OnePlus Data Recovery: 4 Ways to Recover Data From OnePlus Phone

If you have come to this webpage then you must be wondering to figure out how to recover data from OnePlus. If this is so then you just calm down and stop worrying about it.

As in this article, I will provide you the complete guidelines on how to recover data from OnePlus mobile easily.

Let’s proceed and find out the best techniques on how to recover deleted files from OnePlus.

Can I Recover Data From Oneplus 6/5T/5/3T/3?

Yes, of course, you can recover data from Oneplus 6/5T/5/3T/3 by using the best and most powerful OnePlus data recovery software mentioned below.

Otherwise, you can try other alternative methods to perform the OnePlus data recovery broken screen like backup, recently deleted folder, and the Oneplus switch app.

How To Recover Deleted Data From Oneplus Phone With Software?

If you haven’t backup your important OnePlus data, in such a situation you are strongly suggested to use the most famous OnePlus Data Recovery tool.

I am recommending you this Oneplus deleted data recovery software because it is preferred by professionals also. OnePus recovery is such an amazing tool and it has the highest success rate of recovery.

Apart from these features, it can retrieve all kinds of deleted items such as – call logs, contacts, videos, pictures, and many more from the OnePlus phone.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using OnePlus X, OnePlus One, OnePlus 5, OnePlus 6T, OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition, or other models. It supports all the models of OnePlus or you can say all the versions of an Android.

Without spending much time, you should try Oneplus data recovery software download on your PC and begin the recovery process as faster as you can.

Follow its step-by-step guide for performing OnePlus data recovery from broken phone ease.

How To Recover Deleted Files From Oneplus Phone Without Software?

Try out the manual solutions to recover data from OnePlus 3 with broken screen.

Solution #1: Recover Data From Oneplus From Backup Option

Have you backed up your important data previously by using the Cloud backup feature? If yes, then there is a good chance for you to retrieve lost data from your OnePlus 6.

For that purpose, you have to follow the beneath instructions:

  • At first, click on Menu icon then go to the Settings.
  • Then, go to the Backup & Restore option and make a click on it.

backup and restore

  • Again, you need to click on “Restore
  • This time you’ll be asked to enter the password and registration email associated with your personal Google account.
  • Next, look for the most recent backup file and simply click on it.
  • After that, tap on Restore option
  • Here, you will get a pop-up message saying that “Restore Completed”.
  • Lastly, restart your OnePlus phone and all your deleted files will be restored.

Note: Before applying this solution, make sure that you’ve synced your mobile phone with your personal Google account. In case, you haven’t enabled the option, this method will not work for you..

Solution #2: Restore Deleted Photos In Oneplus Phone via Recently Deleted Folder

Here is another way to recover deleted photos in OnePlus. If you have recently lost your memorable pictures then you can simply retrieve them from the recently deleted folder.

Here’s how? Steps to recover deleted pictures in Oneplus:

  • On your OnePlus phone, open Gallery app
  • Now, make a click on Albums which is at bottom/top (vary different brands).
  • Next, choose the Recently Deleted Folder.
  • Again, choose the Pictures you need to restore
  • Hit Restore option

oneplus data recovery

Solution #3: Use OnePlus Switch App To Restore OnePlus Data

OnePlus provides a unique application named as OnePlus Switch App on Android devices.

This app not only allows you to retrieve the deleted but it also lets you to do OnePlus data recovery after factory reset.

But, for that purpose, you’ll have to create a backup of your essential data. Check out the below-given steps in order to create a backup and to restore your lost files from OnePlus:

  • Download and launch the OnePlus Switch App
  • Make a click on Backup & Restore option.

oneplus data recovery

  • Here, you’ll get two options Restore Backup and New Backup
  • Just choose the New Backup option as you need to back up your OnePlus data
  • After that, select all the data (pictures, videos, call logs, messages, applications)
  • Tap on Backup Now and wait till the process is completed
  • As the process is over, you will see a backup folder in an internal drive of your OnePlus phone
  • Now, just copy the same folder to your PC only if you’ve performed a factory reset it will become easier for you to restore your missing data by simply connecting your phone to your computer
  • Again, open your OnePlus Switch App and simply tap on Restore Backup option
  • Choose all the files you want to restore and hit Restore option again

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Can I Recover Recently Deleted Photos From Oneplus?

As I have discussed above, if you have lost your pictures from OnePlus then the deleted pictures can be recovered from the recently deleted folder.

Where Can I Find Deleted Photos On OnePlus One?

After the deletion takes place on OnePlus one, you will get all your missing pictures in the Recently Deleted folder. Follow the given steps to know how to recover photos from OnePlus:

  • Open your Gallery application on OnePlus.
  • Now, tap on Collections which is at the bottom.
  • Choose a Recently Deleted folder.
  • Select the pictures you need to get back on OnePlus;
  • Hit the Restore option.

How Do I Recover Deleted Files From Oneplus 6?

After losing their precious data many users think that how to recover data from OnePlus mobile, so here is your answer:

  • Open Settings app on your phone
  • Then, search Backup & Restore option and tap on it
  • As you will hit the Restore option, you’ll be asked to enter your Google account detail
  • Here you need to enter the password and email-id which you have used to back up the OnePlus 6 mobile phone.

Can I Retrieve Data From A Broken OnePlus 3T?

Well, now it’s become quite easier for the users to retrieve deleted data from OnePlus. With the help of the perfect data recovery software - OnePlus Data Recovery Tool one can easily to perform OnePlus data recovery without USB debugging with ease. So, the answer to this question is yes, you can get back your missing OnePlus Data.


Hopefully, the above-listed Oneplus 6 broken screen data recovery solutions may help you out to recover data from OnePlus 3 with broken screen.

But, they will be useful to you only in one case if you’ve created a backup of your important files before on your OnePlus phone.

However, in absence of backup, you can go with the reliable OnePlus Data Recovery Tool. This software has so many features and can work in any data loss situation.

Good Luck!

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