How To Recover Data From Broken Oppo Phone [5 Best Ways]

How to recover data from broken Oppo phone? Just check out this post and learn the 5 best OPPO broken phone data recovery solutions.

Nowadays, Oppo is the most popular smartphone brand that grabs the market due to its good camera quality, spectacular display, high-end designs, incredible features, and many more.

But while handling such a smartphone, it’s very common to delete or lose the valuable stuff saved within the Oppo phone.

Thus, if you are the one who has lost your important pictures, videos, contacts, chats, notes, or any other documents from your Oppo phone then keep on reading this post.

Can I Recover Data From A Broken Oppo Phone?

The answer to this question completely depends upon the situation of your broken device.

Generally, when your smartphone screen breaks, then it is impossible to access the data saved within it.

Hence, there’s always a risk to recover data from broken phones.

Therefore, how to get data from broken Oppo phones is a serious problem for several users.

So, if you’ve ever created a backup of your Oppo phone data via a Google account, they could be recovered to the device easily. In the absence of a backup, you can go for the best Oppo data recovery tool.

How To Recover Data From Broken Oppo Phone [Recommended Way]

One of the best ways to recover data from a broken Oppo phone is Oppo Data Recovery Tool. No matter whether your device’s screen is smashed, broken, or cracked, this influential recovery program has the aptitude to recover files from broken Oppo phones.

Besides Oppo phone recovery, it has the ability to retrieve almost all sorts of media files like contacts, videos, pictures, call logs, notes, documents, messages, audio files, etc from different smartphone brands.

It supports media recovery from Vivo, Samsung, Motorola, Micromax, Nokia, Realme, Redmi, and many more

So, just download and install this broken OPPO phone data recovery on your PC. Then follow the User Guide for how to recover data from broken Oppo phones using this tool.

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How To Recover Files From Broken Oppo Phone Through Oppo Cloud Backup?

Almost all the Oppo phone models are coming with the advanced & in-built feature known as Oppo Cloud. It allows users to take a backup of the mobile stuff in a given time period.

Thus, if you are an Oppo phone user and have previously enabled this feature then you can easily recover data from broken Oppo phone via this Cloud backup.

Follow the below easy steps to perform Oppo broken screen data recovery via Oppo cloud backup.

Step 1: Sync/Backup Your Oppo Phone Data to The OPPO Cloud

Navigate to the section “OPPO Cloud Backup” in a “Settings” of your OPPO device. Here, you will get 2 options one is “OPPO Cloud Backup” & another is “Backup Now“. You have to turn ON a feature “OPPO Cloud Backup” to automatically backup all the data of your mobile regularly to OPPO cloud >> click “Backup Now“.

Recover Data From Broken Oppo Phone

Step 2: Get Back Files From An OPPO Cloud

For restoring broken Oppo phone data from OPPO cloud backup is a really simple task. On your smartphone, setup your recent account which you’ve linked to your OPPO cloud. Now, this will right now give you the Restore option to bring your backed-up files.

How To Recover Data From A Broken Oppo Phone Via Google Drive?

Another popular backup feature that is probably used by smartphone users is Google Drive. Yes, it is yet another cloud backup app to create a backup of your essential mobile data.

Thereby, if you have previously uploaded your crucial media files to Google Drive then you can recover data from damaged Oppo phone using Google drive.

Here is how to recover data from Google Drive:

  • On your Oppo phone, go to a Google Drive application.
  • Sign into the Google account that you used to upload files to Google Drive using your Gmail-account credentials.
  • Once you’ve logged in successfully, you can see all your backed-up media files.
  • Select the items that you need to get back & tap on Download option.


Now, all the data will be restored to your device successfully.

How To Restore Data From Broken Oppo Phone Using USB Cable

You can even use the USB cable to restore data from broken Oppo phone.

  • Simply connect your Oppo mobile to a PC using the USB cable.
  • Now, wait for an installation of a drive >> open the My Computer.
  • Choose the files that you need to bring back & copy those files to a device’s storage.

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Perform Broken OPPO Phone Data Recovery Using The SD Card

Nowadays, most smartphones are coming with a huge storage capacity (RAM) to store data. But still, there’re some users who used to save their vital data on SD cards as well to keep them safe.

Therefore, if you’re one of them who’ve done the same thing then you can recover data from broken Oppo phone successfully.

Here is how to do so:

  • Take out your SD card from a broken phone. Then insert it in to another phone.
  • Next, on your device, open the File Manager>> go to an SD card.
  • At this time, choose all the files that you need to restore then tap Copy option.
  • Then, go to an Internal Storage.
  • Click on the Paste or Copy Here.

Recover Data From Broken Oppo Phone

Related FAQs:

How Can I Recover My OPPO Photos Without Computer?

Yes, you can recover your Oppo photos without a computer via Oppo Cloud backup. If you have previously enabled your Oppo cloud feature to create a backup then you can easily get your deleted or lost pictures back successfully.

How Can I Access My Oppo Phone With A Broken Screen?

You can access your Oppo phone data with a broken screen by using the most reliable and trustworthy broken OPPO phone data recovery software.

How Do I Retrieve Data From A Dead Oppo Phone?

In order to recover data from dead Oppo phone, you can use your Google Drive backup option. Yes, if you have a habit to create a backup of your mobile data regularly, you can perform dead Oppo phone data recovery easily.

Final Thoughts

In this webpage, I have specified 5 solutions on how to recover data from broken Oppo phones.

Therefore, pick the best way to recover data from Oppo phone screen broken.

However, if you want a 100% recovery of OPPO broken phone data recovery, then you should go for Oppo Phone Data Recovery Tool.

I hope, you liked this post.

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