How To Retrieve Deleted Photos On Samsung Phone [Updated 2022]

Want to know how to retrieve deleted photos on Samsung phone? If ‘yes’ then read this article…

Today, people are using their smartphones to store, click and share images or recorded videos. In a whole day, if they find something exciting or fascinating, they just capture them in their Samsung phone as a memorable moment.

Though, sometimes these memorable pictures get deleted from their phone intentionally or unintentionally. In such a typical situation, you’ll need some easy and effective ways to recover deleted photos from Samsung tablets.

Therefore, in order to avoid this kind of scenario, I have discussed 7 best practices on how to retrieve deleted photos on Samsung S10.

Let’s begin …..

Why Have My Photos Disappeared From My Samsung?

Despite of having such great features on Samsung Galaxy still, the data couldn’t be protected at any cost. Unfortunately, they get deleted because of your causal mistakes. Your data will be at higher risk when you stored them in your SD card.

Several users prefer external cards to store their valuable data in order to get extra storage space yet their data is not safe.

Thus, before knowing different ways to retrieve missing pictures on Samsung, you should know the common scenarios of data loss.

  1. Physical damage to the phone: water damage or dropped from a height.
  2. Accidental deletion: Pressing the wrong buttons mistakenly.
  3. Mishandling: Not keeping the phone safely.
  4. Cache clearing: Not clearing the cache or junk files from the phone.
  5. Device Formatting: While formatting the phone.
  6. Virus attack: Due to virus or malware attack.

Now, let’s know the best ways for finding deleted photos on Samsung phones.

How To Retrieve Deleted Photos On Samsung Phone [Manually]

Try these solutions on how to recover permanently deleted photos from Samsung S9 with ease.

Method #1: How To Retrieve Deleted Photos From Samsung Via Recently Deleted Folder

While watching videos or viewing pictures, if you’ve mistakenly pressed DELETE option, those missing files were simply moved to your recently deleted folder or bin option.

Therefore, you can easily restore Samsung missing photos from the recently deleted folder.

These are the required steps that you need to follow to get back recently deleted photos Samsung:

  • At first, go to the Album >> Recently Deleted option

Recently Deleted

  • Then, just choose the files, you like to retrieve.
  • Now, simply tap on the “Restore” option in order to get back the lost data in the new location.
  • The whole process will work only if you’ve enabled the “Back up & sync Option” on your device.

Please note: Those deleted files will stay in the recently deleted folder only for 30 days. If you are not able to retrieve them there within this time period, those photos will permanently be deleted from there also.

Method #2: Restore Deleted Pictures On Samsung Through Samsung Cloud

These days, smartphones are coming with their own cloud features using which users will be able to store their valuable data. After enabling the Samsung cloud feature, all your essential data will automatically be backed up to your cloud storage.

All you need to do is just enable the provided cloud option in order to save your data so that you can restore them from there if needed.

Samsung Cloud allows data storage up to 15GB. With the help of this useful feature, you can correctly manage the saved data on the cloud. You need to follow the below-given steps to know how to recover deleted photos on a Samsung phone:

  • On your Samsung phone, open the Setting app >> clouds & accounts
  • Choose Samsung Cloud option << Gallery << Trash
  • Now, just select all the deleted photos you wish to restore
  • Tap on Restore

Samsung Cloud

If this solution won’t help you to solve how to retrieve deleted photos on Samsung S7 without computer, try the next one.

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Method #3: How To Recover Samsung Deleted Photos From Google Photos

Whenever your pictures get erased from your Samsung phone, firstly you need to check the Google photos application.

In order to know how to get deleted pictures back on Samsung phones using Google photos, you will have to execute the given instructions:

  • Open your Google Photos app on your Samsung phone
  • After that, choose the images which you wish to restore

Samsung Cloud

  • Now, just tap on Menu (three horizontal lines)<< Save to device
  • Lastly, simply hit on the Restore option.


After finishing the step-by-step process, you should check whether the deleted photos have been restored to your gallery app or not.

NoteThe deleted photos will remain in the Google photo app for 60 days only. If they are not recovered from the trash within this time period, they will automatically remove from there.

Method #4: How to Recover Deleted Photos on Samsung Phone Via Dropbox

When you added something new to your Samsung phone gallery all the cloud services including dropbox keeps the backup of those data in its server.

Therefore, if you want to know how to retrieve deleted photos on a Samsung phone then you can easily restore them from dropbox anytime.

You need to follow few easy steps to recover the missing images on Samsung from dropbox:

  • In the first step, you need to sign in to
  • After that, make a click on Deleted files which is at the left sidebar.
  • Here, you need to click on your file/folder name which you want to restore.
  • Again, select the Multiple files or folders by simply clicking on the checkbox icon
  • Hit Restore.

Recover Deleted Photos on Samsung Phone Via Dropbox


This restoration process may take some time if you’re recovering two or more large files or folders.

Method #5: How To Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Phone from The Microsoft OneDrive

You have another option to recover deleted photos from Samsung tablet that is, using the Microsoft OneDrive. So, you need to try out the below steps to retrieve deleted photos Samsung S7:

  • At first, open your Microsoft OneDrive app
  • Then, just go to Me then choose Recycle Bin.
  • Now, select the photos or videos you want to Restore
  • Lastly, tap on the Restore option

Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Phone from The Microsoft OneDrive


Please Note: Microsoft OneDrive will keep your lost items only for 30 days. However, it might delete them before, in case the recycle bin is more than 10 percent of the total storage space.

Method #6: How To Retrieve Deleted Photos On Samsung Phone Recycle Bin

If you have accidentally lost your memorable photos on Samsung Galaxy, you’ll be glad to know that now it’s possible to know how to recover deleted photos from Samsung recycle bin.

Here are the required steps to recover deleted photos Samsung:

  • On the Samsung phone, open your Gallery
  • Now, just tap on More (top-right corner) and choose Settings.
  • Again, choose the Recycle Bin option.
  • Then, simply locate & recover your recently deleted photos.

Recycle Bin option


Please NoteThe missing photos will remain in your recycle bin for only 15 days, after 15 days you may lost them forever.

Alternative Way To Retrieve Deleted Photos & Videos On Samsung

When all the above methods don’t work for you to recover deleted photos and videos on Samsung phone then the last solution is to use Android Data Recovery. It is a professional & most recommended solution that helps to perform Samsung data recovery with ease.

This software has a powerful scanning algorithm that works effectively to restore missing files like photosvideosnotesWhatsApp chats, contactsdocuments, call logsaudio files, etc.

Apart from that, this program can recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy Note, S9, S8, S7, S6, S5, and Samsung Epic with ease.

So instead of worrying much, Download Android Data Recovery software and follow its easy steps to know how to retrieve a deleted photo on Samsung phone.

Follow the user guide to know how do I recover permanently deleted photos from my Samsung.

FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

Can I Retrieve Deleted Photos On Samsung

Why not, absolutely you will be able to recover deleted or lost pictures from your Samsung device. For this purpose, you need to follow the below-given steps:

  • Open your Google photos App on your Samsung phone
  • Click on the Trash Can which is at the left of the top menu
  • Here you’ll get the list of all the deleted items, just choose your beloved photos
  • Touch & hold the photos you need to restore and hit the restore option.

How Can I Recover Deleted Photos From Samsung Internal Memory?

You can easily recover your missing photos from the Samsung internal memory with the help of the most popular and reliable program that is, Android data recovery tool. By using this software users can get back their lost items, whether it’s photos, videos audios or any other data.

Where Do Permanently Deleted Photos Go On Android?

Whenever your photos get deleted from your Android device, at a time they just simply move to your recently deleted folder. The deleted photos will remain in this folder for 30 days only. If you’ll able to restore those lost pictures within this time period, it’s good otherwise the photos will permanently delete from your device. To know the process, you need to follow the step by step guide on how to get deleted photos back Samsung phone:

  • Open your Google photos App and go to Albums
  • Now, just scroll towards the bottom and click on a Recently Deleted folder.

Final Words

Now, it’s time to wrap up the article…….

Losing pictures from the Samsung phone is a very depressing moment in everyone’s life. If you have also lost your memorable photos from a Samsung device then just stop worrying about it.

I’ve gathered all the possible ways on how to retrieve deleted photos on Samsung phone to help you out from this critical situation.

Moreover, if you are finding the manual solutions are tricky, simply go with the recommended Android Data recovery software to get back Samsung recently deleted photos.

So just stop wasting your time and start trying out the listed methods one by one on how to retrieve deleted photos from Samsung phones.

Hopefully, one of them will definitely help you to recover deleted photos from Samsung A50.

That’s all!

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