[Fixed] 15 Ways To Solve “WIFI Stuck On Obtaining IP Address Android”
  • Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

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[Fixed] 15 Ways To Solve “WIFI Stuck On Obtaining IP Address Android”

ByJennifer Fiona

Jun 19, 2021
WIFI Stuck On Obtaining IP Address

WIFI stuck on obtaining IP address is one of the annoying issues encounters by Android users. When this error occurs users can’t able to connect their device with the Wi-Fi. So, if you are also facing this error, then continue reading this post.

Fortunately, there are some tricks available that can help you to get rid of Wi-Fi connection stuck on obtaining IP address. Though, in this post, I am going to introduce 15 quick ways to fix No IP address WiFi successfully.

Why Does My Wifi Keep Saying Obtaining IP Address?

There are numerous causes which can lead to Android phone stuck on obtaining IP address. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Due to Android phone bugs
  2. Poor or bad Wi-Fi signal
  3. Because of changing the wireless settings on a router
  4. Sudden wireless interfering
  5. Router malfunction, etc.

So, these all are the root causes behind the occurrence of failed to obtain IP address WIFI error.

Now you must be worried to know how do I fix WIFI failed to obtain IP address. Just scroll down this page and get your answer in the next section.

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How To Resolve WIFI Stuck On Obtaining IP Address Android?

It’s pretty easy to troubleshoot this problem for Android users.

Below you can find out the possible ways to deal with the above-shown error.

Fix #1: Reboot Your Android Device

WIFI stuck on obtaining IP address

The simplest solution that you can try to fix WIFI stuck on obtaining IP address is to restart your mobile.

Most of the users have found this method useful to solve numerous Android-related issues. Therefore, once you must try it and check if the error solved.

If not, proceed to try the next way.

Fix #2: Reboot Router

When the router miss to assign the IP address of a specific network then your WIFI hangs on obtaining IP address. In such a situation, you are required to reboot the router in order to resolve this problem.

However, to do so, use a Power button of your router, then turn off it for thirty seconds & plug in again.

Fix #3: Disable & Again Enable The Wi-Fi

Another trick that you can try to troubleshoot obtaining IP address issue is to disable & enable the WIFI. For this, you need to swipe down a notification panel & simply tap on Wi-Fi icon.

Otherwise, navigate to the Settings on your phone and then Network and Internet & toggle off a Wi-Fi network.

WIFI stuck on obtaining IP address

Now, to enable a Wi-Fi, follow the same instructions stated in this method. After this, try re-joining to a network & check if ‘WIFI stuck at obtaining IP address’ issue continues or not.

Fix #4: Toggle The Airplane Mode

In order to repair this issue, you can also enable the Airplane mode. Doing so will turn off all services including Wi-Fi.

Here are the easy steps in order to enable & disable the airplane mode:

Step 1: At first, pull-down a notification bar on your device.

Step 2: Next, click on an Airplane Mode >> wait for some time

WIFI stuck on obtaining IP address

Step 3: At this time, again tap on it to disable the airplane mode.

Fix #5: Take Your Phone Closer to the Router

If you’re out of the router’s connection range then it might be difficult for your device to connect with the network.

And as a result, you may receive the Wi-Fi stuck on obtaining IP address error.

In such a situation, you need to take your device nearer to the router immediately and then check whether your phone is able to re-establish the connection with a Wi-Fi network or not.

Fix #6: Re-Connect To The Network

This is one of the simplest ways which you can try to fix WIFI stuck on obtaining IP address.

When you reconnect to a network connection, the router forgets its previous attempt and again begins a new process in order to assign you the IP address.

I am suggesting you this method because if the problem arises due to some temporary interference, this method can help you.

The below-guided steps will direct you to know how to reconnect to a network.

  • Open your phone’s Settings and click on Connections;

WIFI stuck on obtaining IP address

  • Then, again click on the Wi-Fi;

WIFI stuck on obtaining IP address

  • Here you need to tap & hold on a selected Wi-Fi network
  • Now, select the Forget Network

WIFI Stuck On Obtaining IP Address

  • After doing all this, just log in to the Wi-fi network as usual.

If this approach won’t help you to deal with such error messages then move on to the next one.

Fix #7: Change Your Device Name

It’s quite possible that there is some problem with your device name. Changing the device name can help you to eliminate WiFi stuck on obtaining IP address issues. Follow these steps and change your device’s name.

Step 1: Open your “Settings” app

Step 2: Then, go to System updates in the About Phone

WIFI Stuck On Obtaining IP Address

Step 3: Now, click on your device or phone Name

Step 4: Here, you need to enter the new name of your device

Step 5: At last, restart your Android phone.

Fix #8: Turn Off The Private DNS

You might not know but few times private DNS on the Android phone can lead to such kinds of errors. There’re numerous users who’ve reported that Wi-Fi fails to obtain the IP address but they get rid of this issue by disabling the private DNS on Android.

Fix #9: Assign Static Internet Provider Address

  • Go to the Phone’s Settings app & choose “Network & internet
  • Then, choose “Wi-Fi.”
  • Next, long-press the network that you cannot connect to.
  • At this time, choose “Modify network” then “Show advanced options
  • Search “IP settings” & simply choose “Static
  • Under an IP address, you need to change a last number (you can take any digit between 1 to 225.
  • Now, try to connect it.

Fix #10: Install The FXR WIFI Fix Application On Your Phone

Several users have conveyed that an FXR Wi-Fi fix application has been solved the “phone WIFI stuck on obtaining IP address”.

So, I would also like to recommend you to open your Play Store app and install it to get rid of this issue.

Fix #11: Remove The Unwanted Files

Let me tell you very clearly that if your device is rooted then only you can try this technique. Otherwise, you can try another option that is the Android Repair Tool mentioned in this post.

  • On your smartphone, download & install an ES File Explorer
  • Here, you need to allow the root permission if ask
  • From a menu, you are required to choose the Root explorer
  • At this time, go to the below path and delete all unwanted files:


  • Finally, reboot your mobile >> check if the issue is fixed or not.

Fix #12: Reset The Network Settings

Resetting a network connection is another possible method that can help you to get rid of this error message.

Although, this proficient feature exists on each and every smartphone & it wouldn’t delete any of data or apps present on your device.

Try Out The Below Effective Steps In Order To Reset A Network Settings:

Step 1: Just go to the Settings and then System

Step 2: In the second step, select Reset Options >> Reset the WiFi, Mobile and Bluetooth.

WIFI Stuck On Obtaining IP Address


Step 3: Tap on the Reset settings.

WIFI Stuck On Obtaining IP Address

Fix #13: Set-Up the WPA2-PSK On a Router

Follow the beneath instructions to set-up the WPA2-PSK on a Router with ease:

  • Go to router’s web interface
  • After this, look for Wireless security page
  • For security code, choose WPA2-PSK
  • For Encryption type, you need to select the AES
  • Then, click the Save settings >> forget the WiFi network.

  • Lastly, re-connect your device to a network.

Fix #14: Perform Factory Reset On Your Mobile

After trying the above solutions if you’re still getting the same error on your Android phone then now it’s time to perform the factory reset on your device.

However, this solution helps you to get rid of several kinds of errors, bugs, and issues.

Now, check out the below-given steps to know how to perform a factory reset your device:

Step 1: Open your Settings app and choose the System

Step 2: Then, tap on Reset.

Step 3: And click on Erase all data or factory reset.

WIFI Stuck On Obtaining IP Address


Note: This action is supposed to delete all the existing data on your Android device. So, before doing factory reset on your device kindly save the backup of all your essential data so you can recover them afterward.

FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

How Do I Manually Enter An IP Address For WIFI?

Follow the below-given procedures and enter the IP address for Wi-Fi manually:

  • Press the MENU or HOME button.
  • Choose Settings or Setup > Network
  • Again, choose Network Setup
  • Then, select Wireless or Wired.
  • Choose Custom or Manual
  • Now, enter IP information that is obtained from your PC.

Can't Connect To Wi-Fi Without IP?

These steps will help you to connect to the Wi-Fi without IP:

  • At first, go to the System Preferences -> Network -> WIFI
  • Under the Wi-Fi, it’ll read No IP address then click on Advanced < TCP/IP
  • Again, choose Renew DHCP Lease in order to assign the fresh IP address.

How Do I Fix My IP Address On My Android?

You can try to fix the IP address on your Android device by changing the IP address manually.

  • Open your phone’s Settings app
  • Then, go to Wireless & Networks & tap on Wi-Fi network
  • Again, click on Modify Network and choose Advanced Options
  • Change an IP address now.

Does Wifi Have The Same IP Address?

No, Wi-Fi doesn’t always have the same IP Address.

Pack Up

Several users are experiencing my WIFI is stuck on obtaining IP address issue on their Android device.

But, thankfully you have the best guide that clarifies how to fix Wi-Fi stuck on obtaining IP address on Android phone.

In this tutorial, you’ll get both the manuals as well as the automatic solution which will help you to come out from this error.

Hopefully, your problem gets solved.