Google At A Glance Widget Not Working [Full Guide 2022]

When I went through forums and community websites then I found several Android phone users have reported about the “Google At A Glance widget not working” issue.

Therefore, if you’re also going through the same problem and want to get rid of this issue, then you are at the correct place.

This article contains the 8 best approaches that will assuredly help you to fix Google At A Glance widget not working on Android.

Let’s get started…

Why Is Google At A Glance Not Working On Android?

There could be several factors that can lead to Google At A Glance widget Samsung not showing issue.

Below I have mentioned the common factors behind the occurrence of this problem:

  1. Due to the cache files of the Google app
  2. Not granting the necessary permissions
  3. Adding a second account in your Google App

As you have learned the common reasons, now it’s time to solve Google at a glance widget not showing weather.

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How To Solve Google At A Glance Widget Not Working On Android Phone?

Google At A Glance Widget Not Working

Try out the below potential ways to fix this issue.

#1: Reboot Your Android Device

Whenever we face any minor or major problems in our Android phone what is the first thing that we used to do? Yes, we reboot it.

Rebooting the smartphone is the primary resort that Android users are often doing when they encounter any errors or issues in their phone.

So, here I would also like to suggest you to restart your mobile by following the below steps:

  • Press & hold Power button and wait till the Reboot or Restart option appears.
  • Once the option appears, tap on Restart.

fix Google At A Glance widget not working

#2: Clear Cache Files & Data

You might know that the Glance widget is a part of Google app thus clearing the cache or data for the Google app can help you to fix the error.

Follow these steps to know how to do so:

  • Navigate to your phone Settings app & move to App Manager or Apps and Notifications.
  • Here, you need to tap on Google among all the apps


  • Again, click on Storage which is followed by the Clear cache.


  • At last, hit on Clear data.

Clear data

  • Now, just restart your phone once and see if the issue is fixed.

Important Note: Clearing the cache files of the Google app

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#3: Remove & Re-Add The Widget

The next thing you can try to fix Google At a Glance Widget not working issue is – Remove and Re-Add the Widget.

This method usually helps to resolve different widget issues. To know the process, you need to check out the beneath steps:

  • In the first step, you have to touch and then hold the At a Glance widget until & unless few options are displayed.
  • After that, you need to tap on the Remove

re-add a widget

  • At this time, re-add a widget via long-pressing on an empty space of your phone’s home screen.
  • Finally, hit the Widget option and tap on Google -> At a Glance.
  • Though, some of the launchers might require pressing and holding a widget >> drag it into your phone’s home screen.

#4: Try Different Launcher

Usually, At A Glance widget can work with countless Android launchers. Hence, you need to open your Google Play on your phone & download the different launchers from there to use it.

#5: Remove Second Account

Most of the time, due to granting family privileges to other Google Accounts can lead to troubleshoot At A Glance widget not showing Google.

Therefore, if you have recently been granted family privileges and missing your calendar & weather information from a widget then simply remove the household privileges from a second account.

#6: Re-install Your Google app

Uninstalling and Re-installing the Google App is another useful way that can help you to fix Google at a glance widget not working issue. Since Google At a glance widget is the part of a Google application, re-installation of Google app can address a problem easily.

It’s true, that the Google application can’t be deleted completely from your Android phone but you can uninstall the Google updates & then restore an app to its default version.

Follow out the below-given process to know how to re-install a Google application on Android:

  • Open the Settings app on your phone
  • Then, choose Apps & notifications >> All apps.
  • After that, open Google.
  • Next, click on three-dot menu & simply uninstall the updates.


  • At last, restart your smartphone & update your Google

#7: Grant Required Permissions

In case, Google At a Glance widget does not show weather or calendar information then you need to make sure if it has the required permissions.

Check out the below-guided instructions now to fix Google at a glance widget not showing events:

  • At first, open Settings then go to Apps.


  • After that, make a tap on the Google.
  • Again, tap on the Permissions. (you have to ensure that an application has Location & Calendar permissions)


If this solution won’t help you to resolve Google at a glance widget not showing, try the next method.

#8: Reset The App Preferences

After trying the above methods, if you are still unable to fix the Google At a Glance Widget not working error then I’ll suggest you to reset the app preferences.

Reset the app preferences will regain all settings, including location, network, and more to their default values.

  • At first, head over to your phone’s Settings app which is followed by General management.

Settings app

  • Afterward, tap on a Reset option which is followed by Reset all settings or  Reset the app preferences (differ with Android brands).
  • Otherwise, you may open your Settings app then go to App.
  • Under the All Applications, you have to tap on the three dots icon & simply choose the Reset app preference.

Reset app preference

Time to Sum Up

At the end of this post, I just hope that the aforementioned tricks are enough to fix Google at a glance widget not working issue. You can try any of these techniques to get rid of this problem.

But, if you want to repair this issue in a risk-free way then go with the versatile Android Repair Software.

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