7 Ways To Recover Hidden Files In Android Mobile (2022 Guide)

Summary: Check out this post and learn the 7 best solutions on how to recover hidden files in Android mobile phone

Nowadays, people want to keep their personal data in a hidden way so that no one can access them. However, this feature carries an extraordinary and unique value on its own. But sometimes it may put you in trouble when you fail to access your hidden files. Thus, if you are in such a situation then you have reached the correct place.

This article contains complete info regarding how to recover deleted hidden files in Android mobile.

But before knowing the methods to retrieve the hidden files on Android, let’s take a look at one of the real user’s scenarios…

Practical Scenario

I deleted my secret files folder from the file explorer and now I can’t see those photos in hidden files folder in file explorer and also I can’t find them in secret file folder in MIUI-gallery-cloud.
My mobile is Redmi note 7s.

Can you please tell me how can I recover it?
I have deleted the folder also by mistake, so can’t able to find that.

There is File Explorer folder also where we can find photos, but there also I can’t find it. So can you please help me with this. Is there any possibility of recovering it?

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[Best Way] How To Recover Hidden Files In Android Mobile

In order to view and recover the deleted hidden files on Android, you need to use powerful and effective Android Data Recovery Software.

I’m suggesting this program because it has a great capability to rescue the deleted, corrupted, missing formatted & even inaccessible data also from Android devices.

This advanced tool will scan your whole device & after the scanning process, it will let you preview the files you need to recover. This software has the highest success rate of recovery. It is a 100% safe and secure tool in the world.

Without wasting any more time, quickly download & install this amazing program from the above-given buttons and recover hidden files from Android mobile phones.

After installing this software you will have to follow the step-by-step guide in order to know how to find hidden files on Android phone.

How To Recover Deleted Hidden Files In Android Mobile? (Alternatives)

Here I have mentioned some of the manual ways to retrieve the hidden files on Android phones.

The below-discussed methods will help you to perform the Android hidden file recovery.

Method #1: Recover Your Hidden Pictures On Android Using Default File Manager

Every Android device has its own default file manager which is also used to view the hidden files.

Follow the step by step guide to know how to find & view the hidden files from the default file manager:

  • Open File Manager from your device

file manager

  • Make a click on a “Menu” option
  • Choose the “Show Hidden Files” option.
  • Now, you’ll able to view the hidden files.

Recover Hidden Files In Android

Method #2: Unhide Files Or Folders On Android By Using Gallery

Yes, you can view your hidden files or folders by visiting to your device’s gallery. You need to follow the these instructions in order to unhide your hidden files/folders:

  • Open your Phone’s Gallery App

Recover Hidden Files In Android

  • Tap on Menu and then tap on Settings
  • Now, find Show Hidden Files option and make a tap on it.

Recover Hidden Files In Android

Method #3: Find Hidden Files On Android Device Through ES File Explorer

As you already know “ES File Explorer” is an application that is available in the Google Play store. You can try this app to make the recovery of the missing hidden data on Android.

In order to use this application, it is important that an Android device is in good working condition. So that, you can recover your deleted hidden files from it.

Check out the below-given steps on how to recover deleted hidden files in MI or other Android devices:

  • Begin with installing the ES File Explorer application from a Google Play Store on you phone.
  • Then, slide a right menu & simply choose the Tools option.
  • Next, scroll down & again choose “Show the hidden files” opt.
  • You need to enable it, now you can see the deleted hidden files on your Android device.

Recover Hidden Files In Android

Method #4: How to Recover Deleted Hidden Files In Android Mobile Via Google Drive

We all keep our essential files on the Google Drive app. It provides you the storage space of 15GB where you can store your important documents.

Within the Google Drive app, you may store your videos, pictures, documents &other data for further use. Still, you have a chance to get back the deleted hidden videos on Android.

Start following the below-given steps on how to recover deleted hidden files in Android mobile:

  • Open your Google Drive app on your Android device
  • This time you’ll get the list of your uploaded files.
  • For more convenience, you can search the required files by simply typing the file name by using magnifier button
  • Make a tap on the particular file to see the item.
  • As you’ll get the files which you need to retrieve,  tap in it and hit the Download option.

Recover Hidden Files In Android

Method #5: Retrieve Deleted Hidden Files On Android Phone From The SD Card

You can recover your hidden files on Android phone by using your SD card. For that purpose, you have to connect your Android device with the PC. Now, access your hidden or disappeared media files.

You need to follow the beneath steps now:

  • Make a connection between the Android phone & computer and let your system to access the device storage.
  • Now, you need to open the folder where your missing files have been saved
  • Under the Windows menu, make a click on the Organize option
  • Then, go to Folder and Search >> View tab
  • Under this tab, you have to choose the “show hidden files, folder & drives” option
  • Again, unselect the “Hide protected operating system files” option & simply confirm all the changes you’ve done.

Recover Hidden Files In Android

Method #6: View and Restore Hidden Photos & Videos On Android Using Google Photos App

Though, if you are unable to see your files, then Google Photos app can help you to show hidden files on Android.

But this method is only effective when you have enabled a sync option previously. So, let’s try out the below instructions carefully to recover deleted hidden files in MI phone:

  • On your device, go to Google Photos App
  • Next, tap on a hamburger menu >> close the search bar
  • There you’ll see the Trash option, click on it
  • Here you’ll see all the deleted items that you want

Recover Hidden Files In Android

  • Select them and finally click on Restore

Recover Hidden Files In Android

  • That’s it. Now all your items will be back in the Google Photos app.

Here, you can solve how to access hidden files on Android phone with ease.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where Are My Hidden Photos On Android?

The hidden pictures are located in default file manager. In order to find those images, you need to go to the Default File Manager then click on the Menu, and then on Show Hidden Files opt. Now you will able to view the hidden files on Android.

How Do I Show Hidden Files On Android?

You will able to show the hidden files by simply going to the File Manager then click on the Menu option then on Settings. Then, directly go to the advanced option & simply activate Show hidden files option. Now you can easily access your hidden files.

Is There A Deleted Folder On Android Phones?

The answer is NO; you will not get any deleted folder on your Android phone. Many people think that there is a recycle bin option on Android, but just like computers, Android devices don’t have the Recycle bin option. However, nowadays almost all Android phones are coming with the Trash option. Moreover, the Android phones and tablets are coming with 32GB - 256GB or 512GB of the storage capacity.

Bottom Line

After several attempts, if you’re unable to unhide missing hidden files then you should definitely read this blog.

I have listed several techniques on how to recover hidden files in Android mobile phones. One of them will surely help you to view & retrieve your missing hidden files on Android.

If the manuals fail to unhide your hidden files, you can simply go with the Android Data Recovery tool.

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