[15 Best Fixes] How To Repair Micro SD Card Not Detected on Android

Is your Android phone gets stuck with a micro SD card not detected error? Struggling hard to outcome from this unexpected issue? If yes then this tutorial guide is helpful to you.

Because this article contains the 7 best tricks on how to repair micro SD card not detected on Android. To fix this issue, you can either remove & reinsert your memory card or restart your phone.

In addition, you can also try the Android Repair Tool and other fixes as well that stated here.

Why Is My SD Card Not Showing Up On My Android?

Well, your SD card not recognized by phone due to bad sectors or virus present on the card.

Besides, there are some other factors as well which can cause this irritating situation. Take a look at them:

  1. Not inserted the SD card properly
  2. Using the damaged or corrupted SD card
  3. Inserting and ejecting the card improperly
  4. Using a single SD card in different devices
  5. MicroSD card isn’t friendly with your device
  6. Out-dated SD card driver
  7. Due to incorrect file system format, etc.

As you have known the major factors behind the unrecognized MicroSD card issue, now let’s proceed to know how to fix this.

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Here Are The Steps Of This Software To Follow & Fix Micro SD Card Is Not Detected

How To Repair Micro SD Card Not Detected on Android? [Alternatives]

In this section of this blog, you will get some of the quick & basic techniques to resolve how to fix micro SD card not detected by phone.

I’ve listed all the solutions according to their sequence, so just try them one by one and see which one will help you.

Trick #1: Remove And Re-Insert Your SD Card

how to fix micro SD card not detected by phone

Since you’re getting SD card-related issues, so here you need to take out the memory card from your smartphone & re-insert it again.

After doing this, your SD card might be detectable by your Android phone.

Trick #2: Restart Your Android Device

solve SD card is not recognized

Restarting the smartphone is one of the simplest and time-consuming methods which can fix several kinds of errors, bugs, and small glitches.

So, firstly you should try to solve SD card is not recognized by restating your device.

If the problem is not solved after restarting the device then try the below methods.

Trick #3: Clean Your SD Card Gently To Fix Micro SD Card Not Detected

When the SD card or the card slot comes in the contact with dust, dirt, or moisture then you can receive such type of errors.

solve SD card is not recognized

If it is so then you should immediately clean your SD card and the card slot with a soft white cloth.

After that, now you need to check whether the error still persists or gone.

Trick #4: Unmount & Remount Your SD Card

This is another useful way that can help you to get rid of SanDisk micro SD card not detected. Follow the below-shown process and unmounts and Remount your memory card.

  • Open your phone’s Settings app
  • In the second step, go to Storage and find SD Card section.
  • If here you get the Unmount or Mount SD Card opt.

How To Repair Micro SD Card Not Detected

Note: During the whole process you have to make sure that your phone isn’t connected to a PC or charger.

Trick #5: Clear Virus/Malware from Your SD Card

You may encounter SD card is not recognized error if your SD card has been infected by the virus.

There are some users who are installing different apps on their devices. Some applications hold dangerous viruses, which can infect your card & makes it undetectable.

So, follow the below-given steps to know – what you need to do:

  • At first, connect your memory card to a computer.
  • Then, download & run the anti-virus program on your PC.
  • Now, scan your Android device and simply remove the detected items.
  • After completing the process, you may save your data back in your micro SD card.

Trick #6: Update Your SD Card Driver (In PC)

When your SD card driver is outdated, your Android device unable to detect or read your memory card hence, you may get such kind of error messages.

So, if you want to deal with Windows 10 SD card not detected error then you need to update the SD card driver quickly.

Below suggested steps will direct you on how to update the memory card driver:

  • Connect your micro SD card to a PC
  • Now, right-click on This PC or My Computer
  • Next, choose the “Manage” option from here.

SD card not recognized

  • Make a tap on the “device manager” from the taskbar which is located at the left side
  • Now, next to the “Univerasl Serial Bus controllers” click on the “+” icon.

SD card not recognized

  • Then, a yellow color mark will appear (known as an exclamation mark).
  • At this time, right-click & choose “Update a Driver Software” >> tap on “Search automatically for updated driver software

Search automatically for updated driver software

  • After performing the above steps, you need to wait until the driver gets install

Trick #7: Run The CHKDSK Command To Repair Micro SD Card Not Detected (In PC)

If you find your memory card has some internal errors or bad sectors then your device won’t be able to read the SD card.

Here, running the CHKDSK command can help you to fix the SD card is not recognized error.

  • Make a right-click on My PC or My Computer and choose Manage and then Disk Management
  • Now, find your device in the drive viewer in order to check whether your PC is recognizing the SD card or not
  • If your memory card isn’t recognized then simply press Win + R > Type: cmd and hit Enter
  • In case, SD card is recognized then just type: chkdsk D: / f & tap Enter. Or you may also type: chkdsk D:/f /offlinescanandfix & hit Enter. (Recall that D is your SD card drive letter)

Trick #8: Use The Card Reader To Fix SD Card Not Recognized In PC

Well, if your micro SD card not detected by phone or computer, then try these instructions:

  • Insert your micro SD card into the card reader & then connect it to a PC.
  • Now, you need to check whether your SD card is showing on your computer or not.
  • If it is not recognized by the PC, use any other card reader. And again Reconnect your card to the PC.

Trick #9: Check For the Compatibility Issue

This kind of error usually occurs due to the compatibility issues. It’s quite possible that the SD you’re using is not supported by your Android device or vice-versa.

Some of the users have observed that the SD card is recognized by their PC but not detected by their device.

All this is because of the compatibility issue. So, before formatting your card you should check your device compatibility.

Trick #10: Use PC To Diagnose

This method also works when your SD card is detected by the PC. Here’s how:

  • At first, insert your memory card into the card reader & then connect it to your PC.
  • Go to My Computer & look for an SD card or disk drive.
  • Make a right-click on the disk & then choose Properties.


  • At this time, tap on Tools tab
  • Now, under an Error-checking, choose Check and then Repair drive.

memory card not recognized

  • When the drive is repaired, remove the card & insert again it your device.

If this approach won’t work then you can try the next way.

Trick #11: Try Your SD Card In Different Device

Another method that you could try is to eject the card from your phone and use it in multiple devices.

However, if you find the same error “Micro SD card not recognized Android” in other devices, it means your SD card got corrupted.

In such a case, you need to replace your memory card with a new one.

Trick #12: Format Your MicroSD Card

This solution is applicable only if your SD card is recognized by the computer.

To know how to format your SD card, you need to follow the below-given procedures:

  • Connect your micro SD card to a PC using a card reader.
  • Now, create the Backup of your SD Card on a computer.
  • In the third step, right-click on a memory card drive & choose the Format option.

repair SD card not recognized Android

  • Tap on Start button to format a memory card.
  • At last, insert the card into your device.

Trick #13: Factory Reset Your Device

If none of the above ways helped you to repair SD card not recognized Android error then one and last option left for you – Do a factory reset on your device.

This approach is useful but risky because factory reset is supposed to delete every data from your phone including apps, settings, photos, audios videos, and others.

Before trying this way, kindly take a backup of all your essential data in order to avoid data loss.

So, how to do a factory reset on Android? To know easy steps, click here.

Trick #14: Visit To A Repair Shop

Last but not the least, if nothing works then it’s most likely either the problem is with the hardware or your device.

Sometimes, this kind of error message might occur on your phone due to a hardware or software-related issue.

Or it might happen that your phone has some issue that’s why you’re receiving an SD card not recognized Android error.

In such a situation, you need to take your smartphone to a repair shop and show it to the specialists because this kind of issue can only repair by them.

The process is finished!


Why Is My Phone Not Reading My SD Card?

Your mobile phone might be unable to read the SD card due to one of the below reasons:

  • Memory card is not compatible with your device
  • Outdated card driver
  • SD card/SD chip slot might get dirty
  • Because of bad sectors
  • Corrupt or broken microSD card.

What Do I Do If My SD Card Is Not Detected In My Phone?

When your phone not able to recognize the SD card, then first of all, switch of your Android device and remove the SD card and again insert it back after some time.

How Do I Get My Android To Recognize My SD Card?

You can easily make your SD card detectable by your Android phone by trying all the solutions mentioned in this post.

Wrap Up

This post contains some of the basic as well as the advanced solutions on how to repair micro SD card not detected error.

So, you must try each and every method that is shortlisted in this blog.

I am sure, one of these tips will surely help you to get rid of micro SD card not detected.

If this post helps you anyways, leave a comment in the below sections, and don’t forget to share it with your friends, family and colleagues.

Thank You!

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