Xiaomi Data Recovery- How to Recover Deleted Data From Xiaomi Phone (2022)

Summary: Read this article and get 4 effective ways to perform Xiaomi data recovery with ease.

Today, Xiaomi has become one of the popular brands of Android. Most of the users preferred to use the Xiaomi phone because of its exclusive features and wonderful camera quality. But, just like other smartphones, you may suffer data loss in Xiaomi phones also.

Therefore, if you are a Xiaomi smartphone user and encountering data loss scenarios then this article will really useful for you. Here, you will get 4 different solutions to perform Xiaomi phone data recovery.

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So, just stop thinking and start trying out the below-listed methods accordingly.

Recommended Xiaomi Data Recovery Software 

Generally, there are several powerful third-party apps are available in the market, Xiaomi Data Recovery software is one such program.

This tool is specially designed to recover data from Xiaomi phones even if you do not have any backup.

You can recover all kinds of data by using this tool whether they are photos, videos, audio, text messages, WhatApp messages, contacts, call logs, documents, or any other files. It comes with an advanced feature that scans your full device and recovers the lost files with ease.

Today, Xiaomi phone data recovery software is used by people in a wide range. So, don’t waste your time, download and install this program as faster as you can and recover data from broken Xiaomi phones without any hassle.

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Just follow the user guide of this reliable program and know how to recover data from dead mi phone easily.

How To Recover Lost Data From Xiaomi Phone? (With Backup)

Way #1: Recover Lost Files from Xiaomi Phone Using Backup App

You might know that Xiaomi has an inbuilt backup app which allows its users to back up their precious data in one tap only. If you’ve created the backup of your files using the backup app, then you have done a good job.

Here are the easy steps to perform Xiaomi mobile data recovery:

  • Open your Backup app on the Xiaomi phone.
  • Here you’ll get the list of backup files
  • Choose the data you need to restore and hit the “Restore” option.

If this method won’t help you to solve how to recover deleted photos on Xiaomi, try the next one.

Way #2: Restore Deleted Xiaomi Files from Mi Cloud

Mi Cloud is one of the great cloud features of Xiaomi smartphones. It works the same as Google drive.  It provides a 5 GB storage capacity to its users in order to store their essential files.

Therefore, if you’ve previously backed up your data to a Mi Cloud then you need to follow the below steps to do Xiaomi Android data recovery:

  • On your Xiaomi phone, sign into the MI account.

Recover Deleted Data From Xiaomi Phone

  • Then go to your Settings app then click on the Mi Account
  • Again tap on the Mi Cloud and then click on Restore from Backup
  • Now, you need to select the files which you want to restore

Recover Deleted Data From Xiaomi Phone

  • Tap on the Restore option.
  • All the data will restore to your Xiaomi phone.

Way #3: Perform Xiaomi Data Recovery From Xiaomi Via Google Drive

If you’ve synced your Xiaomi phone to the Google account then you can easily retrieve your deleted files back. Here are the two situations to bring back your Xiaomi files using Google Drive.

From the Trash Bin option

  • Open your Google Drive application on your phone or in browser
  • Then, go to “Trash” option.

Recover Deleted Data From Xiaomi Phone

  • Now, you will get the list of the deleted data.
  • Select the items you want to restore and hit “Restore” opt.

Xiaomi Data Recovery

From the Google Drive Uploaded Files

  • Go to the Google Drive application or download & install it on your phone
  • Again, go to the My Drive section & select the files you’ve uploaded
  • Preview the files and hit “Download” option.

Recover Deleted Data From Xiaomi Phone

Important Tips to Avoid Data Loss Scenarios

Read out the below-given tips carefully to prevent your data from further deletion.

  • You should always maintain the backup of your valuable data
  • Do not use your memory card on different devices
  • Install anti-virus apps to protect your phone’s storage
  • Must consider syncing of your photos, messages, contacts, etc. to your personal Google account
  • Before installing any new apps please check the review of the new apps
  • Avoid installing the corrupted apps on your device.
  • You must be careful when downloading any applications or granting them permissions.

People Also Ask:

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”How Can I Recover Data From Xiaomi Phone?” answer-0=”Yes, you can recover data from Xiaomi phone by using the advanced Android data recovery software that mentioned in this post.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Where Do Deleted Photos Go On MI Phone?” answer-1=”The deleted photos or videos directly go to the MI trash bin folder. But remember one thing that, you can restore those files from trash bin within 30 days after deletion.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”How Can I Recover Deleted Files From MI Phone Internal Memory?” answer-2=”In order to recover deleted files from MI phone internal memory, try these steps:

  1. Firstly, sign to the MI account >> go to the Settings.
  2. Then, tap on the Mi Account and then Mi cloud
  3. After this, click on Restore from a backup.
  4. Choose the stuff from a backup which you wish to get back, tap Restore.

” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”Does Xiaomi Have Recycle Bin?” answer-3=”Yes, Xiaomi phones have recycle bin folder which is also known as trash bin folder.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”How Do I Transfer Files From A Locked Xiaomi Phone With A Broken Screen?” answer-4=”In order to do so, follow the below steps very carefully:

  • Connect your Xiaomi mobile to PC.
  • Click on the File Explorer.
  • Afterward, just drag & drop files in order to transfer them from phone to computer.

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Time To Verdict

I have posted this article to help those users who are willing to perform Xiaomi phone data recovery. Thus, I have gathered 4 helpful ways to recover deleted data from Xiaomi phones.

By using the Xiaomi Data Recovery you can easily get back your deleted Xiaomi files without backup.

However, if you have saved a backup of the deleted files then you can use manual ways to recover lost files from Xiaomi phone.

If this article helps you anyway, please share your experience with your friend, relatives, and colleagues.

Good Luck!

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