(Solved) “Unfortunately, Gallery Has Stopped” Error On Android

Are you stuck with the “unfortunately, gallery has stopped” error on Android whenever you are trying to open your gallery app? You must be looking for the perfect solutions to get rid of this annoying issue….Right? Well, if you are really dealing with this situation then you just calm down!

In this tutorial, you will get each and every piece of information regarding this error and you’ll also learn different techniques to fix “unfortunately, gallery has stopped” error on Android. But the best solutions among them is Android Repair Tool.

Do you know why gallery won’t open on Samsung phone? If your answer is NO, before proceeding towards the solutions let’s get the answer to this question first.

Why Can’t Open My Gallery On My Android?

Well, there can several unknown reasons behind the occurrence of this error, but I’m going to show you some of the major causes of it.

  1. Slow or poor network connection
  2. Storage space is full
  3. Unwanted cache files
  4. Incomplete updates
  5. Due to a virus attack or minor bug
  6. Excessive use of gallery app
  7. Software conflict
  8. Having a fault in the device

After knowing the possible reasons on unfortunately photos has stopped Samsung J7 error, now it’s an exact time to find out the ways on how to fix “unfortunately gallery has stopped Android.

Best Tool to Fix “Unfortunately, Gallery Has Stopped” Error On Android

In order to fix the gallery won’t open on Samsung phone issue, you can go with the most trustworthy Android Repair Software.

This tool has the capability to fix any kind of errors such as – Android System UI not working, stuck on a boot loop, black or death screen of phone, apps keep crashing, play store not working & many more

The best feature of this program is that it can support almost all Android devices. It is very easy to operate and gives 100% repairing result. Thus, it is recommended by the professional and experts.

Therefore, simply download & install this powerful tool & fix unfortunately photos has stopped Samsung J7 in no time. After installing this software follow its step-by-step guide.

How to Fix Unfortunately Gallery Has Stopped On Android?

As you know that, your gallery app stores all kinds of data in it such as your memorable pictures, videos, GIFs, and others. In fact, whatever pictures, videos you received from your WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram app, also get stored on your gallery app.

And when you unable to open your gallery app, it really hurts. In order to know how to fix unfortunately gallery has stopped Android, you need to follow the below-listed methods one by one.

Method #1: Restart Your Android Device

Firstly, you should try to fix this issue by restarting your Android once. Since rebooting has the ability to fix several kinds of small bugs or glitches.

It might happen that the error appears due to some minor issue which might be solved by rebooting the device.

Follow the below-guided steps to restart your Android phone:

  • Keep pressing the Power key of your phone until the menu appears on the screen
  • Now, choose the Restart/Reboot from the three options.

unfortunately gallery has stopped Android

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Method #2: Remove Unwanted Files From SD Card

If you’re using an SD card on your phone and its storage space is full in such case you should delete some of your data from it. It will create some space on your memory card and the issue might be fixed.

Several users have tried this way and have succeeded to Fix “Unfortunately, Gallery Has Stopped” Error On Android.

Method #3: Clear Data And Cache Of Camera App

If you are still unable to get rid of this error then just Clear the cache & data of your camera app, doing this might be able to fix the problem.

These are the required steps which you need to follow out:

  • Open Settings App and choose Application Manager
  • Now, click on Camera and hit Clear Cache and Clear Data
  • After finishing these steps tap on the Force Stop option.

unfortunately gallery has stopped Android


Method #4: Reset App Preference

Resetting app preference is another option that might help you to fix “unfortunately, gallery has stopped” error on Android.

Try out the below-given steps in order to solve LG gallery keeps stopping:

  • Go to the Settings App and then Application Setting or Apps
  • After that, go to All and click on Menu
  • From all the options tap on the Reset App Preference
  • Now, a new dialogue box will open, just read it and click on Reset Apps

After performing the above steps, restart your device and check whether the error has been fixed or not.

Method #5: Clear The Cache & Data of Your Gallery app

If you think the issue is within the gallery then you should try to fix the error by clearing the cache of your gallery app.

  • In order to clear the cache, you need to follow the below instructions:
  • Open your Settings App and click on Application Manager
  • Choose the Gallery option and tap on Clear Cache or Clear Data
  • After that, again tap on the Force Stop.

unfortunately gallery has stopped Android

Now, restart your phone again and see if the error is fixed.

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Method #6: Unmount the SD Card

In this method, you need to unmount your SD card in order to get rid of unfortunately photos has stopped Samsung j7.

To unmount your SD card you have to check out the steps mentioned below:

  • Open your Settings App > Storage then tap on Unmount SD card.

unfortunately gallery has stopped Android

  • Now check whether the issue has been solved or not. If still the error exists then just remove your memory card and check again.
  • After removing the SD card, if the issue is fixed then you have a faulty SD card. In such a case, it’s better to change your external memory card.

Method #7: Clear Data And Cache Of Media Storage

If you are finding the media storage of your Android device is full of unnecessary or unwanted files then this may cause the gallery won’t open on Samsung phone issue. And this error might be fixed by deleting the cache and data of your media files. So, try out the given steps now:

  • Open your Settings App and click on Apps or Applications
  • Again, tap on the “All Apps” and search for Media Storage
  • Now, simply tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data.

unfortunately gallery has stopped Android

Method #8: Clear Cache Partition Into Recovery Mode

Clearing the cache partition will help you to remove the corrupted cache which might be creating the problem. So, here you need to clear the cache partition in recovery mode and see the error is fixed or not.

Start following the below-given steps:

  • In the first step, you have to turn off your device
  • Press Volume Up and Power key together to enter into the recovery mode (the options may differ in phone models)
  • Here, you’ll get several options to choose Wipe Cache Partition from all the options.

  • In order to confirm a selection, you have to press the Power button
  • After finishing the process, restart your phone again.

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Method #9: Perform Factory Reset On Your Device

If you have completed all the above tricks and still unable to solve the issue then there is no other option left rather than a factory reset. But, you must remember resetting the device will remove all the existing data.

So, before doing a factory reset you must save a backup of all your essential files. Check out the below-given steps:

  • Open your Settings App and choose Backup and Reset option
  • Under the Personal Data and tap on Factory Data Reset
  • Now, a message will display on your screen saying that all your data will be deleted from the phone’s memory like – apps, settings music, accounts
  • Hit on Reset

unfortunately gallery has stopped Android

Restart your device now all your existing data will be deleted from your phone.

Final Words

So, all these are some of the troubleshooting ways which will surely help you to fix unfortunately gallery has stopped error on Android. I have posted this helpful article with the intention to help you, thus I have gathered all the feasible ways on how to fix my gallery on Android.

But the best way among all these methods is Android Repair Tool. So, I would like to recommend you try this program first to solve this issue.

I just hope this article may help you to get rid of the Samsung gallery keeps crashing error and you will able to access your gallery app as before. If you found this post helpful, please share it with your friends, relatives, or colleagues.

That’s it!!

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