Google Pixel Data Recovery: Restore Lost/Deleted Files From Pixel Phone

Lost your crucial data like photos, videos, chats, SMSs, music, etc. from your Google Pixel phone? If this is the situation then don’t worry, you can recover data from Google pixel phone either through Google Drive or Google Photos. Moreover, you can use the best Google Pixel Data Recovery Software to get back your deleted files from the Google Pixel device.

If you want to know the complete step-by-step guide of these methods then check out this post and recover deleted files on Google Pixel successfully.

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Can I Retrieve Deleted Photos On Google Pixel?

Common Reason Behind Google Pixel Data Loss

How To Do Google Pixel Data Recovery?

Related FAQs:

Can I Retrieve Deleted Photos On Google Pixel?

Yes, you can retrieve deleted photos on your Google Pixel.

Now, you must be thinking how right? Let’s find the answer below…

With the help of Google Pixel Data Recovery Software, you can bring the lost pictures, videos, music, chats, contacts, call history, and other documents in a hassle-free manner.

Common Reason Behind Google Pixel Data Loss

Before we dig into the solutions, let’s know the root cause behind the data loss from Google Pixel phone:

  • Accidental/unintentional deletion.
  • Due to software update failure.
  • Factory reset.
  • Physical damage of a device, etc.
  • System crash or ROM flashing
  • Malware/virus infection.

As you have known the common reasons now it’s time to know the Google Pixel recovery solutions.

How To Do Google Pixel Data Recovery?

Follow the below ways to recover deleted photos from Google Pixel with or without backup.

Solution 1: Best Way To Recover Files From Google Pixel Mobile

If you don’t have a backup up of your lost or missing Pixel phone then you have a good choice to recover deleted data from Google pixel.

Yes, with the help of powerful Google Pixel Data Recovery Software, you could recover lost files from smartphones SD cards without backup.

It supports recovering the deleted videos, call logs, messages, contacts, photos, music, and other media files from Android internal and external memory.

Apart from that, it supports all Android phones brands like Samsung, ZTE, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Sony, HTC, Google Pixel 2/3/4/5/6/6 pro, etc.

As you have known the best features of this program, simply download and install it on your PC and follow its user guide to recover data from broken Google pixel 2.

Solution 2: Get Back Deleted Pixel Photos/Videos From Google Drive

Most of the smartphone users used to back up their crucial images, videos, chats, and other documents to Google Drive.

Thus, if you have done the same thing and previously backed up your Google Pixel data to Google Drive then you can get them back from there.

Let’s see how you can do this:

  • Simply connect your Pixel mobile to a strong Wi-Fi network.
  • In the second step, you need to open Google Drive then tap Menu>> Trash.
  • Here, you will get all your backed up stuff, select the archives that you need to bring back >> hit the Restore.

Solution 3: How To Recover Deleted Photos On Google Pixel 3 Via Google Photos Backup?

Google photos app is another best trick that users are often using to back up their important pictures. Thus, if you’ve synced your Google Pixel photos to Google account, you can recover permanently photos from Google Photos backup directly.

However, once you erase the pictures from your device’s Gallery, those files will be directly moved to a Trash folder on Google Photos. But remember those files are kept there only for 60 days. So, you can restore them before the given period.

Steps to recover photos from Google photos:

  • Open the Google Photos
  • After that tap on 3 horizontal bars which you can see at the top left side corner.
  • Now, tap on Trash then preview & select the required photos.

google pixel data recovery broken screen

  • Finally, tap on Restore.

How to Restore App Settings from the Backup?

Step 1: Go to the Google Pixel Settings.

Step 2: Tap on Personal then tap Backup & reset

Step 3: Here, go to Content then App data.

Step 4: Turn on the Automatic restore menu.

Solution 4: Restore Deleted Photos On Google Pixel From Backup Of Google Sync

Another yet option is that you can try to restore Google Pixel data from Google sync backup. Here is how you can easily do Google Pixel data recovery broken screen.

  • On your Google Pixel phone >> go to the SettingsReset.
  • Now, you have to follow the onscreen commands in order to move on till you continue to Copy apps and data.
  • After that, tap on Next option> can’t use the old phone then tap OK under the Copy another way
  • At this time hit on a backup from cloud.
  • Lastly, sign in with a Google account with which you backed up the stuff.
  • Select the backup file >> click Restore option to retrieve data to your Pixel.

google pixel data recovery broken screen

Related FAQs:

Can You Recover Data After Factory Reset Pixel?

Yes, of course the answer is yes. You can recover data after factory reset Pixel through your Google backup. Just log in to your Google account using the same ID and password that you were used while backing up your crucial data and retrieve them from there.

Where Are My Google Pixel Photos Backed Up?

Once you backed up your pictures, you can find them either in the Google Drive or in the ‘Chrome OS Cloud Backup’ folder in Google Photos

How Do I Recover Pictures From A Broken Google Pixel?

Well, if you have created a backup of your broken Google Pixel pictures in the Google account, then you can simply log in to an account using your Google credentials and get back your pictures from there.

How Do I Start Google Pixels In Recovery Mode?

In order to start Google Pixels in recovery mode, you need to press and hold the Power and Volume Down keys together for a few seconds. Once the Android logo appears, press & hold a Power key.

Verdict Time

So, this is all about how to recover data from Google Pixel phone. All the methods mentioned here are very effective and can be applied without any tech skills.

But if you want a risk-free way then we would like to suggest you go with the reliable Google Pixel 3 Data Recovery tool. It can help you to restore deleted files from any model of Google Pixel device.

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