[13+ Fixes] Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Error On Android

No doubt, Instagram is one of the popular applications for sharing pictures and videos with friends & family. But sometimes, it happens that when we try to refresh our home page to access the recently uploaded media (photos & videos) then “Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error” appears.

Well, it is a very annoying issue, but there is nothing to worry about. In this article, you will get 13+ tried & tested solutions on how to fix couldn’t refresh feed on Instagram.

Before we dig into the fixes, let’s know- why does my Instagram says couldn’t refresh feed error.

Why Does Instagram Say Couldn’t Refresh Feed?

Finding the exact reasons for an error always helps the users to troubleshoot the issue.

So, let’s find out the major factors behind this error.

  • Poor or weak internet connection.
  • Not clearing the cache of Instagram app.
  • Having server issue.
  • Using an outdated version of Instagram.
  • Setting incorrect date & time
  • Using any third-party applications
  • Your actions might have been blocked by the Instagram

So, these are the common scenarios that can lead to deal with the couldn’t refresh feed Instagram 2021 problem.

Now, you must be worried to know how to fix Instagram couldn’t refresh feed ban. If it is so then just scroll down this page and get the best fixes to solve this error.

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How To Fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Error?

By applying the below quick fixes you can resolve the below problem easily.

Instagram Couldn't Refresh Feed

List Of Solutions:

Fix 1: Close & Re-Open the App

Re-Open the App

Whenever your Instagram app displays such kind of error messages on your Android phone, the first action you should do is to close the app & re-open it.

After re-opening the app, check if the issue has been fixed or not, if not then try further fixes.

Fix 2: Check The Internet Connection

You might know that an Instagram app needs a stable & fast network connection to run flawlessly. Sometimes, you may receive Instagram couldn’t refresh feed too many requests due to fluctuation of internet connection.

So, you need to check whether the internet connection of your device is stable or not. If it is not working properly, connect your device through a Wi-Fi network.

Fix 3: Restart Your Smartphone

Another basic trick that you can try to fix this issue is to restart your device. In order to reboot your Android, just press & hold a Power button, then tap on Restart option.

Instagram Couldn't Refresh Feed

Fix 4: Clear Cache & Data Of Instagram

Many times, you may receive such sort of error messages due to cache or unwanted files of the particular app.

Maybe cache and data are the real culprits behind couldn’t refresh feed Instagram 2021.

So, let’s remove the cache files of the Instagram app by following the below-given instructions:

  • Navigate to phone’s Settings & tap on Applications
  • Again, tap on the Instagram App
  • Finally, hit on the Clear Cache & Clear Data.

Clear Cache & Data Of Instagram

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Fix 5: Update Your Instagram App

Most of the users used to ignore the notifications related to apps update. So, if you have also done the same thing, you need to update your Instagram app immediately.

All you need to do is, open your Google Play store app & look for the Instagram app in the search box. If any latest update is available for the Instagram app then just hit the Update button.

couldn’t refresh feed error

We are suggesting this because this kind of error usually occurs due to using the older version of the app. So, you need to update your Instagram app ASAP.

Fix 6: Log Out & Sign In Again

Some users have claimed that logging out & again logging in Instagram account had truly helped them to fix Instagram couldn’t refresh feed problem. So, why don’t you try this method?

Check out the below-directed steps to know how to do so:

  • In order to sign out from Instagram app, firstly you need to click on your Instagram Profile Picture.
  • Then, move to Settings & hit on the ‘Log out’ option.
  • At this time, close the Instagram app & then again open it
  • Now, sign in back to your Instagram by simply entering the account credentials that you were using.

Couldn’t Refresh Feed Error On Android

Fix 7: Check The Phone’s Time & Date

Oftentimes, setting the incorrect date & time in a device can even result in several annoying problems including Instagram couldn’t refresh feed activity.

So, here you need to ensure that you have set the correct date & time in your device.

Here’s a process to change date & time on the Android:

Open your phone’s Settings app then go to System (General Management) & choose Date & time (set automatic).

Instagram couldn't refresh feed activity

Just set the accurate data & time there and check for the error.

Fix 8: Use Instagram On Computer Or Another Phone

If you are continuously getting Instagram couldn’t refresh feed 2021Android then you should try to open the Instagram on your PC or other devices.

This is because; it’s quite possible that your device has some issue in itself. If you’re observing that your Instagram app is running smoothly on the PC or on other devices, most probably your device has some problem.

Fix 9: Re-install Your Instagram App

Uninstalling and reinstalling the problem-causing app is another beneficial way to troubleshoot the problem. So, let try this technique once.

How To Uninstall The App

  • At first, keep pressing the Instagram app until some options appear.
  • After that tap on X & choose Uninstall or Delete option to uninstall the app.

How To Reinstall The App

  • Go to the Play Store app & look for the Instagram app.
  • After that, tap on Install option to re-install the app again.

couldn't refresh feed on Instagram app

Fix 10: Instagram Servers Issue

Many times, you may receive couldn’t refresh feed on Instagram app due to the server issues.

However, if the Instagram servers are down then it can display such kind of error messages.

In such cases, you need to check the other social media apps. If you find that temporarily servers are down then there is nothing to do, just wait for some time until the server issue is solved.

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Fix 11: Using Double Hashtags To Fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed

Several Instagram users have reported that “couldn’t refresh feed error” often appears due to using double hashtags in the comment section.

Because of using Double hashtags, your Instagram app may fail to work at times and begin to show this kind of error message.

In order to fix this issue, you need to log-in to your personal Instagram account using any browser. Here, you have to find the comments containing double hashtags & just delete them.

Fix 12: Free Up Your Device Storage

Check The Phone’s Storage

Insufficient storage space in the device is another possible reason for getting such kind of errors.

Some of the users have attempted to free up the device storage and they have fixed this issue successfully.

So, you should also try to fix this issue by freeing up your device storage. This action might help you to run your Instagram app smoothly.

Fix 13: Report This Issue To Instagram Support

After trying the above-listed methods, if the Instagram app is still throwing couldn’t refresh feed error then you should report this issue to the Instagram team.

Now, you need to wait for at least 3-4 days until the Instagram team finds the reason behind this error and fix it.

How to do so:

  • Open your Instagram app then click on the Profile icon
  • After that, tap on Settings icon which is located at a top.
  • Move down & choose Report a Problem
  • Again, tap on the Something Isn’t Working.
  • Here you have to type the issue & the Instagram will be notified.

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Final Words

This article covers the complete information on how to fix couldn’t refresh feed on Instagram.

We have shared every possible way to troubleshoot this error; hence you must try each of them.

Along with the manual solutions, I have also suggested you the best-recommended tool – The Android Repair tool. This program will definitely help you to fix this issue with a single click only.

So, I hope you might have like our post….

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