How To Fix “Tinder Not Working” On Android Phone [12 Methods]

Tinder is a popular dating app that allows smartphone users to find love, friendship, business associate, chat, etc. However, many Android users claim that they’re experiencing Tinder not working on Android phones.

So, if you are also detecting Tinder app not working on Android, then this article can help you to solve this problem.

This article contains the 12 best fixes to fix the Tinder app keeps crashing Android effortlessly.

So, let’s get started…

Why Tinder Is Not Working On Android Phones?

There is not only a single reason behind this error but, there could be several reasons that can lead to Tinder stuck on loading screen or not working.

Have a look at some of them:

  • Poor internet connection can also result in the Tinder app not working on my phone.
  • Cache files of Tinder app
  • The tinder network server is down
  • Corrupted/Damaged Tinder app
  • Not updating the newest version of Tinder app
  • Due to outdated Android OS
  • Sharing wrong content
  • Tinder account is banned

So, these are the root causes of the Tinder not working 2022 issue.

After extracting the actual factor of this issue according to your situation, you can fix it with the below-discussed methods.

[Recommended Way] Fix Tinder Not Working On Android Phone

If you don’t want to go for any complicated method to fix Tinder not working on Android then I’ll suggest you to use Android Repair Tool.

It is an advanced repair utility that is specially designed to fix various kinds of errors like moisture detectedUSB device not reorganizedAndroid 11 Bluetooth issuesGoogle maps not workingand several other issues in a single click. This software always has a user-friendly interface and you don’t need any technical knowledge to operate it.

So, don’t waste your time and quickly download this program on your device and solve Tinder fast chat not working issue successfully. Follow the step-by-step guide to run this software

How To Fix Tinder Not Working On Android Mobile?

Well, if you really want to use an error-free Tinder app then try out the given manuals accordingly.

Solution 1: Check Internet Connection

Many times, an unstable or weak internet connection can cause Tinder not working Android phone issue. So, make sure that you have a strong internet connection.

In case, you find that your mobile data is unstable, try to connect with the Wi-Fi network connection immediately. Even after checking the internet connectivity, sill the issue persists, try further solutions.

Solution 2: Restart Your Android Phone To Solve Tinder Isn t Working

Restarting the device is one of the basic tricks that smartphone users are often doing to resolve different errors or bugs. Many users have conveyed that, this method really helps them to get rid of several kinds of Android glitches.

So, before trying any other troubleshooting fixes just restart your device once. If the Tinder app not working issue is the result of some small glitches, it can be easily fixed by a simple reboot.

  • Keep pressing the Power button of your phone for a few seconds. As soon as the options appear on the screen, leave the power key.
  • Choose the Restart option among these three options and tap on it.


That’s it! Now your device will restart itself.

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Solution 3: Make Sure Tinder App Is Updated

Remember, if you are using the older version of the Tinder app then possibly you’ll get Tinder not working 2021 issue.

Thus, check whether your Tinder application is already updated to its latest version or not.

Here’s how to update the Tinder App On Android:

  • At first, open the Google Play Store app on your Android phone
  • Then, choose My Apps & Games option

My Apps & Games

  • After that, look for the Tinder app.
  • If any update option is available besides the Tinder app then simply hit the Update.

Solution 4: Check If Tinder Server Is Fail

A lot of times, server issues can be culprits for the arrival of such kinds of errors. If you want to check the Tinder status then simply visit the link –

If the Tinder server is down then you have no other choice rather than to wait. If the error is caused due to server, it can be solved itself after some time.

Solution 5: Force Close The Tinder App To Fix Tinder Not Working On Android

Closing the Tinder app is another effective way to fix Tinder app keeps crashing Android.

In order to force close the app, you’ll have to open your phone’s Settings app then choose Apps. Now, search the Tinder app and hit Force Close opt.

Fix Tinder Not Working On Android

Solution 6: Clear Cache & Data Of Tinder App To Fix Tinder Not Opening Android

Oftentimes, continuous use of a particular app can store a lot of cache files in it. So, you should try to solve the Tinder crashing Android by clearing the cache files of the app.

How to do so:

  • Head to your Settings menu then choose Apps
  • Afterward, search Tinder application from the given list.
  • Now, here you will get Clear Cache or Clear Data simply tap on it.

Fix Tinder Not Working On Android

Solution 7: Try Updating Google Play services

Generally, users don’t need to update the Google Play services as they are updated automatically through an app. But, oftentimes you may need to update them manually.

So, if the Google play services are not updated yet then follow the below-given process and update them if required.

All you need to do is just go to the “Google Play Services” in a Google & simply tap on the particular app. Here, you’ll get Update or Uninstall option. In case, you see the Update option that means the Tinder app needs an update.

After finishing these steps, see if Tinder app is working without any issue. If the issue still exists, try the recommended Android Repair Tool.

Solution 8: Re-Install Your Tinder App

Since your Tinder app is not working properly, uninstalling and reinstalling the app can help you to tackle Tinder not opening Android issue.

Follow these easy steps to know how to uninstall and reinstall the Tinder App

  • Navigate to Settings app on your phone
  • After that, go to Applications then click on Manage Applications

Apps & notifications

  • Here you need to find the Tinder app & tap on Uninstall
  • Now, open your Google Play Store app and look for the Tinder app
  • At last, hit the Install.

Fix Tinder Not Working On Android

Solution 9: Update Android’s OS 

As you already know, using the older version of the system OS can lead to several kinds of errors including the Tinder app not working issue on Android.

Check out the below-given steps to know the process:

  • At first, go to the Settings then About phone > Software update
  • Next, if any new update is available there, then you’ll get install option
  • Hit Update button and your phone’s OS will begin to update.

Fix Tinder Not Working On Android

After finishing these steps, check once whether the Tinder not working on Android issue is solved or not.

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Solution 10: Use VPN To Fix Tinder Not Working On Android

You can’t access the Tinder app in a few locations. For that, you’ve to use the VPN. Additionally, VPN can also help you to hide your actual location.

Generally, there are several VPNs named as – Surfshark, ExpressVPN & NordVPN. These VPNs can also shoot out the problem of the maximum distance.

Solution 11: Allow Permissions To Tinder App

After installing the tinder app, have you received any pop-up asking you for any kind of permission? If yes and if you deny this request then possibly you will come across such kinds of errors.

If you want to come out of this situation then simply sign in to your Facebook account then go to manage applications & then search for the Tinder app. Here, you’ve to make a tap on “Allow” option.

However, this is not a permanent solution but you can try this for your convenience to solve Tinder not opening Android phone.


In this blog, I have shown you 12 different techniques to fix Tinder not working on Android.

Nothing you have to do, just go through each and every suggested method provided in this article. I’m sure; one of them will surely help you to resolve Tinder not working issue on Android.

However, Android Repair Tool is the unique solution among all.  If manuals fail to work, you can simply choose this tool to troubleshoot the Tinder app not working error permanently.

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