How to Recover Photos From Locked Android Phone [5 Ways]

Are you unable to access your locked Android phone? If I’m not wrong you must have forgotten your saved password…Right?  Well, if this is so then just stop worrying about it, as this article will help you to know how to recover photos from locked Android phones easily.

Nowadays, most Android users used to lock their phones using a strong pin, pattern, or password. Screen lock is specially designed to protect our phone from unauthorized access or you can say provide safeguard to our privacy.

But along with the wonderful features, sometimes screen lock becomes a nightmare for us. If you forgot the password which you have used to lock your Android device then it may put you in trouble.

Here, the good news is that there’re some possible ways using which you can unlock Android phone and recover photos from locked Samsung phone. Let’s read this article to know more…

Can I Recover Data From Locked Android Phone?

The answer to this question is ‘YES‘.

In order to recover data from locked Android phones, you can try the best and most reliable locked Android phone data recovery software mentioned in this post.

In the below section, you will get the complete user guide of this locked Android data recovery program.

How To Recover Photos From Locked Android Phone With Software?

In case you don’t have a backup of your deleted files, one & only option left for you that is –to use Android Data Recovery Tool. It will help you to know how to get pictures off a locked Android phone easily.

This amazing software is chosen by almost every Android user because of its exclusive feature.

It has the ability to recover all kinds of data from your Android phone such as – audio files, videos, pictures, call logs, contacts, Whatapp chats, voice recordings, documents, notes, and many more.

In addition to that, this program is very easy to use & doesn’t require any technical knowledge to operate it. It has a user-friendly interface and recovers your files safely.

Even this tool is recommended by the professional also as it has the highest success rate of recovery & will give you 100% results.

So, without waiting anymore, immediately download and install the Android data recovery tool and recover photos from locked Android phones.

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How To Get Pictures Off A Locked Android Phone Without Software?

In order to know how to get pictures off broken and locked Android without any trouble, you try this method which is Google photos.

Start following the below-guided steps of the Google photos app and get pictures from locked Android phone or tablet:

  • Open the Google Photos app on Android
  • Here, you’ll get a Menu on the top of the left corner of your screen
  • Choose the Trash/Bin

Recover Photos From Locked Android Phone

  • Choose the picture you want to Recover

retrieve photos from locked Android

  • Now, tap on Done then click on Restore option.

Recover Photos From Locked Android Phone

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How To Unlock Locked Android Phone?

Try out the below solutions and unlock the Android phone password and solve how to retrieve photos from locked Android phones in a hassle-free manner.

Method #1: Use The Google Account To Get Photos Off Locked Samsung Phone

This feature is available on Android 4.0 and older versions. So if you are using Android 5.0 and above you can opt for factory reset. Here are the steps on how to unlock and how to get pictures off locked Android.

  • Firstly, you’ll have to enter an incorrect password 5 times on your Android device
  • Now, you’ll see a forgotten password option, just tap on it

retrieve photos from locked Android

  • This will prompt you to add your personal username & password of your Google account.

retrieve photos from locked Android

  • After that, now you can reset your PIN/PASSWORD

Method #2: Perform Factory Reset On Your Locked Android Phone

As you know, a factory reset is supposed to wipe out everything from your device thus people used to reset their phone when it stops responding.

Though, many problems can be solved by resetting the phone. So you may also try this way to know how to recover data from locked Android phone with broken screen free.

Here, you need to follow the below-given steps:

  • Turn off your Android device first
  • Open your Settings app and go to the System.

retrieve photos from locked Android

  • Now, choose the advanced option & then click on Reset

Recover Photos From Locked Android Phone

  • tap on ‘Erase all data (factory reset)’.

Recover Photos From Locked Android Phone

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Method #3: Send Your Android Device To A Mobile Refurbishment Centre

After trying all the above-discussed methods, if still, you’re unable to unblock your lock screen Android phone then you’re strongly advised to take your phone to any Refurbishment center.

This kind of problem can only be solved by experts. However, it might cost some money and time but it’s a reliable way to seek help from experts. Discuss the whole matter, they will help you to rescue files from locked Android phones in their own way.

FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

Can You Recover Photos From A Phone That Won't Turn On?

Why not? Of course yes, you can easily recover photos from locked phone by using the Google photos or Google drive option. However, backup is the only way to get off your Android photos from locked.

How Can I Get Pictures Off From My Locked Android Phone?

Well, it’s little bit difficult task to get off the pictures from a dead Android phone but not impossible. You can recover your important photos from the black screen phone by using the most convenient and powerful Android data recovery tool with ease. This software will not only help you to recover the pictures from Android but you can rescue all kinds of data with the help of this amazing program.

How Do I Unlock My Android Phone If I Forgot The Password?

Follow the below-given steps in order to unblock your locked Android phone:

  • Enter the wrong/incorrect password 5 times on your locked Android device
  • Now you’ll get forgot pin, forgot pattern or forgot password option. Tap on it
  • Here, you have to enter your username & password which you’ve used in your Google account.

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Final Words

It’s time to end up this article now……

In this section of this tutorial, I just hope this article may have fulfilled your expectations on how to find locked photos on Android.

After reading this whole post, now you must have come to know how to recover photos from locked android with broken screen.

Therefore, if any of the above-listed Android Data Recovery solutions helps you to know how to recover photos from a locked Android phone, please let us know.

For more information, leave your comment just in the below section.

Best of luck!!

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