7 Tested Ways To Fix Pandora Error Code 3005 Android [Solved]

Pandora is the popular music-streaming application which is used in Android, PC, and iOS devices. It has numerous exceptional features but still, many users are reporting about Pandora keeps crashing/stopping or Pandora error code 3005 Android phone. If you are one of them then this article will definitely be going to be helpful for you.

This post contains 7 tried & tested methods to fix Pandora Radio error code 3005. But before moving ahead, let’s know first- What causes Pandora error 3005.

If you want an instant method to fix Pandora error code: 3005, then it is strongly suggested to immediately try Android Repair Tool.

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Why Does Pandora Error Code 3005 Occur?

Well, you couldn’t blame a single reason for this error because there are several unknown causes that can trigger this issue.

In the below, we are going to share some common causes of Pandora error 3005. Let’s have a look –

  • Cache & data of the Pandora app
  • Using the outdated version of the app
  • Slow/weak Internet connection
  • Having issues with the Pandora app itself
  • Due to geolocation restrictions.

Now, let’s it’s time to troubleshoot Pandora error code 3005 on Android by applying the fixes mentioned in the next section.

How To Fix Pandora Error Code 3005 On Android Phone?

Workaround #1: Check Internet Connection

Just like any other app, Pandora also needs a strong internet connection to run flawlessly. Therefore, if you’ve a slow or unstable network connection then possibly you may receive such kinds of errors like – Pandora radio app not loading.

In such a situation, if you are using mobile data then immediately switch to any strong Wi-Fi connection or do vice-versa.

Workaround #2: Restart Your Android Phone

Many smartphone users have conveyed that rebooting the phone had truly helped them to deal with minor as well as major issues sometimes.

So, before moving towards any complicated fixes, you should also attempt to restart your device once. Restarting the device can solve a lot of Android system-related errors and bugs in no time. You can do so by simply pressing on Power button of your device then tapping on Restart Option.

Pandora Error Code 3005 Android

Workaround #3: Install Latest Version Of Pandora App

Oftentimes, using the older version of the app can cause a lot of issues on your phone including Pandora error code 3005 Android.

Not only Pandora error 3005 but you’ll face several kinds of such issues on your phone until and unless you update the latest version of the app.

If a new update is released, and you haven’t installed it yet then it’s possible to experience this error. In order to fix this error code, you need to update the app.

All you have to do is, go to your Play Store app and look for the Pandora app in the search box. After doing so, if any Update option is available besides the app then simply tap on it.

And that’s it!  Now the latest version of the app will be installed soon.

Workaround #4: Clear Cache Files Of Pandora App

Another method you can try to fix Pandora Radio error code 3005 is – Clearing the cache or data of the App.

Though, if this issue occurs due to the cache files then it will be fixed itself.

Follow these easy steps to clear the cache of the app:

  • Navigate to your phone’s Settings app
  • Then choose Apps/App Manager

Pandora Error Code 3005 Android

  • Now tap on the Pandora app & choose Storage
  • At last, clear the cache by tapping on Clear Cache or Clear Data option.

If this solution won’t help you then try the next one.

Workaround #5: Turn Off The High-Quality Audio

In order to fix this problem, you can also turn off or disable the high-quality audio in Android. For this, you need to follow the below easy steps:

  • At first, open a Pandora app on your phone.
  • Tap on a Profile>> select the Settings
  • In the third step, click on the Audio quality and download
  • Now, uncheck the box “higher quality audio”.

Once you’ve turned off a high-quality audio, then run a Pandora music app on your Android and see if the error has vanished or not.

Workaround #6: Use A VPN To Fix Pandora Error Code 3005 Android

Sometimes, it may happen that because of some geo-location restrictions the preferred app refuses to work properly or throws different errors. Maybe this is the reason behind the occurrence of Pandora error 3005 on mobile. Possibly your Pandora app isn’t supported or compatible in your location.

So, in such a situation, you can use a VPN to change your server location. After doing so, open your Pandora app and check for the error.

There are several VPN apps available like Express VPN, NodeVPN, etc.

Workaround #7: Re-install Your Pandora App

If none of the above solutions helped to fix Pandora error code 3005 Android then try uninstalling & reinstalling the Pandora App.

Doing this may help you to fix this error.

How To Uninstall The Pandora App:

  • Access your Settings app on your Android phone
  • Then, move down and choose Apps > App Manager
  • Here you’ll see the list of all installed apps. Find the Pandora app and click on it.
  • Finally, hit the Uninstall option and tap OK to confirm.

Pandora Error Code 3005 Android

How To Re-install The Pandora App

  • Visit your Google Play Store App on your phone
  • Then, look for the Pandora app in the search box & tap on it
  • Now, simply hit the Install button to re-install the app.
  • After installing the Pandora app, just restart your Android phone and check whether the error has been solved or not.

Best Way: Fix Android App Related Errors & Issues

Whenever you encounter any app-related error or bugs on your Android device, immediately try the most reliable and trustworthy Android Repair Tool.

It is a professionally recommended utility that is specially designed to fix various kinds of errors or bugs such as – moisture detected errors, Android Bluetooth issues, Gallery has stopped, apps keep crashing, and several others.

Moreover, you don’t require any technical knowledge to run this tool. It is compatible with almost all Android brands such as – Samsung, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola, and many more.

So, without any worry download and install this software on your PC. After installing this software follow its step-by-step guide and get rid of this frustrating error as quickly as possible.

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Time To Wrap Up

I just hope, the above-listed methods are enough to troubleshoot Pandora error code 3005 Android.

I have gathered 7 different workarounds to fix Pandora error 3005 on Android. You must try all the techniques; one of them will surely help you to fix the Pandora radio app not loading.

I hope you found this article useful.

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