5 Ways To Recover Photos/Contacts/Videos/SMSs From Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Is your important data like pictures, videos, contacts, SMSs, etc. get deleted on your Samsung Galaxy A53 phone? Want to know how to recover data from Samsung Galaxy A53 5G phone? If so, then keep on reading this post and learn the 5 best ways to recover photos on Samsung Galaxy A53 5G successfully.

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So, let’s get started…

Is It Possible To Retrieve Deleted Files From Samsung Galaxy A53 5G?

Yes, it is definitely possible to recover photos, videos, music, and other media files from Samsung Galaxy A53 phone.

Generally, whenever any data gets deleted from the phone, they’re not wiped forever. Those files still existed in the device but in a hidden manner, only the place marked as blank. In such a situation, you’ve a good chance to bring back the files until and unless the new data overwrites them.

But remember that, for successful Samsung Galaxy A53 data recovery, you should discontinue using your Samsung phone.

After that, you can go for any powerful recovery tool like the Samsung Data Recovery tool to recover photos & videos on Samsung galaxy A53 mobile.

Causes: How Does Samsung A50/A51/A53 Phone Data Get Deleted?

There could be several causes that can lead to data loss from any Samsung phone model. A few of the major ones are listed here:

  1. Accidentally deleting files
  2. Sudden power off while transferring the files
  3. Malware or virus attack
  4. Water damage/physical damage to a phone
  5. Formatting a Samsung device without making a backup
  6. While upgrading/downgrading OS

Consequently, these are the common factors for data loss from Samsung Galaxy devices.

Now, let’s know how to recover data from Samsung Galaxy A50/A51 phones.

How To Recover Data From Samsung Galaxy A53 Phone?

Let’s check out how to recover data from Samsung Galaxy A53 5G phone with backup options first.

Way 1: Get Back Files From Samsung Galaxy A51/A53 Via Samsung Cloud

The very first method that I would like to recommend to you is Samsung Cloud. Yes, Samsung Cloud is the primary backup option that is preferred by every Samsung user.

Therefore, if you’ve backed up your lost Samsung phone files previously, follow the below steps:

  • On your Samsung device, go to the
  • Choose Cloud & Accounts or Samsung Cloud (Steps may vary according to different Samsung models)

recover data from Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

  • Next, select Backup & Restore
  • There, you’ve to choose the Restore data
  • Select the files that you need to restore >> click on Restore.

Way 2: Restore Lost Pictures/Contacts/SMSs/Videos From Samsung Kies

Well, Samsung Kies is another option that was launched by Samsung for its users to sync all sorts of stuffs on your Samsung device as a backup.

Henceforth, if you’ve chosen the Samsung Kies to create a backup then follow the step-by-step guide & recover deleted data from Samsung galaxy A51/A53 5G.

Way 3: How To Recover Videos From Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Phone Using Google Drive?

Google Drive is the best cloud backup option for each and every smartphone user to back up the essential contents of the device. Hence, this cloud storage is also used to sync or upload media files up to 15GB to it.

However, if you’ve previously uploaded your files to Google drive & want to recover videos, photos, SMSs, etc. from Samsung Galaxy A51/A53 5G, follow these steps:

  • On your Samsung, launch Google Drive >> click on My Drive section.
  • In the second step, you’ll see all your synced/uploaded pictures, videos, notes, etc.
  • Select the desired files & tap on the Download option.

recover data from Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Way 4: How To Recover Photos From Samsung Galaxy A50/A51/A53 Phone Through Smart Switch

Though Samsung Smart Switch is a built-in utility on every Samsung device to make a backup of valuable data.

Therefore, if you have created a backup of your vital stuff via the Smart Switch service follow the below steps.

Way 5: Use Advanced Too To Recover Data From Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

If none of the above manuals helped you to recover data from Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, then you are strongly recommended to try Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery. It is a professional tool that helps to get back deleted data from Samsung Galaxy S22 or other models without backup.

This professional program has the ability to retrieve almost all sorts of media files like contacts, pictures, call history, videos, text messagesaudioWhatsApp messages, notes, and other documents from Android as well as Samsung phones.

Regardless of the reasons behind the data loss, this software works amazingly to regain the lost files back.

The best part about this software is that- it can be operated even without having any technical skills.

So, just Download Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery & recover lost data from Galaxy A51/A53 easily.

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Here is the User-Guide how this software works.

Time To Verdict

So, this is all about how to recover photos on Samsung galaxy A53 5G phone with or without backup. Simply apply the methods mentioned here according to your niche.

For instant Samsung Galaxy A53 data recovery, you must try the Samsung Phone Data Recovery tool.

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