today I have decided to write this article in order to troubleshoot this error.

Why Does My Phone Keep Saying “SD Card Unexpectedly Removed”?

You may receive the error messages like – SD card removed insert a new one due to the following reasons:

  1. Loose connection between a device & SD card
  2. Using the corrupted or damaged SD cards
  3. Due to Virus or Malware infection
  4. Using the same SD card for a long time
  5. Some issue with your Android device
  6. Using one SD card in different devices
  7. The memory card is not compatible with your device

After knowing the cause behind the SD card unexpectedly removed message now it’s time to find out the feasible ways to fix the below-shown issue.

SD card unexpectedly removed

Best Way to Fix ‘SD Card Unexpectedly Removed’ Error on Android

Firstly I would like to recommend to you the most effective and convenient tool – Android Repair Tool. It is an advanced program that is specially designed to fix different types of errors and bugs.

This software can work on all types of inaccessible and corrupted SD cards.

No matter for whatever reason the SD card removed unexpectedly issue has occurred, this excellent tool can fix this error with ease. Whenever you receive such kind of SD errors in the future this amazing tool will definitely help you to fix them.

Apart from that, it fixes other issues like MicroSD card not detected, camera has stopped error, screen flikering issue, moisture detected error, verticle & horizental lines, etc. on Android devices.

So, don’t waste your precious time and quickly download the Android Repair Software and get rid of this error.

After installing this tool follow its step-by-step guide.

Manual Ways To Fix SD Card Unexpectedly Removed Error On Android

Try out the below solutions to solve this problem:

Technique #1: Re-Insert the SD Card to Fix SD Card Unexpectedly Removed Android

Why don’t you try to fix the issue by reinserting the SD card? This is because; sometimes a simple solution may help you to solve error-related problems.

Start following the below-given steps:

  • At first, power off your Android device & remove the memory card from the phone.
  • If your device has a removable battery then take out the battery from the phone for few minutes
  • Now, turn on your Android phone & go to the Settings, and then on Storage to ensure that the card is ejected from the device.
  • Again, turn off your device and insert the card back to the slot
  • Start your mobile and see if the issue is solved.

Technique #2: Unmount Your SD Card 

If reinserting the card doesn’t help you to fix the memory card unexpectedly removed error then unmount your SD card and restart the device.

How To Unmount The SD card:

Step 1: Open your Settings app and go to Storage

Step 2: Make a tap on Unmount the SD card.

SD card unexpectedly removed

Step 3: Then remove a card from the smartphone.

Step 4: Now, Reboot your phone and Re-insert the card

Step 5: Again go to Settings then Storage & simply choose mount a SD card.

SD card unexpectedly removed

Technique #3: Format Your SD Card To Resolve SD Card Removed Error

Yes, not formatting the SD card might be the other reason for getting the SD card unexpectedly removed message error. You may receive such kinds of error messages if your SD card is not formatted.

Though formatting deletes all the existing data on your SD card you have no other choice rather than formatting the SD card. So, you should try to fix this issue by formatting your micro SD card either on a PC or on your Android device.

How to format a microSD card on your Android device:

  • Open your phone’s Settings and go to Storage
  • Now, simply move to your memory card
  • Hit on Format SD card or Erase SD Card, whatever option you get

How to format your memory card on a PC

  • Make a tap on My Computer or My PC
  • Then, go to Devices and drives list
  • Again, right-click on the memory card drive letter
  • Choose format
  • Here, the format window will ask you to choose a file system. Select FAT32 or NTFS smaller micro SD cards while exFAT for 64 GB & above cards
  • Now tap on Start.


Technique #4: Wipe Out Cache Partition Under Recovery Mode

Clearing the cache partition in Recovery mode may help you to resolve the external SD card unexpectedly removed error. Do not worry about the data loss, this method will not affect any of your existing data only wipe the cache or unwanted files on Android.

How To Clear Out The Caches Under Recovery Mode

  • Turn off your device first.
  • Now, press & hold Volume Up + Home + Power keys in order to boot up your phone in recovery mode.
  • Again, press the Volume keys to choose “wipe cache partition” opt.

external SD card unexpectedly removed

  • Press the Power button to confirm the action.
  • At last, choose the reboot system option to restart the phone.

Technique #5: Restore Your Phone To Factory Settings:

Let’s try out the last resort to fix SD card unexpectedly removed Vivo y11 error. However, factory reset is supposed to delete everything from your phone but this method is very useful in its own way.

As it can fix several kinds of errors at a time and restore your Android device to its original settings. But before doing a factory reset, kindly save the backup of all your personal data in any safe place.

 Steps to Perform a factory reset on Android phone:

Step 1: Open your phone’s Settings then click on Personal >> Backup & reset.

Step 2: Here you need to enter your pattern, Pin or password

Step 3: Now, under the Personal data, choose Factory data reset option >> Reset phone/device.

SD card unexpectedly removed



Step 4: After finishing the process, simply restart your Android phone & restore the previous backed-up data.

Technique #6: Purchase a New Micro SD Card To Solve SD Card Unexpectedly Removed Samsung 

If you find your SD card is damaged or corrupted and the above solutions also fail to work, in such a typical situation you are advised to buy a new SD card.

Important Tips to Avoid SD Card Errors

Read out the below-given tips carefully in order to avoid such SD card errors in the future:

  • Stop using the card immediately as soon as you find the card is corrupted
  • Avoid using a single memory card on different devices
  • Do not insert or eject your SD card from the running device
  • Always keep the habit of removing the card when your phone is off
  • Stop clicking photos when your Android device is showing low battery
  • Never try to store excessive data on your SD card over its limit.


Why Is My SD Card Unexpectedly Removed?

Your SD card says unexpectedly removed error might due to one of the below reasons:

  1. Using a corrupted/damaged SD card
  2. Because of Virus/Malware attack.
  3. Memory card is not supported with your device.

How Do I Fix SD Card Unexpectedly Removed?

In order to fix SD card unexpectedly removed Android error by following the below troubleshooting tricks:

  1. Re-insert the SD card
  2. Unmount the card
  3. Format the SD card
  4. Perform a factory reset.

What Happens If You Remove SD Card Without Unmounting?

Well, if you remove your memory card without unmounting or power off then the data present within the SD card might get corrupt.

Time To Pack Up

Well, it’s very common to encounter SD card-related issues on Android phones but the important thing is how to fix Android SD card unexpectedly removed solved error.

This article showed you some of the workable ways to troubleshoot the Android SD card unexpectedly removed Vivo v15. You only need to try out the above techniques according to your suitability.

Besides that, if you are interested to use the Android Repair Tool then you can use it too.

This is one of the securest software and can fix all kinds of errors and bugs along with SD card unexpectedly removed Vivo Y11 without affecting your existing data.

Thanks for reading this article!!