How To Recover Formatted Data From Android Phone (2023)

Accidentally formatted your Android SD card? Struggling hard to know how to recover formatted data from Android phones? If it is so, then read this post till the end and recover data from formatted SD card on Android easily.

But before I dig into the solutions, let’s know- Is it possible to recover data from formatted phones or not.

Is It Possible To Recover Data from Formatted Android Phone?

The straightforward answer to this question is yes.

Once you format your phone’s SD card, all your essential data will be permanently deleted and it becomes very difficult to regain the data back from Android.

However, it’s difficult but not impossible to recover formatted files on Android. But, before formatting the device, if you’ve ever saved the backup of those deleted files then you can easily get your data back via the backup option.

In case, you don’t have any backup, you can go with formatted data recovery software for Android and bring them back.

What Causes Data Loss on Android?

You may lose your precious data like photos, videos, etc. from your Android phone due to several reasons.

Below I am going to summarise some of the major scenarios that could lead to data deletion.

  1. Unintentionally pressing the “Delete All” button
  2. Installing some unknown third-party applications can result in data loss
  3. Your Android phone is attacked by a virus or malware attack
  4. Dropping your cell phone on any water surface
  5. Accidentally formatting the Android SD card
  6. The broken or smashed screen of the Android
  7. Performing factory reset on Android phone.

So, these are the major factors that can result in data loss from Android devices.

In the next section of this post, you will learn how to recover formatted data from Android phone internal memory/external memory as well.

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Android Data Recovery is a handy software that has enough capability to recover formatted files from Android.

It is specially designed to rescue photos from locked phones or other files from formatted or inaccessible Android devices.

Besides that, if you’ve lost your precious data due to accidental deletion, virus attack, water damage, mistaken deletion, forgotten password, or any reason, you can use this tool to get back your important files.

This amazing utility can retrieve all sorts of media files such as – text messages, call logs, contacts, audios, WhatsApp chats, documents, notes, etc. Because of its exclusive features, this tool is recommended by experts.

So, just download & install formatted Android phone data recovery and recover missing files from formatted mobile effectively.

Follow Easy Steps Of This Tool To Know How To Recover Data From Formatted Android Phone Without Root.

How To Recover Formatted Data From Android Phone Internal Memory?

Before formatting your phone’s SD card if you’ve saved the backup of your data in the local backup, Google Drive, or Google Photos then try the below solutions.

Solution 1: Recover Data From Formatted SD Card Android Via Cloud Backup

Almost all Android devices are coming with the in-built cloud backup feature to automatically create a backup of your stuff.

Therefore, if your backup and sync feature is enabled and you have taken a backup of your essential pictures, chats, and videos before formatting your memory card then you are lucky enough.

In such a situation, you have to follow the below steps and solve how to recover formatted SD card in mobile:

  • Firstly, go to a Settings application on Android.
  • Next, click on the “Cloud” & sign-in with an account that you were used to make a backup.
  • Now, tap on “Cloud” and then “Cloud Backup” in order to select a backup and restore a device.

Solution 2: How To Recover Formatted Data From Android Phone Internal Memory (Google Drive)

Another method that you can use to solve how to recover data from SD card in Android phone via Google Drive.

Try out the below steps to download backup files from a Google Drive:

1: Begin with opening the Google Drive application on your phone.

2: Now, you have to log-in to your personal Google account that you’ve used at the time of backing up the files.

3: This time, the list of all the deleted files & folders will be displayed here.

4: Choose the files or folders that contain your essential data and hit the Download opt.

recover data from SD card


Solution 3: Perform Formatted Phone Data Recovery Through PC

Some users have the habit of storing their precious Android data in the computer as a backup. So, if you have transferred or moved all the personal files from Android to the PC, then you can easily restore them from your PC.

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FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

Is Formatting A Phone Good?

Formatting an Android will not affect your files saved either in the SD card or SIM card. It means your pictures and other media files on the memory card & contacts in a SIM are totally safe.
However, you have to format them separately. Nevertheless, it is suggested to remove them from your device before you attempt to format your mobile.

Can You Recover Pictures From Formatted Phone?

Yes, you can get back your disappeared photos from formatted Android phone…….but how?
With the help of the Android data recovery tool, you can easily recover deleted photos from your formatted device.

Does Formatting Phone Delete Everything?

The answer is yes, formatting phone delete everything.
Once you’ll format your Android device, you will lose everything from your device or you can say that you’ve to suffer a permanent data loss.

Time To Verdict

So this is all about how to recover formatted data from Android phones.

If you have saved the backup of your deleted files previously then you can use the manual solutions.

In absence of backup, I’ll suggest you to go with the advanced Android Data Recovery tool.

Thanks for reading this article…

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