(8 Fixes) Unfortunately Candy Crush Saga Has Stopped Error 2022!

Are you playing Candy crush saga every day? While playing this game have you encountered the error “unfortunately Candy crush saga has stopped” error? If yes, then continue reading this post.

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss 8 troubleshooting methods to fix Candy Crush not working properly error. So, do not skip reading any section of this post as you will lose something very crucial that can help you to resolve this issue.

Before moving ahead, let’s know a few major factors that can lead to the Candy Crush game not working.

Why Has Candy Crush Stopped Working?

As we all know that, the Candy Crush Saga is a very popular mobile phone game which is played by several people all around. It’s such an interesting and attractive mobile game that everybody loves to play.

But, while playing this game, players are often encountering the Candy Crush not working properly.

So, below I have listed some of the possible causes behind the occurrence of this error. Let’s take a look.

  1. Not clearing the cache files of the App
  2. Using an outdated version of the game app
  3. The app is having some issues itself
  4. Not having enough storage space on the device
  5. Outdated Android OS

These are the reasons which might stop your Candy crush Saga app from working well.

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How To Fix Unfortunately Candy Crush Soda Has Stopped Error on Android?

Now, it’s time to check out the fixes which will help you to repair unfortunately Candy Crush Saga has stopped working Android, or Candy Crush won’t load 2022 error.

#1: Reboot Your Android Device

Restating the Android phone is one of the simplest and effective methods to fix any sorts of errors or small glitches. So, here also I would like to suggest you to reboot your device once and solve the Candy Crush stuck on loading screen issue.

Keep pressing the Power key until and unless a Menu appears on the screen. Now, make a click on the Restart option.

Unfortunately Candy Crush Saga Has Stopped

#2: Update The Candy Crush App

It might happen that you are using an outdated version of Candy Crush Saga because of which your Candy Crush Saga keeps crashing.

So, here need to check once if the app developers have released the update of the Candy Crush Saga App.

  • Go to Google Play Store then click on My Apps & Games
  • Search for Candy Crush Saga application & check if the update is available.

Unfortunately Candy Crush Saga Has Stopped

Even after updating the Candy crush app, still getting this error then try out the next solution.

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#3: Clear The App’s Cache

Try to fix unfortunately candy crush saga has stopped working Android issue by clearing the cache files of the app. You might know that game apps store a lot of cache files in them.

And if you keep them on your device for a longer period, the cache files are generated more. Hence you need to delete the cache and data of the Candy crush app.

Clear the cache files by following the below steps:

1: Open your Settings app

2: Choose Application manager & App

Unfortunately Candy Crush Saga Has Stopped

3: Again, choose the Candy Crush Saga App

4: Simply, tap on Clear Cache.

Unfortunately Candy Crush Saga Has Stopped

#4: Free Up Device’s Storage To Fix Candy Crush Crashing 2022

This kind of issue usually occurs due to having less storage space in the device. It might happen that your device’s storage is almost too full and despite of that you have installed the Candy Crush Saga App and as a result, you’re getting this error message.

So, here you need to clear the cache or unwanted files of the device and deal with Candy Crush won’t load 2021. You may use the SD cards to extend the storage of your phone.

#5: Reinstall the Game App

If still, an issue persists then you should reinstall your Candy Crush Saga App, this night help you to fix Candy Crush Saga stopped working issue.

Uninstall the app first then go to Play Store, look for Candy Crush Saga App, and then install it by tapping on Install option.

#6: Update The Android OS

I think it’s time to update your Android Phone OS. Sometimes you may experience such kinds of errors if your Android OS is not updated.

Let’s check out the steps to fix Candy Crush keeps crushing:

  • Open your Settings app
  • Scroll down and tap on About Device
  • Hit on Software Update option.

Unfortunately Candy Crush Saga Has Stopped

#7: Do Factory Reset

If the above solutions don’t help you to resolve Candy Crush Saga stopped unexpectedly error, you’ve no other option rather than performing the factory reset.

Before doing the factory reset on Android, kindly save the backup of your essential data. This is because; factory reset is supposed to delete everything (apps, settings, and other data) from your phone.

You need to follow these steps and fix Candy Crush not working after update:

  • Open your Settings app on Android phone.
  • Find the option Backup and Reset and make a click on it.

Unfortunately Candy Crush Saga Has Stopped

  • Then, click on Erase All Data and touch the Reset Phone option.

Unfortunately Candy Crush Saga Has Stopped

The process of fixing unfortunately Candy Crush Saga has stopped is finished…!

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FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

What Do You Do When Candy Crush Won’t Open?

You will be able to repair unfortunately candy crush has stopped the error by clearing the cache files of the game app. Steps To Clear The Cache Files Of The Candy Crush Saga App:
1. Go to Settings then click on Apps & Notifications
2. Now, make a tap on See all apps < Candy Crush Saga < Storage & Cache
3. Hit on Clear Cache or Clear Storage. Please make sure that the action has been confirmed. Doing this will delete all the temporary files stored by this game app.

Will Deleting Candy Crush Erase My Progress?

Yes, deleting the Candy Crush app will erase all your progress.

To Sum Up

That’s it…

All the above provide solutions will definitely help you to fix Candy Crush not working 2021 issue. However, try all the techniques one by one & see which method will be useful for you.

Hopefully, you found this post helpful to you to solve unfortunately Candy Crush Soda has stopped the error or Candy Crush crashing 2021.

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