10 Ways To Fix ‘GroupMe Failed To Add Member’ Error [2022]

GroupMe has become one of the famous group chatting apps today. It attracts a large number of people towards itself in very less time. But along with these features, it has a few limitations too. Recently, some users have complained that they are unable to add members to GroupMe. So, today I have decided to post this article for those users who are dealing with GroupMe failed to add member to group issue.

If you are one of them who is also facing the same issue, you must read this post. Here, you’ll learn 10 different ways to fix failed to add member GroupMe or can’t add members to GroupMe issue.

So, let’s get started…

How To Solve “GroupMe Failed To Add Members” On Android?

This section contains a few helpful techniques to deal with the “failed to add members to GroupMe” issue. All the solutions range from simplest to complex so just go through all of them until your problem gets resolved.

GroupMe Failed To Add Members

Method 1: Check for Network Connectivity Issue

Many times, the network connectivity issue may stop you from adding the member to the GroupMe group. To troubleshoot failed to add member to GroupMe issue, you need to check the network connection of the device.

If you have a slow or weak internet connection, you need to immediately switch to any strong Wi-Fi connection or vice-versa.

Method 2: Restart Your Android Phone

This method might sound simple but it’s one of the effective ways to deal with different types of errors and bugs. So, before trying any time consuming method you must restart your device once by following the beneath process.

Keep pressing the Power button of your device until you get a Restart opt. After that, tap on the Restart option to reboot the device. Now, let your device to restart. Go back to the GroupMe app and again try to add the member.

Restart Your Android Device

Method 3: Clear Cache & Data of GroupMe App

Generally, clearing the cache and data of the app helps to fix various issues. Therefore, you should also try this method to fix GroupMe failed to add members on Android issue.

Here are the required steps to be followed:

  • Navigate to the phone’s Settings menu then choose Apps
  • Now, search the GroupMe app then go to Storage.
  • Afterward, tap on the Clear Data OR Clear Cache.

GroupMe Failed To Add Member To Group

  • Now, launch GroupMe app & again try to re-add the member.

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Method 4: Refresh The GroupMe App

After several attempts, if you’re still unable to add member a group then try refreshing the app page to resolve GroupMe says failed to add member on Android.

All you need to do is, open the GroupMe app & swipe the page downwards. Here, you’ll get the ‘loading circle’ symbol, tap on it. And you are done!

GroupMe Failed To Add Member To Group

After completing the process, check whether you’re able to add the member to the GroupMe group or not.

Method 5: Check If A Person Have Been Left The Group

As you know, the GroupMe app doesn’t allow the users to add a member who has previously left the particular group. But, they always get the option to re-join the group again.

Nevertheless, if you wish to add that member in the GroupMe who has left the group then you’ll get the notification notifying that adding the person in the group is not allowed.

In case, the person who has left the group wants to join the group again then they can do it by choosing the Archive option then > Group you left. After that, click on the group & hit the Rejoin option.

Method 6: Add A Member Using Group Link

You may also try to fix GroupMe failed to add member to group by sharing a group link to the user who wants to join the group again.

Here’s how to add members to the Group using Group Link:

  • Open GroupMe app on your Android phone
  • Then, tap on hamburger menu (3 horizontal lines) which is located at the top left side of the screen.

GroupMe Failed To Add Member To Group

  • After that, choose Chats & click on group.
  • Again, tap on Share Group & then make use of SMS (or any other app that you want to use) to share a group link.

GroupMe Failed To Add Member To Group

  • At last, ask the member to use a link to join the group.

Method 7: Add Member via GroupMe Website

If you failed to add members to GroupMe group then try to add them to the group through GroupMe website.

Check out the step by step guide to know how to add member to the group through the website:

  • At first, you need to sign in to the Website using the GroupMe credentials.
  • After that, choose the group where you want to add the member.
  • Now, choose group name which is located at the top and tap on ‘Members’.

Method 8: Update GroupMe App To Fix GroupMe Failed To Add Members

Well, the outdated applications can result in serious issues including GroupMe fail to add members to group. Maybe the outdated version of the GroupMe app is the exact reason behind this problem.

So, let’s update it to its latest version and solve GroupMe won’t add member by following the below steps:

  • Go to Play Store >> tap on profile icon that you can get at top right side corner.
  • Choose the My Apps & Games>> Installed
  • Find the GroupMe app, if there is any update available for this app then you’ll get Update Simply click on it.

Method 9: How To Solve GroupMe Won’t Add Members By Deleting & Reinstalling The App

In a few cases, you may find that your device works fine but there is an issue with the app itself. If you want to add members to your GroupMe group, you should try to uninstall and re-install the problem-causing app.

All you need to do is, keep pressing the app icon for a few seconds until the options appear in it. Now choose and tap on the Uninstall option. Open Google Play Store app and look for the GroupMe app. After that, hit the Install button to re-install the app.

GroupMe Failed To Add Member To Group

Once you re-installed the GroupMe app successfully on your smartphone, check if failed to add member to GroupMe is solved.

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Method 10: Perform Factory Reset To Fix “Failed To Add Member To GroupMe”

Last but not the least, if nothing works then reset your Android device. Resetting the phone will erase all the personal data and settings and bring back to your mobile to its default state. However, this method is risky but it will surely help you to fix failed to add member GroupMe issue.

Here is how you can do so:

Step 1: Access your phone’s “Settings” app

Step 2: Then, choose “General Management” among all the options.

Step 3: Next, click on “Backup & Reset” opt.

Step 4: Finally, touch “Factory Data Reset” option & then > Reset.

GroupMe Failed To Add Member To Group

[su_note note_color=”#fcf8a2″]Note: Keep a backup of all your important data including photos, videos, music, chats, etc.[/su_note]

Why Does GroupMe Failed To Add Member On Android?

Usually, GroupMe says failed to add member caused due to several reasons. But, below we have specified the root causes of this issue.

  • The person might have left the group
  • Cache and data of the app
  • Due to some technical issues
  • Outdated GroupMe app
  • Having issue in the GroupMe app itself.

How Do You Add Someone To GroupMe?

If you want to know how to add a member to the GroupMe then start following the below-given steps:

  • At first, choose your Profile Picture (Group’s Avatar), > Members > Add Members
  • Now, type the name, phone number, or email ID of that person whom you want to add in GroupMe.
  • Next, choose the user’s name in order to add him to the particular group & tap on Add member.


I hope after going through this post, you must have gained enough knowledge regarding how to fix failed to add member to GroupMe group. All the specified fixes are very effective and can be applied without any tech skills. Once try them and then try to solve GroupMe failed to add member error by yourself.

That’s all folks…!

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