HTC Desire Data Recovery: 5 Easy Ways To Restore HTC Desire Files

HTC Desire works great like other smartphone brands. It is popular due to its fast working speed and high specification features. But sometimes, it happens that you may lose photos, videos, music, chats, SMSs, contacts, call history, etc. from your HTC Desire phone. However, if you have recently lost your precious data from your HTC desire phone then read this post and learn the 5 best HTC Desire data recovery solutions.

But before knowing the solutions to retrieve HTC Desire files, let’s take a look at one of the real user’s experiences.

Practical Scenario

I have HTC desire C PL01110 with Google lock. And customer asking unlock it without data lost or possibility of data recovery. I wanna confirm that is it possible with BST Dongle…

Please I need immediate reply from responsible man…


Common Reasons For HTC Desire Data Loss

Here, we are going to highlight the common causes for HTC data deletion. Let’s have a look:

  • Data gets accidentally or mistakenly deleted
  • Due to a virus or malware attack
  • When you formatted your Android device
  • If your SD card gets corrupted or becomes inaccessible
  • Because of the Power failure.

Now, let’s know how to recover deleted photos and videos from HTC Desire mobile with a few easy methods.

Recommended HTC Desire Data Recovery Software

If you want a direct and risk-free way to recover data from HTC Desire phone then you should use HTC Desire Data Recovery Tool.

It is an expert-recommended tool that is specially designed to recover photos, audio, videos, call logs, contacts, text messages, notes, etc. from Android devices without backup.

No matter how the data gets deleted from your HTC Desire device, this software can recover the lost data from all HTC models like HTC Wildfire R70, HTC Desire 10 Pro, HTC Desire 12 plus, Desire HD, Desire XC, Desire S, HTC Desire 19+, HTC Desire 816/820, HTC Desire 620, etc.

Anyone can use this software as it doesn’t require any technical skills.

So, quickly download the HTC Desire C Data Recovery from the above-given buttons and restore deleted photos/videos from HTC Desire easily.

Here is how you can use this software.

How To Recover Data From HTC Desire Phone [With Backup]

In this section, we have provided the number of HTC desire recovery solutions.

So, just go through each of them and find which one helps you to perform HTC desire data recovery.

Solution 1: Use HTC Backup To Retrieve HTC Desire Files

Backup means a lot to every user especially when they lost their essential files on Android. Therefore, whenever you lose your precious data on Android, we always suggest you to look for the backup option.

Thus, if your HTC phone pictures get deleted then, then you can easily bring them back from HTC created backup.

Check out the below-directed instructions to recover lost and deleted data from HTC Desire backup:

  • Open your in-built Settings app on your HTC phone
  • Under Settings, you’ll get the Backup & Reset option, just tap on it.
  • Here, you have to sign in using the same account that you have used to back up your data. And then the backup history will be displayed on the screen.
  • Now, choose the desired data from the given list & simply hit on “Next“.
  • After doing so, follow out the instructions provided on the screen.
  • Finally, touch the “Restore” option, and now you can easily restore the deleted data on your HTC backup.

HTC Desire Data Recovery

Solution 2: Recover HTC Pictures From Google Photos

If the Sync option is enabled in your HTC Desire device then your pictures must have been backed-up to your Google Photos app. Thus, you can easily get back your deleted pictures from the Google photos app within 60 days.

  • Open your Google Photos application on your Android phone.
  • Now, tap on ‘Menu’ & then ‘Trash’ option.
  • Choose the required pictures or videos that you wish to restore.

HTC Desire Data Recovery

  • Finally, hit the Restore button.

Solution 3: Use HTC Sync Manager To Do HTC Desire Data Recovery

Since you’re a HTC Desire phone user, you might be well aware of the HTC Sync Manager App. It allows its user to sync & backup their data from the HTC phone to PC. So, if you’ve used this app before then it could help you get back your disappeared HTC data.

Here’s the step by step guide to recover data from the HTC phone:

  • At first, open the HTC Sync Manager on your PC & then connect your HTC phone with the PC using USB cable.
  • Now, move to Transfer & Backup.
  • Select the files that you wish to transfer from PC to your HTC phone.
  • After doing so, all the chosen files will automatically be restored to the HTC phone.

HTC Desire Data Recovery

Solution 4: Use Google Account To Restore Deleted Contacts On HTC Phone

Actually, there is no other method to recover deleted or missing contacts from HTC Desire phone. So, we have specified this method.

As long as your contacts have not been deleted for more than 30 days, you can restore deleted contacts from your Google account.

Here is how you can do so:

  • Begin with opening the Contacts app on your HTC phone
  • Afterward, tap on More & choose Settings from it.
  • Next, go down & make a tap on Undo changes.
  • At last, you need to choose a time range in order to undo the changes & touch the Undo button.

Restore contacts

Time To Sum Up

So, the list of solutions ends here!

Hopefully, the aforementioned steps may help you to fulfill the desired task. If you have backup your important using Google photos, HTC backup, HTC Sync manager then you can go with the manuals to perform HTC Desire c data recovery.

Nevertheless, you can use the HTC Desire Data Recovery Tool for instant data recovery from HTC Desire. This is one of the best recovery tools that can recover deleted files with a single click.

That’s All!

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