Micromax Data Recovery: Restore Photos, Videos, Contacts, & More from Micromax Phone

How to recover deleted files from Micromax mobile phones? Losing crucial photos, videos, contacts, etc. from a smartphone is really annoying situation. Thus, if you have lost any of your important stuff from your Micromax phone then use the best Micromax Data Recovery Tool. Besides, you can recover deleted data from Micromax phones using Google Photos, Google Drive, local backup, Google contacts, etc.

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Can Deleted Data Be Recovered From Micromax Canvas?

Well, the straightforward answer to this question is ‘yes.

The deleted data can be easily recovered from the Micromax Canvas device by using the Micromax Data Recovery tool.

Actually, when the photos, videos, or other media files get deleted from an Android phone, they’re not removed forever. The lost stuff still exists on your device but in a hidden manner.

But remember one thing – once your essential data get erased from your Micromax or any other brand’s phone, you should immediately stop adding new data on it.

Because adding new data will overwrite your existing ones and reduce the chances of Micromax recovery from a broken phone.

Now, let’s take a look at the major factors that can lead to Micromax data loss.

What Causes Data Deletion From Micromax Phone?

There could be numerous scenarios that can cause data loss from different models of Micromax phones. Some of the common factors are:

  1. Virus/Malware Infection: Malware & virus infection is the foremost reason that can result in data loss.
  2. Format: Formatting the Micromax phone’s SD card to solve “Format Errors” & corruption issues of the memory card.
  3. Accidental Deletion: Due to unintentional deletion of multimedia files from Micromax Canvas phone.
  4. Transfer Error: Because of interruptions such as switching off the Smartphone, power surges, or disconnecting the data cable while transferring the files from Micromax mobile to PC or laptop.
  5. Other Reasons: Hardware faults, human error, or software malfunction can also lead to file deletion.

As you have learned that what causes can lead to Micromax data loss, now, let’s know how to recover deleted photos from Micromax phones.

How To Recover Deleted Files From Micromax Mobile Phone? [Without Backup]

Micromax Data Recovery is known as the best data recovery program which can help its users to recover deleted files from Micromax phones. This software is very powerful to regain the missing media files from several smartphone brands.

With the help of this tool, you can rescue all kinds of deleted files such as – pictures, text messages, videos, contacts, call logs, WhatsApp chats, documents, notes, and other data from Android phones.

Apart from Micromax data recovery, it retrieves media files from other Android phone brands like Oppo, Asus, Sony, Vivo, Lenovo, Oneplus, Samsung, HTC, Realme, LG, etc.

So, just download & install the Micromax Canvas knight A350 data recovery tool quickly and recover deleted files from Micromax canvas.

After installing Android data recovery software for Micromax mobile you will have to follow the step-by-step guide in order to know how to recover data from dead Micromax phones.

How to Perform Micromax Data Recovery Without Software? 

In this section, I will show you how to recover deleted files from Micromax mobile phones using a backup option. The below-listed manuals will help you in both cases – if your phone’s screen is damaged or it has a dead screen.

Option #1: Recover Lost Data From Micromax Mobile Phone Via Local Backup

Recover Deleted Files From Oppo Phone Using PC

If previously you’ve saved your data on a PC as a backup, you can easily bring those files back from here. Usually, it’s recommended to keep an extra copy of your valuable file & if you’ve done this then it is easy to retrieve them on the device.

1: At first, connect your Micromax device to PC with the help of a USB cable.

2: Next, look for the lost files in your system where you’ve saved those files

3: Then, copy those items on your computer >> then paste them into your Micromax phone’s internal memory.

That’s all…

Restore deleted Micromax Files Using Google Drive

Several smartphone users used to store their crucial data on Google Drive as a backup. And it is one of the best cloud options which offer 15GB of storage to backup your files easily.

Hence, to recover deleted images, videos, SMSs, chats and more from Micromax mobile, try the below instructions:

  • Open Google Drive on your Android device or in the browser
  • Next, go to the My Drive section or Recent items.


  • Choose the files which you need to restore/download from the Google Drive
  • Now, simply tap on Download button

Recover Lost Data From Micromax Mobile Phone

All the media files will simply download to your device.

Retrieve Deleted Contacts on Micromax Phone via Gmail

Well, Gmail allows you to sync & restore contacts on your smartphone. As long as you’ve synced your phone numbers with a Google account before the deletion of the contacts, Gmail can retrieve your deleted contacts by recovering the contacts backup via Gmail.

Here you need to follow the below steps to recover contacts from Micromax phone via Google account:

  • On your PC, go to the contacts.google.com.
  • Next, click on the “Gmail” that you can see at the upper left-side corner of your page >> choose the “Contacts” from a dropdown menu.
  • After that, you can get a contact list >> click on the “More” then “Restore contacts“.

Micromax Data Recovery

  • Now, a pop-up box will seem on your phone’s screen. Then select the time & restore your deleted contact to any state.
  • Finally, click on the “Restore” button.

Get Back Missing Pictures & Videos from on Micromax Phone From Google Photos

Why don’t you look for your missing photos and videos in your Google photos app?

As you know, whenever you delete any of your photos or videos from your phone’s gallery, they’re still found in the Google photos app.

Here’s how to recover data from broken Micromax phone:

  • Open your Google Photos app on Android
  • Now make a tap on Menu then Trash option

Retrieve Deleted Pictures On Android

  • Choose the pictures and videos which you like to restore
  • Hit on the Restore option.

Recover Lost Data From Micromax Mobile Phone

Now, all your deleted photos, as well as videos, will automatically restore to their previous place.

Related FAQs:

How Can I Recover Data From My Broken Micromax Phone?

In order to recover data from broken Micromax phone/tablet, you can use the using the Android phone data recovery software mentioned above.

How Do I Restore My Canvas Tablet?

Well, you can easily restore data from your Micromax Canvas tablet through previously created backup folder.

Time To Sum Up

Now, you must have come to know how to recover deleted files from Micromax mobile phone.

All the manuals are very effective to recover deleted images from Micromax canvas 4. All you need to do is, try out the listed methods one by one and see which one helps you to do Micromax phone data recovery.

However, for instant Micromax data recovery, you can use the powerful tool mentioned above.

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