Oppo Data Recovery: 6 Ways To Recover Deleted Files From Oppo Phone (2022)

Read this article carefully & learn the effective Oppo data recovery solutions on how to recover deleted files from Oppo phone?

Nowadays, various people preferred to buy the Oppo phone because of its great features and qualities. Therefore, if you have also purchased an Oppo phone and lost your important files from it somehow then you are welcome to this article.

Well, after losing your precious media files on Oppo, you must be trying hard to figure out how to recover deleted data from Oppo phone. Well, if it is so, you just don’t need to worry about it.

In this article, I am going to show you how to recover deleted files from Oppo phone by using both manuals as well as automatic ways.

How To Recover Deleted Data From Oppo Phone Using Oppo Data Recovery Tool? 

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To know how to use this software, please refer to its user guide.

How To Recover Deleted Files From Oppo Phone? (Manual Ways)

Let’s find out the alternative ways on how to recover deleted data from Oppo phone.

Way #1: Recover Deleted Oppo Phone Data From Recently Deleted Folder

When you deleted media files from your Oppo phone, they are not permanently deleted from your phone but move to a recently deleted folder. It is a folder that stores all the deleted photos and videos.

After losing your important files from Oppo, the first place you should look for your missing files is, in the recently deleted folder.

You’ll have to follow the below-directed steps to know how to recover permanently deleted photos from Oppo phone:

  • Firstly, open your Gallery app and simply tap on “Albums“.

Recover A Deleted Tiktok

  • Then, scroll down and click on “Recently deleted“.
  • Here, you need to select the photos and videos which you like to recover.
  • Tap on “Restore” in order to restore your deleted.

Recover A Deleted Tiktok

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Way #2: Recover Deleted Files From Oppo Phone Via Local Backup

As I told you before, you’ll need a backup of the missing files to do Oppo data recovery. In this method, you have to make use of the backup option to know how to recover deleted files from Oppo phone without computer.

Here is the step by step guide on how to recover deleted data from Oppo phone:

  • Open Settings app on your oppo phone
  • Then, go to Additional Settings and then on Backup & reset option

Recover A Deleted Tiktok

  • Now, head to the Local backup, or you can choose Tools & then Backup and restore option.

backup and restore

  • Here, you’ll get all the deleted files you’ve lost from your oppo phone.
  • Before beginning the restoration process, you have to choose the specific files such as – photos, contacts, messages whatever you want to restore
  • Now, click on Restore option

During the restoration process, you’ve to remember two things listed below:

  • Do not turn off or restart your oppo phone
  • After restoring the data, remove the backups from your phone which are no longer required

Way #3: How To Recover Deleted Files From Oppo Phone Using PC?

Recover Deleted Files From Oppo Phone Using PC

If you’re habituated of saving your data on your PC on regular basis then you can recover your lost files by connecting your Oppo phone to a PC.

Even though it will be helpful to you if you’ve saved your essential data on your memory card or hard drive (removable). You just have to copy those files from there to your Oppo phone.

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Way #4: Get Back Lost Pictures On OPPO Phone With The Google Photos

As you know, Google Photos is a cloud-based service that allows you to store unlimited pictures and videos in it.

Therefore, if you have to use the Google Photos app to back up the photos as well as videos, then you can retrieve your deleted photos by using Google photos.

Know how to restore deleted photos on Oppo or how to recover deleted audio recording from Oppo phone:

  • At first, open your Google Photos
  • Then, click on the Menu icon on the top left side.
  • Choose the Trash or Bin option.

Retrieve Lost Data

  • Here, you’ll get your deleted photos which you need to restore on your OPPO phone.

Way #5: Retrieve Lost Data Using Oppo Cloud

If you are using the Oppo mobile phone, you must be aware of the cloud feature provided by the Oppo to its users. Well, it’s quite similar to google drive as it also back up your pictures, videos & other stuff automatically.

Therefore, if you’ve enabled your cloud feature on your OPPO F1S or A37, then you can use this option to get back your lost oppo files.

In order to know how to restore permanently deleted videos in OPPO cloud, you have to follow the steps as directed below:

  • At first, open your OPPO Cloud

Retrieve Lost Data

  • After that, sign in with the registered ID.

Retrieve Lost Data

  • Here, you need to check whether the lost data are available or not
  • If they’re there, you can download your backup files to your device.

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How Can I Recover Deleted Files From Oppo Mobile Without Computer?

Well, there are different ways using which you will be able to recover your lost files from Oppo phones without a computer. But, you can make use of these methods only in one condition, if the backup is available.

If you have a backup then you can easily restore missing files on your Oppo phone from Google photos or Google drive. However, some additional options are also available to perform Oppo data recovery.

If you have saved the backup of your important data on your PC, SD card, or any other external memory, then you can easily retrieve your lost files.

Bonus Tips: How To Avoid Further Data Loss

Learn some of the important tips to prevent your essential data from deletion.

  • Turn off your mobile data or the Wi-fi connections immediately after losing your precious Android files.
  • After the deletion of data, stop using your Android device immediately. Accessing the phone can replace your existing data with the new one.
  • In order to get back the missing files, make use of any third-party Apps.

FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

Can You Retrieve Deleted Messages From Oppo Phone?

Yes, you can recover your missing messages from Oppo phone with the help of the most powerful Oppo data recovery tool. This software is known as the perfect data recovery program.
In fact, you can retrieve all types of data such as pictures, text messages, call history, videos, and many more from Oppo phone by using Oppo picture recovery software.

How Do I Backup And Restore Oppo Phone?

Follow the below-given step by step guide to know how to backup & restore your important files on Oppo phone:

  • Open your Settings app and go to Additional Setting
  • Then, choose the Local backup option and simply tap on the Latest backup
  • Again, choose the data which you wish to restore
  • Now, hit the restore option & then tap done.

Does Oppo Have Recently Deleted?

Yes, you will get recently deleted folder on Oppo phones where your deleted photos get stored. Check out the below-given steps:

  • Go to the photos and then Albums
  • Then, scroll down & click Recently Deleted.

Bottom Line

I just want to conclude that I have tried my level best to make you aware of how to recover deleted files from Oppo phone. Thus, I’ve listed some of the feasible techniques which will surely help you to do Oppo data recovery.

However, if you’re expecting 100% result and instant recovery then you should make use of this convenient Oppo phone data recovery tool.

Don’t forget to check out the important tips; they will help you to avoid any kind of data loss in the future.

Therefore, if you find this post helpful in any way or you enjoyed reading this article, please let us know just in the below comment section.

That’s all!!

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