[100% Working] How To Recover Deleted Photos From Android Phone?

Oftentimes, it happens that while you’re attempting to clear out the constant accumulating clutter on your Android phone, you accidentally end up your memorable photos by clicking on the delete all option. And after that, our reaction is…..oh no….I didn’t mean to remove them all. If this same thing happens to you also, just relax! & stop worrying about it. This article will completely guide you on how to recover permanently deleted photos from Android.

Just continue reading this post and learn the perfect solutions on how to recover deleted photos from Gallery on Android.

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Before knowing the quick and effective ways to recover deleted photos on Android, just have a look at some of the common scenarios of photo deletion.

Why Did My Pictures Disappear From My Android?

Do you know – Why your Pictures get deleted on Android? No……?

Just wait a few moments, I’m showing you the root causes of data deletion such as photos videos, and others:

  • Accidental or unintentional deletion
  • Virus/malware infection
  • Not having sufficient storage space
  • Physical damage of the phone
  • ROM flashing
  • Mishandling of the device
  • Performing factory reset.

As you have come to know the major factors behind photo deletion from Android, let’s proceed to know how to retrieve deleted photos on Samsung.

How To Recover Deleted Photos From Android Phone?

Now, I’m going to show you few options which will help you to recover deleted photos on Android. They are ranging from the simplest solutions to an advanced one.

So, let’s try them one by one to know how to recover deleted photos from gallery Android:

Solution #1: Recover Deleted Pictures On Android Via Local Backup?

These days, Android phones and tablets are coming with an in-built feature of local backup using which you can store all your data safely.

Therefore, if you’ve used the local backup feature in order to back up your important files then it’ll become easier for you to recover deleted photos Android internal storage.

Know how to restore deleted files from your local backup on Android mobile phones:

Step 1: At first, open Settings app on your Android phone.

Step 2: After that, tap on “Backup & Reset” & then on the “Backup Service

Recover Deleted Pictures On Android

Step 3: Again, click on the “Backup & Restore” > then on “Restore from Backup

Step 4: Next, choose your latest backup file & then hit “Restore

For Other Android Brands:

On the Xiaomi mobile phones:

  • Go to the Settings & then click on Additional Settings > Backup & reset

On The Samsung smartphones:

  • Go to the Settings and click on Cloud & Accounts then on Backup & restore

Solution #2: Retrieve Deleted Pictures On Android From A Google Photos

As you know, Google Photos is one of the famous photo sharing & storage applications developed by Google. This app will back up all the images safely in it which you’ve kept on your smartphone to a cloud & can restore them if needed.

Google photos app can automatically remove the backed-up pictures also. It usually happens to those users who aren’t familiar with the feature. Don’t fear, the process of recovering the photos from Google Photos is very simple.

Steps to know how to recover deleted picture from Android:

Step 1: Open your Google Photos application on Android.

Step 2: After that, tap on more (three dots) & choose the trash option.

Step 3: Select the pictures from the list which you need to restore

Step 4: Hit restore to retrieve the selected images.

Retrieve Deleted Pictures On Android

Solution #3: How To Retrieve Lost Android Photos Via Dropbox

If the above solutions won’t help you to retrieve your missing pictures then you can use the other cloud services like Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive,

Therefore, if you are using the dropbox cloud service to back up your important files and have activated the feature – automatic photo backup before losing your precious photos then you will able to recover them using the dropbox option.

Firstly, sign in to the Dropbox account & look for the photos you needed. If you find those photos which were precious deleted from Android, you may restore them by downloading those pictures on your phone and can move them back to the Android device.

You may also check those Deleted images on your left side menu to find out the deleted photos which have been erased from your Dropbox.

Retrieve Lost Android Photos


Important note: All the deleted photos are available on dropbox for 30 days only after the deletion.

Solution #4: How to Recover Deleted Photos From Android Via Microsoft Onedrive

Microsoft Onedrive also provides a cloud service. It provides an automatic backup as well as a delete feature.

By using this cloud service you can free up your internal memory via uploading the pictures to a cloud & removing the images from your device.  You can use any device to recover all the pictures which you’ve uploaded to the Onedrive.

Here are the steps to recover deleted photos from Android:

Step 1: In the first step, open your OneDrive app on a phone.

Step 2: From the menu at the bottom, select Photos/pictures.


Retrieve Lost Android Photos

Step 3: Here, you need to choose the photos which you wish to restore.

Step 4: Lastly, tap on More (three dots) & hit on Save.

Solution #5: Get Back Missing Android photos From Google Drive

You must be familiar with the Google Drive which helps you to stores all kinds of data. Google Drive allows to stores data up to 15GB & if you face any data loss situation, then you can easily recover deleted photos from Android using Google Drive.

You need to follow the given steps as directed below:

  • On your Android phone, open Google Drive
  • Sign in to your Google account; you use to back up your photos.
  • Here, you’ll get all your deleted photos.
  • Now, choose the images which you need to restore
  • Then, click on download.

Retrieve Lost Android Photos


Solution #6: Recover Lost Android Pictures By Taking Help From Google Support

Some users need to retrieve their deleted photos after 60 days & at that time, it becomes difficult for them to restore the images.

In such a situation, you may take the help of a Google Support team. You should try to contact the Google Support team & request them to bring back your lost photos by giving them any genuine reason.

In case, the request is genuine, your missing pictures will automatically restore from your Google Photos.

Know what you need to do:

  • At first, go to the Google Drive Help page and choose the option “deleted or missing files
  • After selecting the option, you’ll get the popup box having two options: the 1st one is “request chat” & the other is “email support”.
  • You can choose any of them according to your need & give them the reason. If they find the reason is genuine and true, you will get back your disappeared Android pictures easily.

After trying the above-discussed methods, if still, you aren’t able to recover deleted photos on Android then it’s time to try out the one and last option – Android data recovery tool.

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Photos From Android? (Without Backup)

The Android data recovery is known as the best data recovery software as it is specially designed to recover deleted photos on Android devices.

I am recommending you to use this tool because it has the highest success rate of recovery. It is very easy to use & has a user-friendly interface.

This software is very powerful as it can recover lost images whether it’s from SD Card or from your phone’s internal memory. Apart from these features, this recovery tool can retrieve deleted pictures on Android without any backup.

This Android photo recovery program supports all brands of Android smartphones such as Xiaomi, Samsung, LG, Oppo, HTC, Vivo, Micromax, Karbonn, Sony, iBall, Huawei, Asus, ZTE, Acer, and many others.

So, without any delay just download & install this Android data recovery program as quickly as you can and easily recover deleted photos on Android.

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You may also download this program free trial in order to assess the performance & preview your deleted photos.

Here is the step-by-step guide of this tool to know how to recover deleted photos from an Android phone.

Important Tips To Avoid Photo Deletion In Future

These are some of the essential tips which will help you to prevent any further photo deletion scenarios:

  1. After the photo deletion, you should immediately stop using your Android phone. This is because; there is a possibility that the existing data including photos may be overwritten by the new data.
  2. Ensure that you have enabled your backup feature on Android to avoid such photo deletion
  3. Turn off your mobile data, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, hotspot & all the data connections to avoid the downloading of any other data to the Android smartphone
  4. If you’re realizing that the images are disappearing from your gallery app then you may need to clean up the storage space of the device.
  5. Make use of the powerful Android Data Recovery Tool whenever you encounter such kind of data loss.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Where Do Deleted Pictures Go On Android?” answer-0=”Whenever your valuable photos get deleted from Android device, you need to access your Google Photos app & simply go to the albums and then scroll towards the bottom & click on the Recently Deleted. In this photo folder, you’ll get all the missing photos that you’ve deleted for the last 30 days. In case, they are more than 30 days, those pictures will permanently delete from there. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Can Permanently Deleted Files Be Recovered?” answer-1=”Fortunately YES, you can get back your permanently deleted data on Android phone. But you must be thinking……how? Let me explain to you the whole scenario, what exactly happens when you remove your disliked pictures from your Android device, they are not permanently deleted but only gets disappeared from your photo gallery. It simply means that your memorable pictures still exist on your phone or tablet but in a hidden way. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Are deleted photos really deleted?” answer-2=”Well, the answer is NO. The deleted photos are remaining there in your device until & unless they aren’t overwritten by the new files. However, those deleted pictures can be easily recovered by using the Android data recovery software mentioned above in this article. ” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]

Time To Sum Up

In this article, we have listed the 7 most important techniques to recover deleted photos on Android. Nevertheless, all these methods will prove helpful to you only if have saved backup using any cloud services.

Hence, it’s always advised you to create a backup of each and every piece of data including pictures to avoid such photo loss scenarios.

However, in the absence of backup, it is strongly recommended to you to use the most amazing and powerful Android Data Recovery program.

This tool will provide you a quick & assured way on how to recover deleted photos from Android gallery.

That’s All!

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