[How To] Fix Unfortunately, Messaging has stopped Error with 13 Ways

Summary: This article will surely help you to overcome the error “unfortunately, messaging has stopped” using the 13 quick methods. 

The messaging app is a default application on Android used to send and receive text messages. But recently many Android users have experienced and conveyed about Messaging keeps stopping when trying to send SMS using this app.

Regardless of the reasons behind the Messaging app keeps crashing issue, it can be solved effortlessly. Thus, if you are also facing such error then keep on reading this article.

Why Is Messaging App Not Working On Android Phone?

Well, we couldn’t blame a specific reason for messaging app keeps stopping. But, I can show you some of the common causes of this issue.

  1. If you have not cleared the cache of your Messaging app.
  2. Due to a firmware issue.
  3. If you’ve a lot of SMSs stored within your device.
  4. Running an older version of Android OS.
  5. Certain programs conflict with another messaging application.

Let’s proceed to fix this issue by applying the below troubleshooting tips.

Use Powerful Tool To Fix Messaging Keeps Crashing/Stopping On Android

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How To Fix Unfortunately, Messaging Has Stopped On Android?

These are some of the useful tricks which will help you to know how to fix unfortunately messaging has stopped errors on Android.

So, just try them and get rid of this issue ASAP.

Fix 1: Restart Your Android Phone

The first and foremost solution that you should try to fix unfortunately messaging has stopped working error is – Restart your Android Phone.

Continue pressing the Power key of your device. Once the menu appears on the screen choose and tap on the Restart option.

nfortunately, Messaging has stopped

That’s it! Now your device will restart within a few minutes.

Fix 2: Remove The Old Text Messages

Usually, this kind of issue occurs due to an overload of messages. Some of you have the habit of collecting the old messages in your chat box for a long time.

And as a result, such types of error messages start appearing in the messing app. In this situation, I’ll advise you to remove the old and unimportant chats from your inbox. Doing this might help to solve Messaging keep crashing issue.

Follow these steps and remove the useless messages from your device:

  • Open your Messaging app on your Android phone.
  • Now, choose the messages you wish to delete.
  • Next, tap on Menu (3 dots icon) which is located at the upper right corner of the screen & hit Delete.

Unfortunately, Messaging Has Stopped

  • That’s it! Now all the chosen messages will be deleted from your device.

Fix 3: Check SIM Network

Sometimes, it may happen that due to unavailable SIM networks, users are unable to send or receive SMSs on their smartphones.

Thus, if you are getting unfortunately, Messaging has stopped then it is necessary to check whether your SIM network is available or not. If not then you need to remove the SIM card from your device then reinsert it.

Now, check if the issue is resolved or not.

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Fix 4: Check Your Recharge Plan

You may also experience Messaging has stopped working Android error if your mobile plan validity has been expired.

So, before moving to any other troubleshooting fixes, you should check once if the mobile plan validity has been expired.

Fix 5: Force Stop The Message App To Fix Unfortunately, Messaging Has Stopped

The next method comes after checking plan validity and SIM network– Force stop the message app.

Follow out these steps to know what you need to do:

  • Open your Settings app then go to Apps or Applications
  • Now choose All Apps and look for the messaging app from the list
  • At last, hit the Force Stop.

Unfortunately, Messaging Has Stopped

Fix 6: Clear Cache & Data Of The Messaging App

Several users have noticed that clearing the cache and data of the problem-causing app usually works to fix such kinds of human errors.

So, here I’ll suggest you to clear the cache of the messaging app.

To clear the cache of the messaging app, you need to follow the below-given instructions:

  • Head to Setting app then move to App/Application
  • Choose All Apps then scroll down to “Messaging App” and tap on it
  • Again, tap on the Storage option -> Clear Data -> Clear Cache.

Messaging keeps stopping

Fix 7: Uninstall The Recently Installed Apps

You must be agreed with this fact; sometimes installing any unknown third-party apps can cause such kinds of issues on your device.

Therefore, if you have recently installed an app after which you started getting unfortunately Messaging has stopped working error then you need to uninstall the suspicious app immediately.

Hopefully, this method might work for you to fix this problem.

Fix 8: Use Your Device in Safe Mode

Booting your device in safe mode will help you to identify whether third-party apps are causing this issue or not.

When you use your phone in safe mode, all the third-party apps will be disabled and hence you will easily detect whether the third-party apps are the real culprit or not.

  • At first, keep pressing the Power button of your device
  • Now, you’ll get different options on the screen
  • Again, you have to press the Power Off
  • After some time, a popup box will appear on the screen asking you to boot up your device into Safe Mode
  • Touch the OK button to confirm.

Messaging keeps stopping

Once your device starts in Safe Mode, check if the error has been fixed or not.

Fix 9: Use Alternative Messaging Apps

If you need to use the messaging app urgently then you may use the alternative messaging app.

As you know, several messaging apps are available in the Play Store, just download and install them from there and use it alternatively until unfortunately, messaging has stopped error is fixed.

Fix 10: Reset Network Settings

In a few cases, this method might work to resolve the issue related to the messaging app. As SMS messaging works directly via your carrier network so, resetting network settings can help you to everything back to default & undo any inconsistencies.

Check out these easy steps to know how to reset the network settings:

  • Visit your phone’s Settings app.
  • Choose System then go to Reset options.
  • Here you need to tap on the Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.

Messaging keeps stopping

  • Finally, hit on Reset settings.

Messaging keeps stopping

Fix 11: Wipe Cache Partition

Well, wipe cache partition is yet another best way to solve how to fix unfortunately Messaging has stopped on Android.

Follow the below steps carefully:

  • Turn off your smartphone & press down the Volume UpPower keys to enter into the Recovery Mode.
  • Once the recovery mode appears, it has various options. Here you’ve to use the Volume UpDown button in order to access your screen & a Power button in order to press the OK
  • After that, select Wipe Cache Partition>> hit a Power button just after which a process will start clearing cache.

Wipe cache partition

  • Next, a pop-up message will appear where you’ve to choose Reboot System Now option.
  • Lastly, your phone will reboot & it’ll come back to its normal mode.

Fix 12: Perform Factory Reset On Your Device

If nothing works then do a factory reset. Factory resetting is an extremely risky measure but it can help you to get rid of Messaging app keeps stopping.

A factory reset will delete all the apps, files, settings, and other data. So, before executing this method, kindly save the backup of all your essential files.

Steps to be followed to perform a factory reset on Android:

  • Visit your phone’s Settings App
  • After that, tap on the Backup & Reset option
  • Next, click on the Factory Data Reset.

Factory Data Reset

Finally, hit Reset Phone to confirm the process. In case if you have forgotten to take a backup before performing this method then you can use Android Repair Tool.

Final Thought

This article is all about how to fix unfortunately, messaging has stopped errors on Android. I had tried my best to help you to outcome from this situation.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

If you find this blog helpful, please share it with your family members, friends, and colleagues.

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